[Review] Amanchu!

  • yumiyacchi 11-28-2016, 10:35 PM
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    So, have you ever been so depressed to the point that some anime saved your damn life. Me neither, but this is potentially one that could really save yours if your into deppies that deep.

    Based off the manga of the same name (people don't really change the names of their mangas on their adaptation that often fyi) by Kozue Amano and animated by J.C Staff, Amanchu! is the kind of anime that could be filled with a lot of gay sexual overtones and gratuitous shots of girls getting changed and diving into clear waters, but in reality, it isn't. It has a surprisingly good plot and it's beautifully crafted.

    The plot revolves around Futaba Ooki (CV: Ai Kayano), a shy and introverted girl who moves from Tokyo to a seaside village and Hikari Kohinata (CV: Eri Suzuki), an energetic but absent minded girl who loves scuba diving, they eventually become best friends and they enter the scuba diving club. While you expect a kind of romantic overtone between the two, the plot drifts away from that to reveal a beautiful, coming of age story about a bunch of people and their adventures of self discovery.

    Script: The pacing can be a little slow but that's okay, it fits the series perfectly. Every chapter contains the right amount of information, and while not creating any cliffhangers, it keeps you wanting more.

    Animation: This is one of the key points on why this is 10/10. The animation is, while at times simplistic, beautiful. While at moments may thin out, there's some eye candy moments. And they're not scarce at all. Few and inexistent mistakes happen. I didn't notice any.

    Sound: This is another of the key points of this being top notch. The OST is beautifully crafted by Japanese duo GONTITI. The opening is done by Maaya Sakamoto, while Mistera Feo makes an appearance in background tracks.

    Development: Every key character has a deep personality and while some comic reliefs like the Ninomiya brothers may seem flat at first, they share diferent and very developed backgrounds.

    What could make you want to skim this up?: This anime is by any means, not deep as Evangelion deep, but it's not idiotic like "Nichijou". If you're looking for an introspective and charming story about two girls becoming best friends, this is for you. If you're looking for silly comedy, this may hit the spot. But if you're looking for jokes, one chained behind the other, then this may be not for you.
    If you were looking for a sports manga related to diving, then look everywhere else.

    Closing this, Amanchu! may be a good change of pace on stuff. Life slices are usually filled with melodrama or stupid jokes made for japanese stoners and/or retards. It's the kind of slowed-down plots among many shonen and intense stuff that usually fills up the charts. Like going to the countryside for a breath of fresh air. That title suits this anime well...

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[Review] Amanchu!