The Birthday 2D Waifu Game (Jan to Dec)

  • LucianDreamer 03-02-2020, 09:59 AM (Edited 03-02-2020, 10:00 AM)
    I would like to make it clear that I tried this kind of idea before, even though I know that such an idea was already popular elsewhere on the web for many years. This one I attempt to simplify the process of how this works. We scour the web for 2D waifus in the chronological order by the month and day (including the leap day), we talk about the user's choice of said waifu for a few posts (after my small narration of how she entered the universe through the original creator's perspective), then we move to the next one.

    That said enough, in order to keep it impartial, it is best to restrain yourself from being emotionally triggered, but I do like some bit of criticism and feedback on each of the waifus we found. Thanks to a very large, reliable catalog of anime characters we cherished (some of which are game characters, some still need verification especially a new series or game), we can easily go there and try to find the ones that interests us for discussion. Not an RP thread mostly, apart from my little narrations as if they stepped out into the limelight. I will also narrate the start of every season and month to give more emphasis into their themes. Unlike our Western seasonal calendars, Japan's seasons starts on February, May, August, and November 7 to be precise.

    There is absolutely no need to be patient to wait for their birthdays in order to take them out and put it here. Once we hit the very end on the last day of waifus being born, only then we go through a process of elimination, a 4-way tournament tree to see exactly who the best girl out of this year is for the whole community. They will be divided into their respective Japanese seasons (February-May, May-August, August-November, and November-February). After that, we then get into the biggest one-on-one with the two very best of the best as the grand finale. Only one will take the spot of 2020's True Waifu, and lots of needed love, only after beating the runner-up. We will not get into that until after all the girls are thoroughly discussed.

    Anyways, why am I making this, it is to promote a thorough understanding into the culture of waifuism, how our favorite artists evolve these girls into who they are, whilst keeping things as impartial as possible so as to minimize the probability of the all-pervasive "waifu wars". It is too easy for someone to be triggered over small details or even a mention of the words "shitty, trash-tier, worst, and inferior".

    If you are one of these trigger-raging people with particular reasons, please let me know in advance so we try to go easy. Just make sure to resist the urge until the 4-way tournament phase comes up.

    January (Episode 1 - Braving the Icy Winds of the North)
    It is a not so pleasant start to a new year, out on the frozen tundra of post-apocalyptic northern Japan, in a campfire far away from the nearest city of Sapporo, is a large outpost with a studio that still makes high-quality anime even after the bombs were dropped. The directors and animators are set to cast the spotlight on any approaching living 2D soul with a warm heart and a tolerant body to resist the nuclear winter by Japan's worst enemies. Japan may look defeated, but the souls of the very strong still linger.
    [Image: 8f801f87ca55c0af5fb3a51f5624754f.jpg]

    Now we may begin our first month, so get out there and grab some winter girls. Once you found it, put their character's name, their anime's name, and their birthday, let me narrate a little about what you just chose, then we discuss about the girl for a little bit, and we'll repeat until the February 6th girl is reached.
  • Lawly 03-02-2020, 04:50 PM
    This is harder than I expected, I could only find one character for January:

    K-ON! - Mio Akiyama - January 15

    [Image: o1xmkv.png]
  • LucianDreamer 03-02-2020, 05:15 PM
    >Mio may be a shy bassist and sometimes as the lead vocalist, but she's mature. Almost everything she encounters she gets frightened easily, it got to the point where she would want to pass out. That is not to say she ever gives up for the love of her audience, she is one of five members of the school club, the one being the center of attention and the oldest within the group.

    Ok, so about this popular girl, Mio. No doubt, that she appeared in so many fan-created memes and even gets into some cosplay with her fellow friends. From the picture I see, this girl doesn't have the usual black eyes from the anime, but have purple eye contacts to show that she's well-aged into the twenties whilst still wearing the uniform.

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The Birthday 2D Waifu Game (Jan to Dec)