Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst

  • Kiss of Death 12-20-2016, 08:18 PM

    Audiovisual material (TV show), a classic example of the neoliberal renaissance. Its creation is thought to have happened before the Russian uprising, called the 'Eurasian Deluge'. Remained in a readable state due to conservation methods. Attached picture of the cover.

    [Image: shinmai-maou-no-testament-burst.41140.png]

    Shinmai Maou no Testament BURST, the direct continuation of Shinmai Maou no Testament, of which no copy has been preserved. The understanding of essence contained within is guaranteed without the need of getting to know the original. Further analysis also shows that the understanding of the plot is not optimal to grasp said essence. This creation tells the story of a group of cubs, homo sapiens sapiens species, embarking on a sexual expedition and holding duels within a certain educational centre and on the surface of a 'demon world'. The main character is a young'un named Basara, who is surrounded by a flock of women (commonly called 'harem'), each of them being his sexual slave. The explanation of polygamy and sexual slavery, so violation of the article 69 § 2 paragraph 7 and 11 of the Interspecies Law Codex, is justified here by taking place in a fictional fantasy world.

    The analyzed material shows the fate of a flock (harem) of women controlled by an alfa male (Basara). We can observe the growth and conceliation of the flock, which increases in members. The given explanation of the physical and mental addiction of females to Basara is a 'magical pact', allowing them to increase their own power by submission and providing sexual services to Basara. However, the show does not show any real effects proving that this 'magical pact' is indeed working at all, thanks to which we can assume that it is just a pretext. The sexual relations between Basara and the females are uncertain - some of them Basara calls his 'sisters', which leads us to question the mental health of said male, as in human culture the sexual activity between family members was strictly prohibited, because it could lead to serious genetic problems in the inbred children. It is later explained, however, that there are no family bonds between Basara and his female steed, furthermore, the females represent different races of 'heroes' and 'demons', which still doesn't really change how atypical the relations are. The dangers of inbreeding, however, might be the actual reason as to why the sexual activities presented in the show are limited to stimulation by touch and do not have the full impact of bona fide sexual intercourse.

    Basara is shown as a hominid with thoughts of establishing and protection of female steed is deeply imprinted in his brain. He is compulsively repeating the same word, assuring the protection of his flock ("mamoru"), before and after committing violent acts. At the same time, before performing the sexual relations he is showing signs of resistance, which seem to be only a part of that weird ritual, as they never really succeed in preventing the ritual. His behavior is calm most of the time, but there are also shown episodes of amok, during which he commits irrational acts of aggression and sexual assault. Basara's episodes of sexual extasy and fury are surprisingly well received by the environment, especially the females. They are shown as individuals with their thoughts dominated by the will to integrate the flock and strengthen their position in it. That is achieved mainly by the rivalization for Basara's attention and violence towards the individuals not belonging to the steed. The special position is taken by a young female Maria, referred to as a 'succubus', whose main objective is setting up and strengthening the sexual relations between other members of the group. She is very successful in that manner. The other members of the flock do not have clearly established personalities; they show some aspirations (power hungriness, sexual obsessions, others), but their inconsequent actions (look: CAUSE AND EFFECT) do not let us estimate accurate characteristics. We can spot a tendency of talking to themselves and constant repeating of the same information, which hints at potential mental disorders.

    The fiction of the world is presented here in an incomplete fashion. The vision of it is a modified version of the hominidae civilization before the Eurasian Deluge, adding a variety of fictional events, worlds and characters, such as angels, heroes and demons, fighting for power in a hidden from human eye fashion. The nature of this "fashion" is unclear, the characters start fights and deal enormous amounts of damage to public property, yet those damages are clearly ignored by the other humans. The most of the action is set in a 'demon world', looking like the hominidae civilization from a few hundred of Sol (commonly called "Sun" at that point in time) rotations earlier. The most important biological modification of the 'demons' are deformations of the earlobes, bone appendix and 'magical powers', where their range and how they work have not been explained.

    Basara's 'sister', referred to as Mio, is in a biological relation to the former 'lord of demons', which gives her a reasonable cause to compete for the throne. However, Mio does not use her power with that in mind, as her thoughts are dominated by her will to integrate the flock and strengthen her position in it. The beginning episodes of the show are dedicated to demonstrating the conflict with a representative of 'angels' and remain without any correlation to the following events. The rest of the show describes the group's visit to the 'demon world', where it is brought in order to compete in a game for the throne. The game takes form of a martial arts tournament, in which the group takes part. Their participation suggests that the individuals belonging to the steed have enough battle potential to be classed near the summit of the demon world hierarchy. Despite that the leader of the steed is eagerly compliant of the enemy forces' orders, without achieving any visible advantages from that title. The unclear situation is further complicated by the arrival of ancient war machines, which causes a mass loss of meaning and logic. The TV show is best characterized by the lack of coherence, it for the most part remains a series of scenes with no correlation in between. There are a lot of contradictions, and the acts taken on by the characters are erratic and illogical.


    The representation of movement is very limited, very often we can notice a series of static pictures. There are multiple simplifications of important aspects of reality (faces, backgrounds, buildings, interiors). The main emphasis has been put on the erotica and battles. The sexual customs of the hominids are not well known, the show suggests that the main role in the sexual intercourse was performed by the female breasts, and their attractiveness was determined by the size that heavily interrupts normal functioning. The rest of the characteristics of potential intercourses have been hidden various bars on the screen, but we have yet to determine the appliance of those. The fights take form of simple physical confrontations, they can be described as having a lot of flashes and lights - it may be tied to the epileptic tendencies of hominids. The battles do not contain movement, most of the actions are simplistic, you can not always reconstruct the flow of events.

    There can be noticed rhythms classified as 'orchestral music', although those are extremely simplistic representatives of said genre. They are very repetitive (possibly trance-inducing). Their frequency range is really narrow. The noticable melodies contain "thunderous organs", "dramatic violin" and "yodelling Gregorian choir". Aside from that we can hear the screams representing pain, stir of emotions or delight. Sporadically, during the 'slice of life' scenes, we can hear cymbals.

    The described amount of nonsense suggests the usage of conventional "humor" or "parody" genre. There are also present scenes that suggest this interpretation -  but alas, there is lack of key characteristics of said genres. There are no elements that would be decribed by a hominid as 'funny'. There is no emotional coherence - the scenes containing death or heavy injury accompany the scenes of orgy and comedic (cymbals), which is a typical characteristic for neoliberal renaissance. The censorship of sexual organs and invisible injuries during fights limit the sensations caused by the show. The emotional substance is expressed by sporadic screams and groans.

    The analysed material is a valuable addition to our research of the homo sapiens culture, showing fully its primitive animal characteristics. The adoption and acceptance of mentioned TV show require abandoning higher intellectual functions on the level considered unreachable for hominids. The regular quota of judgement is disadvised in this example.
  • Shadowninja 12-20-2016, 09:23 PM
    Dang, quite the review. :D
  • Maid 12-21-2016, 04:54 AM
    good job buddy
    I enjoyed reading through it
  • Backlash 12-22-2016, 10:53 AM
    Holy shit. Holeee shit.

    Going offa what you wrote, this literally sounds like the lowest common denominator of anime. It doesn't help that it already looks like a tear-off of High School DxD, right down to the uniforms, main girl, and especially the main dude.

    Ah well. Subject matter aside; Nana, you've done it again. This was an awesome review, beautifully conceived, and flawlessly executed. I mighta told you this before, but it's worth reiterating: Have you considered a career in writing? :3
  • Kiss of Death 12-22-2016, 12:54 PM
    (12-20-2016, 09:23 PM)Shadowninja Wrote: Dang, quite the review. :D

    Yep. I experienced quite an emotional breakdown while watching the show, so yeah, it's prob somewhat influenced by the mind-boggling "complexity" of the plot... or lack thereof.

    (12-21-2016, 04:54 AM)Maid Wrote: good job buddy
    I enjoyed reading through it

    Thanks, I enjoyed writing it as well!

    (12-22-2016, 10:53 AM)Backlash Wrote: Holy shit. Holeee shit.

    Going offa what you wrote, this literally sounds like the lowest common denominator of anime. It doesn't help that it already looks like a tear-off of High School DxD, right down to the uniforms, main girl, and especially the main dude.

    Ah well. Subject matter aside; Nana, you've done it again. This was an awesome review, beautifully conceived, and flawlessly executed. I mighta told you this before, but it's worth reiterating: Have you considered a career in writing? :3

    Still not as bad as Valkyrie Drive. Seriously though, aside from being a financially-struggling ripoff of DxD, there's nothing specially wrong with it. It's just a blatant title that promises you entertainment and gives you a bunch of hours of your life wasted without recovery.
    Thanks. Feels really good to see others' enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it. And you did ask me that already, but let's see. I have considered a career in writing. The problems are: I don't know where to start, I'm a lazy piece of shit, and I also have Fap Heroes to edit.

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Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst