Serious Discussion

This category is for threads that take a more serious note.

101 Threads 2,743 Posts Some of society's problem... 12-04-2019, 09:16 PM by Loko

The place for threads about the Lewd community.

1,285 Threads 14,864 Posts 25/08/2018 - New server 1h ago by Loko

Let your creative juices flow and share your amazing creations with the rest of the community.

96 Threads 980 Posts YouTube (see also Vimeo, ... 11-16-2019, 04:46 AM by GlassMoon
Anime & Manga

The place to talk about your animus and mangos, and other things that would normally fit in an /a/ board.

709 Threads 7,869 Posts Cardcaptor Sakura! 11-30-2019, 09:28 AM by mnl
The Lounge

Here you can talk about various things that would be considered off-topic.

711 Threads 21,162 Posts Random thoughts thread 2h ago by Loko

To discuss various kinds of entertainment

672 Threads 9,337 Posts Shadow is too cute 12-07-2019, 10:38 PM by CuteHat

Debates about operating systems, programming, etc. go here.

226 Threads 4,089 Posts Hardware Discussion Gener... 12-07-2019, 10:21 AM by malmon
Lewd Things

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