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I am a musician, animal lover, furry, and anime fanatic (but would not use the word otaku). I am from Dallas, Texas. I currently live in San Antonio, Texas but have also lived in Alabama and Louisiana. I have never lived in any one location more than 4 years at a time for my entire life.

I may be a rather abrasive person to talk to until you get to know me, for that I apologize. I have never had many friends growing up and moving around only made it more difficult to socialize, on top of having very controlling parents and the rest of my family being spread out across the US caused my social skills to suffer a little. I also suffer from chronic depression, insomnia, ADD, and PTSD.

Some of my fav' anime (including movies):
Trigun, .hack//SIGN, Sunday without God,
Blue Submarine no. 6, Wolf Children, Origin: spirit within, princess mononoke, Owari no Seraph,
Nichijou, and Spice and Wolf... just to name a few


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This feature is coming soon.