Unusual Hair Colors

  • GeekySweetie 02-11-2016, 10:45 AM
    Do you dye your hair? A lot of geeky girls seem to enjoy dying their hair.  I LOVE dying my hair strange colors. :) my favorite was Manic Panic atomic turquoise. 

    [Image: blue3.jpg?resize=180%2C300]

    [Image: 281218_948917974086_1217058586_n.jpg?oh=...e=5762E35F]

    [Image: 59668_929910804606_1587966835_n.jpg?oh=1...e=57291959]

    it was also pink for awhile.

    [Image: 11795_848892231476_734011586_n.jpg?oh=ac...e=5729E356]

    I've also dyed it black before.

    But to get the pastel or bright colors I had to bleach the heck out of my hair which damaged it bad.

    So now I just have some blonde highlights. So when I color my hair only a few strands show the color. I don't like it as much but only get highlights touched up every 3 or 4 months instead of bleaching my whole head every 5 weeks lol.

    [Image: 8280_10100809498675436_54041227401907109...e=5735AB3E]

    [Image: 1910041_10100809502896976_48896202684973...e=572C7CB0]

    Last month it was Pink.

    [Image: 12654397_10100830423097726_3992593715575...e=57353937]

    Right now it's Purple.

    Next month I'll probably go back to the turquoise.

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Unusual Hair Colors