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As if I'd let NSA/CIA/COINTELPRO/MJ-12/The Knights of Lambda Calculus/Paedophiles like you know my life story. Who do you think I am some shitty FB kid who buys the "nothing to hide nothing to fear" argument. Bitch I'll have you know I am currently engaged in an EXTREME campaign of misinformation all my passwords are 10char plus and contain symbols, non-repeating digits, upper-case and lower-case character, verdict: get close get cut. Bet you though I'd tell you about my dream of becoming a wizard programmer didn’t you. You think that just because I have a picture of SICP in my avatar that it's my favourite book don't you? Well you'd be fucking wrong it's actually Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming. You guys just aren't on the same level of fucking pussy destroying, technical cool as I am. As previously stated step back or get CUT.

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