Lewd News - No. #23

  • Clickbait 02-09-2016, 05:45 PM (Edited 02-09-2016, 05:56 PM)
    [Image: yrvpwo.png]

    Here is the 23rd issue of the Lewd News, written by the Writers group.

    wew lad, this wasn't so late.

    better post it before nana explodes though ;3

    wanna submit a piece but not be a part of the team? don't hesitate to send @"Senpai" a private message.

    by @"suicid3Panda"
    [block]Hey Lewders!  To make sure I future proof my article in case the news doesn't get posted for 3 weeks, I will tell you about the future -- Virtua Dolls!  A recently launched Indiegogo campaign promises an adult controller to work alone or along side of the upcoming VR devices.  It's basically a Fleshlight with some additional mechanics to simulate sucking, stroking, and other sexual acts.   The device will cost just under $200 and has a rather unbelievable launch date of about 90 days after the crowd fund is successful.  As of this moment, the crowd funding page was taken down by the campaign creators to "sort out a few issues." Don't worry, here is the link to the video below:

    Now, does anyone know a pervert with disposable income... oh, wait...

    by @"Nanashi"
    Fun times
    • Unbeknownst to all, the long-famous Naruto anime is getting a spinoff adaptation. Naruto Shippuuden: Itachi Shinden-hen is its name, and unsurprisingly, it will follow the story of Itachi Uchiha, everyone's favorite Akatsuki member. The anime will premiere on March 3.
    • CAPCOM's Ace Attorney is getting an anime- oh wait, did I already tell you that? W-well, now I know the premiere date! It will start airing on April 2. Speaking of which, CAPCOM is also working on Ace Attorney 6. Fun times, indeed.
    • Korean comics seem to be rather popular these days... Or, manhwa, since that's the formal name of those. The country of origin doesn't matter as Production I.G proves, making a 30-minute short for Noblesse, called Noblesse:Awakening. It seems to be very popular, so that's a way to gather some audience.
    Yet another short review

    Original idea, not quite intact story and the outcome... leaves, well, no comment. I somehow made it through the 12 episodes, but it wasn't the easiest task. Tokyo ESP, since this is the anime I'm talking about, contains magical fish giving people special powers, the 'bad guys' trying to use these to spread evil for... no apparent reason, a bunch of 'good guys' trying to stop the 'bad guys' using those same powers and a flying penguin... Okay, fair enough. Just give me some breathtaking action, instead of pushing the show forward the slowest you can. It's a 12 episode series, not a 26 episode one, so why does it feel like the latter?

    Under the impression of the first episode, I dived into the series full of hope. Well, okay, a slow action, unclear events, the introduction to the world that sort-of-works. Usually after that the series would accelerate, there would be more explanations, after which it shifts gears and drives us through the remaining events in a fair tempo that leaves us wanting more. The thing is... this anime lacks that. Tokyo ESP is slower than a train off the rails, from the beginning to the very end. And honestly, I felt much like the time when I was watching ChaoS;HEAd. You can't watch more than one episode in a session, as it's way too easy to just sleep through all the 'action'. And this ending... one the worst I witnessed. A classic case of deus ex machina, after which you ask yourself the question 'wait... what?' and never get as much as an answer. And, for the worse, leaves enough space for a continuation.

    Double EXP- uh, review- weekend!

    I honestly don't know why I even bothered watching this. We all know Black Bullet isn't original, or fresh, or innovative. Then why do we watch it? Out of curiosity. And curiosity is the first step to hell - in this case, hell filled to brim with Socially Unwanted trademark lolis, who are... the only successful weapon against The Giant Monsters Who Came From Nowhere cliche. Alright, but... why do people hate their saviors? Why do they discriminate the only ones that can bring them hope for the better tomorrow? Sadly, I never received any answer to this question other than 'cause we said so lol' of the creators, trying to tell me all this hate comes from the Gastrea (giant monsters) parts in lolis.

    Zoom out, zoom in, zoom out, zoom back in - that's the entirety of how Black Bullet looks from what I saw. And I sat through the entirety of it. Doesn't sound too bad? Okay then, how about this: the series is about the remnants of humanity living in a closed off area protected by a giant ass wall, behind which lies certain death from the hands of giant monstrosities. Cool enough, but why isn't it called Attack on Black Bullet? Let's try to go a little further... the two protagonists in this anime are a boy who lost one arm and one leg (with moving metallic prosthetics instead) and his younger, but much more physically apt sidekick. Full Bullet Alchemist?
    Zero entertainment has been experienced while watching this god forsaken show. The characters are plain and boring. As the usual setting would go, most of the characters' backstories wouldn't be finished - hell, here they didn't even bother to explain them! We have a boy with Traumatic Past trademark, owning a personal loli harem (creators said: just because he doesn't discriminate them, he'll earn their eternal love!), his loli-fiance, who's so deep in love with him she doesn't see a word outside (despite being, add or take, 6-8 years old), not to mention their 'chief', so a teenage girl with some Family Business To Take Care Of trademark, of course feeling something to the protagonist (but why even bother extending this since it's a shounen)... next to these guys, we have miss president with a bunch of enemies, since she's A Fuckin Angel Incarnate trademark, her bodyguard, who for no apparent reason hates the protagonist to the extent of attempting to kill him. The only drops of sweetness in this sea of tasteless water are the 'antagonist duo', who aren't as much of antagonists as we'd think - The Mysterious Masked Guy trademark and his loli daughter (hell yeah!), who clearly aspires to become Diablo's Butcher.

    Yeah, I hated the show. Not as much as Valkyrie Drive, mind you, but still, it was a nuisance to finish. Loli Harem the Animation, no better than any other go-to-sleep title, avoid if you want, or bear with it if you're into lolis.

    [header]movie review
    by @"monothedog"
    [block]Today I’ll be covering the British Sci-Fi series from BBC: Red Dwarf

    If you now think, wait wasn’t it a movie review? That wouldn’t be a weird train of thought, but I’ll be switching it every week.
    [Image: Red_Dwarf_logo.png]

    Red Dwarf is a British Sci-Fi sitcom about Lister (Craig Charles), the last human being who got stuck in a spaceship where he survived for a few million years due to being due to being stuck in a stasis chamber, kind of like Futurama except that the ship kept travelling with everyone but himself dead. Holly (the ships computer played by Norman Lovet) finally thinks he is safe and releases Lister.

    After being released and finding out what happened Holly creates a hologram of Lister’s bunk mate: Rimmer (Chris Barrie), but Rimmer and Lister never liked eachother (well no one liked Rimmer because he’s kind of a slimy weasel).

    Lister’s cat was pregnant when he got stuck, by the time Lister wakes up the cat kind has evolved in to something more human like spawning, The Cat that’s his name (Danny John-Jules).

    Every episode something weird and Sci-Fi like happens and hilarity ensues.

    [Image: uagdid.jpg]

    • Best British Sitcom (British Comedy Awards)
    • Popular Arts (International Emmy Awards)
    • Best Visual Effects (Royal Television Society, UK)
    • Best lighting non-drama (Royal Television Society, UK)

    [Image: aeeuwf.jpg]

    Personal opinion
    Although it’s a tad old and the effect show this fact (if you don’t count the few newer seasons) I loved every minute of it, I’ve even got the first season on disc and a T-Shirt.
    It’s got genius characters, genius writing, genius stories, genius actors.
    You don’t get a lot of side  characters, but when you do they’re pretty hilarious most of the time. Like Jesus and a very minor appearance of Adolf Hitler.
    Really Really liked it[/block]

    by @"Senpai"
    I still have a few days of advertising on 8chan, will likely use that after sending out the email for this.

    I have plans to trial a change of domain when I release the new theme.

    Some nice threads: [/block]

    [header]weekly kitsune
    by @"Riesu"

    Reu, drawn by @"Prodding Sticks"
    [Image: 8a1bc610ce5f8aeb2126db45efa4310a.png]

  • tn5421 02-09-2016, 05:50 PM
    the cat keyhole bras have invaded the lewd sanctuary.
  • Prodding Sticks 02-09-2016, 05:58 PM
    Thank you based cat keyhole bras.
  • idek 02-10-2016, 07:29 AM
    What happened with /tech/? The FBI and the DHS got hacked like 2 days ago, that could've been a neat topic to cover.
  • Kiss of Death 02-10-2016, 10:39 AM (Edited 02-10-2016, 10:40 AM)
    Good job on anime news @Nanashi!
    tfw senpai forgets

    Also no more tech news, losi is no longer a part of writers due to... personal reasons, I guess.
  • malmon 02-10-2016, 05:03 PM
    Damn, that's an excellent drawing, @Prodding Sticks
  • Clickbait 02-10-2016, 06:03 PM (Edited 02-10-2016, 06:05 PM)
    losi quit without saying anything, which is why one of the news edititions came out three weeks late.

    > tfw senpai forgets
    maybe if you didn't change your username every second day :^)
  • pepsisan 02-11-2016, 05:48 AM
    Nice read. Cheers.
    2nd on the feds getting their employee records released. Tippity Toppity Kekers.
  • Kiss of Death 02-11-2016, 01:34 PM
    (02-10-2016, 06:03 PM)Senpai Wrote: >>36521
    > tfw senpai forgets
    maybe if you didn't change your username every second day :^)

    maybe I changed it only once on the forum but I guess that counts as every second day?
  • Loko 02-11-2016, 07:41 PM
    > To make sure I future proof my article in case the news doesn't get posted for 3
    > weeks, I will tell you about the future -- Virtua Dolls!

    Well, this clearly is an indication to the continued evolution of the human race! (I'm actually asking someone to buy one for me thx)

    > Unbeknownst to all, the long-famous Naruto anime is getting a spinoff adaptation.

    I knew that it would never truly end.
    I just had the feeling.

    > I have plans to trial a change of domain when I release the new theme.

    Mmmm, can't wait for that new themed booty (mmm!!)
    I'll probably still stick with the old one for now though.
  • Angel2 02-12-2016, 08:48 PM
    The art was just amazing. Good job, those are some great ones. The news overall is pretty nice as well. I enjoyed the read.

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Lewd News - No. #23