The Fates of Two Tulpas

  • LucianDreamer 06-23-2020, 08:06 AM
    For some time now, I haven't dreamed enough. Of all of the amazing RP'ing with myself and the characters of my own involved, my two most favorite militaristic Tulpas decided to defect from my control. They are Tempesta, the one I met from the first dream but initially wasn't the first (it was Miya instead), and Tsutsumi, the one I met during the Prefectural Elections on a walking trip among the rural Lucian countryside. As far as those two mostly concerned I long cherished and treated fine, they seem to be no longer having used to the military lifestyle one way or the other.

    My apologies for not getting the correct English working, it's my new OS's Word not giving me the same options of proofreading unlike my older OS that automatically does for me, so there may be some grammatical issues here and there, and no way for me to find a fix.

    Tempesta (Now revealed as her full name Taschner von Sturmia, or Taschner of Stormia), hails from a fictional place in southwestern Germany and the only place there that isn't occupied by the very faction the Lucian race hated for a very long time, the STORM Union. Having fled from the arrival of STORM as soon as she is able to start reading at only 2, she traversed through an unknown portal behind her basement and joined the Chaser legions as an elite shock trooper with her trusty black spear upon reaching six. At the time of my first dream in 2203, she was only eight years old but has the appearance of a pre-teen with bright green eyes a result of the corrupted magic that binded her for a long time. After I defeated her master in 2231 single-handedly in near orbit over Lucia, Tempesta broke free of her master's will and joined my side as a Tulpa, but due to her near immortal status, she aged very slowly and turned 16 whilst still extremely pale. After the fall of Anderlusia and the arrival of Suria via a timeskip through a portal to the year 2738, she turns 20. Now, another timeskip occurred and she is now at the age of 23 years decided she gave up the military life and defects to Roselia, attending a prestigious university in London. She can speak bilingual in English and native German. She still has green eyes, but her hair is no longer considered albino because she is feeling the effects of the English summer heat. Her bust size has increased a bit, no longer considered "flat-chested".

    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f...5a2e706e67]

    Tsutsumi has been in the ninja life for nearly the whole journey with me as a Tulpa until some time spent in Suria has passed. Now reaching her 30's (her birth date is around 2207 during the mid-summer), she decided to give up as well and returns to Japan taking over an old two-floor mansion after a recent eviction of the old tenants with the money she saved from her previous assassination contracts, living a normal life as the rightful owner. Her new appearance strikes a similar resemblance to Ririchiyo, only her personality and eye color doesn't match. Like Tempesta, her bust size has increased a bit, and no longer "flat-chested", adopting the stereotypical princess theme.

    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f...762e706e67]

    They're both no longer under my control as they're no longer Tulpas, anyone can make future interpretations or backstory continuation of their lives, no need to ask me.

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The Fates of Two Tulpas