Remastered in 4K - 2020 CTF Tournament

  • LucianDreamer 07-20-2020, 04:04 AM (Edited 08-03-2020, 11:05 AM)
    Today, I decided that I wanted to polish up some old tidbits of the intro post and refine it into what it will look today. There are now several changes to how we draft anime girls into the newly formatted tournament, brand new nations coming forth, redid the seeds and tree map, and of course, added a whopping 100 maps to choose from!

    Changes to the CTF Tournament as of 20-7-2020

    + Added 20 more seeds to the tree map, meaning more player slots to fill in, and more diversity
    + Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Spain, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Greece, Romania, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, Iran, India, and Vietnam are all added into the lineup that players can choose
    + Up to over 50+ more maps added to choose as match locations, ranging from the Arctic all the way down to the Outback, covering every latitude region
    + The ability to create your own OCs without having to rely on art sites that other people made, no more waiting around for someone to make a character, can take no more than 5 minutes to make your whole team and even download it safely to your computer
    + Dark-skinned characters are now acceptable and integrated into team lineups, making certain countries more interesting to play than ever before
    + Maids, princesses, and other appropriate female roles in some countries of appropriate age now possible to have on team lineups (due to as per current UN regulations, no underage 12-year old or younger lolis allowed)
    + If Waifu Labs somehow all of a sudden makes their full-body update released, definitely have the ability to create full-body OCs at own pace
    + Added the snow, sleet, and blizzard weather types to all winter-compatible maps, if players want to have a challenging attrition type of match in certain latitudes only
    + Added the hurricane scenario weather type only to certain countries that are within reach if they want to start the match calm but progress to a powerful raging storm that can drastically alter the way the map is played when nearing the end of match timer
    + Added the sandstorm scenario weather type only to certain arid countries that can generate these monstrous clouds of dust, which can impede line of sight
    + Added the blood rain scenario weather type only to certain humid countries where if red rain is to occur, characters soaked in it will take HP damage overtime
    + Drafting time limit is now 3 months, to give time for other countries enough time to train their characters in pre-season training tours
    + Backstories of characters is optional and pre-season narration scenes now possible
    = All surviving countries make a comeback to re-apply for this tournament season, they are but not limited to: USA, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, China, Japan, and Australia, now with updated seeds and better-looking flag icons than before
    = Some maps will stay, but will come with some tweaking in layout to be either more complex or beginner-friendly and are in better resolution than before
    = Elimination rules remain the same as is, win a match, the losing team must fight other losing teams to stay in and have 3 chances before being eliminated, random die roll. Everyone will get a chance to have a turn eventually before advancing the tournament stages. Teams must have 3 victories on their belt before proceeding to finals
    - Belgium and Thailand are no longer on the tree map anymore to make room and to prevent confusion in seed coloring. Players who had chosen those countries before will have to choose another country this time
    - You don't need to use popular art sites anymore, that's why Waifu Labs is the main go-to place to create high quality waifus, there may still be flaws in how they look, that's the A.I.'s own drawback
    - Tournament duration will take longer to complete due to the increased delay between player turns, so players have to wait much longer for their next turn against their next opponent unless they're already eliminated

    Now, enough with the update changes, this is how our new seed map is going to look like as a preview, in top to bottom, left-to-right order.

    12 - Ukraine vs. 7 - Czech Republic
    19 - Iran vs. 11 - India
    4 - France vs. 8 - Sweden
    2 - Canada vs. 13 - Romania
    26 - Russia vs. 21 - Iceland
    17 - Norway vs. 10 - Greece
    21 - Turkey vs. 31 - Spain
    15 - Mexico vs. 9 - Australia
    29 - Brazil vs. 24 - Egypt
    5 - Ireland vs. 14 - Poland
    20 - Israel vs. 32 - Jamaica
    6 - Germany vs. 30 - Finland
    1 - Italy vs. 3 - USA
    16 - China vs. 18 - UK
    28 - South Africa vs. 22 - Cuba
    25 - Japan vs. 23 - Vietnam

    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f...452e706e67]

    The latest map dropdown is a big pain for me, but it should be in 4K now, with better categorization:

    North America
    Katmai, USA
    Yukon, Canada
    Quebec City, Canada
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    Glacier Valley, USA
    San Francisco, USA
    Los Angeles, USA
    Detroit, USA
    New Orleans, USA
    Miami, USA
    Latin America
    Mexico, City, Mexico
    Pueblo, Mexico
    Yucatan, Mexico
    Amazon Rainforest, Brazil
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Campo Grande, Brazil
    Porto Alegre, Brazil
    Caribbean Islands
    Havana, Cuba
    Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
    Montego Bay, Jamaica
    Kingston, Jamaica
    San Juan, USA
    European Union
    Gibraltar, Spain
    Granada, Spain
    Barcelona, Spain
    Bordeaux, France
    Dijon, France
    Paris, France
    Normandy Beach, France
    Genoa, Italy
    Naples, Italy
    Messina, Italy
    Sassari, Italy
    Stuttgart, Germany
    Nuremberg, Germany
    Brocken, Germany
    Krivoklatsko, Czech Republic
    Prague, Czech Republic
    Wroclaw, Poland
    Warsaw, Poland
    Brasov, Romania
    Carpathia, Romania
    Bucharest, Romania
    Thessaloniki, Greece
    Athens, Greece
    Sparti, Greece
    Crete, Greece
    Gothenburg, Sweden
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Sundsvall, Sweden
    Lulea, Sweden
    Lapland, Finland
    Oulu, FInland
    Tampere, Finland
    Helsinki, Finland
    Cork, Ireland
    Galway, Ireland
    Dublin, Ireland
    United Kingdom
    Glasgow, UK
    Manchester, UK
    London, UK
    Brighton, UK
    Non-European Union Countries
    Oslo, Norway
    Stavanger, Norway
    Reykjavik, Iceland
    Hornstrandir, Iceland
    Kyiv, Ukraine
    Kharkiv, Ukraine
    Chernobyl, Ukraine
    St. Petersburg, Russia
    Moscow, Russia
    Volgograd, Russia
    Novosibirsk, Russia
    Irkutsk, Russia
    Vladivostok, Russia
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Antalya, Turkey
    Tel Aviv, Israel
    Zanjan, Iran
    Mumbai, India
    Kerala, India
    Agra, India
    Gobi Desert, China
    Xian, China
    Chengdu, China
    Dalian, China
    Hoang Mai, Vietnam
    Hue City, Vietnam
    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Nagasaki, Japan
    Awaji, Japan
    Tokyo, Japan
    Sapporo, Japan
    Cairo, Egypt
    Aswan, Egypt
    Cape Town, South Africa
    Perth, Australia
    Alice Springs, Australia
    Sydney, Australia

    Now we can start drafting our six anime girls, pick a country from the seed map and use Waifu Labs to generate your six needed and name them if you wish, also give them a weapon class and team name. Even if it doesn't give you the results you want, just refresh the grid over until you get it right for you, it takes roughly a split-second per grid refresh, and unlimited. No two grids are the same. You can go back only one step and if you feel tired of the current selection, just restart and a new random selection of characters will show up. Do note that some generated characters are look-alike popular ones, but slightly different in how they'll actually appear. When it comes to making girls, do not create NSFW ones such as small lolis (under 13), giant breasts, naked, or other deformities (super dark background, evil looking waifus). If I see them, they won't join your team as they're not eligible, under per current UN regulations and you have to remove them. If you played as Belgium or Thailand before, then I'm sorry for any those of you, but you have to pick different countries. At the moment, we can only create half-body waifus, so I'll update it once they get over their technical limitations. If there's a better waifu generation site where we can make full-body waifus on the web, please let me know and I'll update it as well.

    Drafting time will end on October 20, at 8PM EST.
  • LucianDreamer 08-11-2020, 11:53 AM (Edited 08-11-2020, 11:55 AM)
    OOC: I decided not to wait around for other players to show up for a while, I am trying out something different like picking a cold country as Finland.

    Finlandia Sininen Haikara (Finlandia Blue Herons)
    "We shall push back the line of oppression with our cold hands."
    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f692e70696e696d672e636f6d...372e6a7067]

    Finland is known for its turbulent history in the past with brave heroes and heroines that fought both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union a long time back. Nowadays, the recreational tournament season is awaiting these fellow heroines into showing off their historical prowess as one of the well-educated European Union nations, if not the most literate country in the world.

    Team Members Lineup:
    Annika Naumanen (Team Leader - Machine Gunner) - Age: 24
    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f...4c2e706e67]
    Asta Naumanen (Base Defender - Submachine Support) - Age: 24
    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f...552e706e67]
    Eeva-Lisa Aatamila (Team Support - Sniper) - Age: 21
    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f...302e706e67]
    Juulia Hirvensalo (Jungler - Spear Tactician) - Age: 23
    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f...7a2e706e67]
    Lyydi Saarinen (Base Attacker - Assault Pointman) - Age: 20
    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f...7a2e706e67]
    Sini Pietarila (Base Attacker - Machine Pistol Sweeper) - Age: 18
    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f...472e706e67]

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Remastered in 4K - 2020 CTF Tournament