What anime traits do you hate/love?

by Waifu
  • All in One 08-18-2018, 10:53 PM

    -Mr. Generic Anime Man and his generic tsundere love interest.

    -Tasteless or lazy fanservice; SHAFT know how to do it right.

    -When you can see the stretch marks on the plot from it being forced to span a fixed 12 episodes or so.

    ->It's a revenge story

    -Offensively bad or jarring CG; I understand it's for economical reasons but there are limits to what looks acceptable.

    -It's an adventure but the plot is non-existant.


    ->It's a filler episode

    -"We're not so different, you and I."


    -Weird, off the beaten path visuals or art style that distinguish it from the generic anime.

    -Appealing character designs.

    -I don't find myself waiting for each episode to end.

    -The story manages to be weird without being incomprehensible or pretentious.

    -It's fun.

    -GOAT tier animation

    -Good OP/EDs aren't necessary but they are a nice bonus.

    -I feel like I got something out of it.

    There's a number of tropes in shounen I think I'd dislike but I haven't actually watched any so I didn't put them here.
  • LucianDreamer 08-21-2018, 11:02 AM (Edited 08-21-2018, 11:02 AM)
    My loved anime traits
    - Well developed shows that knows the opening and ending points, without going over-the-top all over the place
    - Strong, appealing characters that acknowledges its strengths and weaknesses
    - Outstanding music soundtracks that is not overly catchy but easily remembered
    - Dialogue between the characters and narrative that fits in with the story
    - A good mix of both genders included
    - Good shipping routes

    My liked anime traits
    - Battles that don't last longer than half the entire episode, and no battle can start too soon after the last one
    - High-quality images with consistent FPS, as long as it is not under 30 or above 120
    - A healthy amount of romance that doesn't span through more than half of an entire show
    - Diversity in conversations
    - Short monologues
    - Awkward moments that cause a good laugh for a while

    My disliked anime traits
    - Excessive gore, whole screen turns red or black too frequently and suddenly, fancy visuals that can blind the viewer easily, hard to see characters through saturated or darkened backgrounds
    - Shows that don't have a proper path on where it is supposed to go next (inconsistency), or just made to tick off more of their own audience than it supposedly wants to achieve
    - Cameo characters that don't fit with the time period of the anime
    - Generic looks or visuals that is choppy/messed up
    - One-sided romances where one character is always dominant and the other always submissive
    - Frequent fourth-wall breaking
    My hated anime traits
    - Unexpected mature scenes in non-mature shows
    - Characters that frequently dislike one another without reason
    - Bad shipping routes for no reason
    - Bad endings
    - Long monologues or meaningless stuff
    - Resurrection of characters that died too frequently only to come back in the next scene/episode/season
    - Battle after battle the characters have to go through without stopping to take a break
    - Stereotypes that don't break
    - Includes highly controversial themes that are so offensive it attracts a lot of negative reactions
    - One-sided gender or species that is too powerful over the other
    - Overpowered attacks

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What anime traits do you hate/love?