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Heya, Loki~ here.

A few facts about me:
-I love tech, I follow a lot to do with recent developments in technology, mostly to do with consumer tech but a lot of more general stuff too.

-I prefer PVP games over PVE, but I play a good mix of both. If you're a Smite player hmu.

-I love a good discussion or debate. Don't hesitate to PM me if you ever want to strike up a conversation.

-I'm not necessarily as knowledgeable in the anime department. I watch a decent amount, but I've not too many under my belt at the minute.
Kitsu: https://kitsu.io/users/Druanae

Feel free to drop me a message on Discord if I am taking ages to respond on here: Loki~ { Druanaé }#8126


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This feature is coming soon.