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About Me

I'm just a normal girl whom takes an interest in anime and manga. I enjoy playing video games and have a high interest in music. One day I dream to be able to compose a rock song for a utaite.

One of my favorite games is Osu! It's a rhythm game, so it makes sense that a music obsessed teenage girl would like this game so much.

I am learning Piano right now. But aspire to play Bass.

I have a You-Tube channel with my friend and Lokorfi, we're called Baka Weebs. I work my butt off.
Since I was ten I've been editing videos and so we make nightcore, Osu! and English sub videos.

I take a high interest in computing, I'm taking a computing course in secondary school right now.
Please excuse me, I tend to be quite shy.
Thanks, I hope we can get along.


This feature is coming soon.


This feature is coming soon.