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I really like music of all kinds. indie, jazz, sadcore, shoegaze, drone, minimalist, hip hop, etc., etc. I can play guitar and drums too, and they're both big passions of mine. I've been working on my album for like five years now, so who knows when that's gonna get done?

I also like heading out innawoods, to mountains and rivers, and spending the whole day hiking. my favorite hike that I've been on so far was probably the Black Forest in Germany. it just went on and on and on, for what seemed like forever. after hours and hours of wandering around, not quite sure where I was going, I finally found my way back to civilization. and I was like three cities away from where I had started.

if you're a cool cat and you'd like to be buds with me, add me on Skype (sexy.robot.bf).


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