Lewd News - No. #22

  • Clickbait 01-30-2016, 05:32 PM (Edited 01-30-2016, 06:41 PM)
    [Image: yrvpwo.png]

    Here is the 22nd issue of the Lewd News, written by the Writers group.

    wew lad, this was probably the latest issue of the news ever.

    wanna submit a piece but not be a part of the team? don't hesitate to send @"Senpai" a private message.

    by @"suicid3Panda"
    [block]So this month has had some interesting topics.  You probably already know that the Oculus Rift preorders went up, and people were happy and pissed at the same time for various reasons, but that's not all that happened.  

    Firstly, some rather shady news from the WB. All support for the PC Edition of Mortal Kombat X has been dropped!  This announcement was made via one SINGLE tweet. The WB really wanted that to sneak by unnoticed. Since the PC port is already plagued with unfixed bugs, and stopped receiving netcode updates a while back, the writing was on the wall. WB was to busy making more DLC, and getting ready for their GOTY Edition of the game-- you know, that version that all of their games get which includes all of the DLC and final patches--that version that says "Hey, fuck you early adopters! Hope you enjoyed the season pass!". This is right after the travesty that is Arkham Knight. Seriously, WB doesn't love you, PC Gamers! I know that after they beat you up, they apologized and said it wouldn't happen again, but trust me! They don't really care about you, but I do, and I want you to get away from them.

    Also Tropes Vs Women in Video Games plans to end in 2016.  FINALLY!  Considering Anita Sarkessian is already 4 years late on what was supposed to be a 3 month project, it's about damn time she realized that her porject is clearly being mismanaged to be so far off schedule. Oh... wait. Actually, here is what she actually said, “My work has become synonymous with constant daily harassment, death threats, bomb threats, intense public scrutiny and violations of privacy...” Oh... well, WELCOME TO THE INTERNET! Perhaps being vindictive and bitchy about everything gets on peoples' nerves after a while. In any case, I wish you well, we all know that video games were never your primary focus, just a stepping stone to further your speaking career.

    One final thing... this:
    [Image: gyzkqq.jpg]

    by @"Nanashi"
    Flashy flash.
    • It's happening. Danganronpa is heading to Steam, Trigger Happy Havoc in February and Goodbye Despair sometime later. Spike Chunsoft confirmed it's only the start. We have something good to look forward to.
    • New Game! anime adaptation to be created by Doga Kobo, the team responsible for Engaged to the Unidentified. The synopsis: "In the workplace manga, the main character Aoba Suzukaze graduates from high school and joins a game company. The person who made the game that Aoba loved as a grade-schooler just happens to be Aoba's senior at the company. The story follows girls who work and aspire at the Eaglejump company."
    • Looks like old habits never die. This season, both Beyblade and Duel Masters will get new anime adaptations. And neither of them looks promising. Just go watch Beyblade's old seasons, such as the first one or G-Revolution.
    • Yes, Saekano WILL get a sequel. And the same staff will be responsible for it. Let's just hope it doesn't go the easy way.
    • For those of you using Netflix, Black Lagoon is now available there. Do yourself a favor and watch it if you haven't yet.

    Something... else?

    I gave in to the mainstream. I finally watched One Punch Man. And to be honest, it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. As a standalone serious anime it wouldn't score any points, but hell, it's a parody - and a damn good one on top of that. One Punch Man, apart from the bald protagonist, brings us something fresh to the table. A superhero that is not aspiring to be great, losing a fight just to win it after like in any other shounen, but the one who's already at his best. The strongest superhero in the world if you will. The one that deals with everything... with one punch. And that doesn't please him in the least.

    The anime is on an episodic basis, each episode is loosely connected to the previous one, introducing another enemy to be settled with. And it's not really bad, since the plot does push everything forward. We have our bald superhero, Saitama, whose hair fell off due to intensive training; a cyborg Genos who twists Saitama's life around, a shitton of enemies and characters that really deserve some attention, such as Mumen Rider, a normal person with no superpowers, yet trying his hardest at helping people or "Tornado" Tatsumaki, this season's best rule 34 material. Just watch it yourself and judge it appropriately, from me you have a nice recommendation for those boring evenings.[/block]

    by @"CompaIsMyWaifu"
    The Great YouTube Takedown

    Over the past decade, YouTube has grown into one of the most popular outlets of televised entertainment. People all over the world can “broadcast themselves” for all to see, and even get paid to do so through sponsored ads in their videos. Many YouTubers have invested so much time and energy into their channels that it’s become their full-time job, but what is a YouTuber to do when they suddenly have all of that publicity and income stripped away from them without explanation?

    I’m sure many of you are familiar with YouTuber Doug Walker. He is particularly well-known for his Nostalgia Critic series where he reviews movies in a satirical manner, often with a negative opinion of the featured film. As of January 5th 2016, Doug’s team received an email from YouTube stating that Channel Awesome had nearly all of its features removed, including loss of monetization (the way YouTubers make money from ads) for all videos and a new restriction blocking video uploads that exceed 15 minutes. They were unable to access their account for two hours before signing in again, upon which they discovered that their channel had received a strike from Studio Ghibli Inc. against their review of My Neighbor Totoro.

    Now normally this sort of copyright strike isn’t a big deal as long as the video in question is following the rules of “fair use.” The channel needs only to file a DMCA claim through YouTube stating their case, the strike is lifted, and your video becomes available to watch again. This time however, Channel Awesome was getting one hell of a run-around. Every time they would attempt to submit their claim, the next page would just display a server error. This occurred multiple times for days. Channel Awesome also tried reaching out to YouTube’s Partner Support, which states inquiries are to be handled within one business day, only to hear nothing yet for three weeks now. Getting desperate, they emailed YouTube directly and even overnight mailed a physical letter to YouTube with all their information about the issue, only to hear that they needed to provide more information to submit their claim.

    “We followed it to a tee, nothing was missing,” says Walker. “We have over 350,000 subscribers on YouTube. We’ve been around for years. If this can happen to us with no explanation, no reason why, and weeks of no pay and no explaining any of it, what chance do people putting up their family videos have? What chance to people just starting off or trying to make a living have against this?”

    Doug is certainly not alone in this struggle. Other channels experiencing similar issues right now are:

    These are just a handful of some of the larger channels being affected, there are many more smaller channels all going through the same thing… Only they don’t have the fanbase to acknowledge it. If you are a YouTuber, it is highly recommended that you be extremely careful with the content that you upload, and to back up everything to your computer’s hard drive in case of a takedown or strike. At this rate, you don’t know what to expect.

    Doug Walker’s video explaining this whole predicament can be found here:


    [header]movie review
    by @"monothedog"
    Today I’m going to tell you about the movie: Little Shop of Horrors.
    It’s pretty good
    You’re still here?
    You must really enjoy my review then, fine here’s some more.
    Little Shop of Horrors is a fairly well-known movie from 1986.
    [Image: nnokmg.jpg]


    Based on the 1960 movie: The Little Shop of Horrors
    It’s about a clumsy Seymour Krelborn (Rick Moranis) who lives in a horrible neighbourhood downtown. As a kid he was an orphan but taken in by the owner of the flower shop: Mushnik. (Vincent Gardenia)
    Seymour now works for Mushnik together with the girl of his dreams: Audrey. (Ellen Greene)
    But Audrey is already taken, by a sadistic and abusive dentist: Orin Scrivello (Steven Martin).

    Just when it looks like the flower shop is going to close because they barely get any customers, Seymour decides to put a rare plant he found in the display window which attracts an insane amount of customers.
    One problem, the plant feeds on blood.
    Oh yeah and there are a lot of songs.

    [Image: wbixph.jpg]

    It’s been nominated  two times for the Oscars, one for best visual effects and the song Mean Green Mother From Outer Space was nominated for best original song.
    It was nominated for 2 Golden Globes: Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical and Best Original Score – Motion Picture.
    It won the Saturn award for Best Music, Best Writing and Best Horror Film.

    [Image: vbunvb.jpg]

    Personal opinion

    I loved this movie, I loved the story, the characters and the music but for a horror film, I didn’t think it was really scary although I can’t compare to other horror films because I haven’t seen them.
    The side characters were amazing too, you had a wacky radio presenter and a masochistic dentist client although all the side characters pretty much just get one scene but they were all done by famous actors like Bill Murray and John Candy.
    The music was amazing, there’s a lot of typical musical stuff in the movie but I really liked it, if you don’t like that kind of music, you’re not going to like it in this movie either though.


    Watch it if you can tolerate or like musical movies but if you don’t like those, it’s not going to be very interesting.

    by @"Senpai"
    We are trialing going back to our old way of having no rules and relying on common sense, and I have also demoted all staff but myself, read more about the changes in this thread. So far the change has gone well, with considerably less drama, but I'll be extending the trial period for a week as it wasn't exactly a very active week for Lewd.

    We have a weeks worth of advertising on 8chan, which I hope will help spark some activity around here.

    Some nice threads: [/block]

    [header]weekly kitsune
    by @"Riesu"
  • TheSimilier 01-30-2016, 06:19 PM
  • Compa 01-30-2016, 07:38 PM

    > but for a horror film, I didn’t think it was really scary

    It's not really meant to be a scary film, it's central focus is as a comedy musical with minor horror elements. That being said, this movie is HILARIOUS and you should totally watch it! Good pick, mono!
  • Disgust 01-30-2016, 09:32 PM (Edited 01-30-2016, 09:32 PM)
    Black Lagoon is on Netflix.

    Damn, the hipster in me says I have to stop liking it now.
  • suicid3Panda 01-31-2016, 05:22 AM
    *faceplam* the act not liking something becasue someone else does shm
  • Clickbait 01-31-2016, 05:45 AM
    /me also faceplams
  • Samara 01-31-2016, 06:06 AM
    Lol @ Doug Walker getting into copyright troubles again. It's almost like fair use doesn't allow you to rip a movie and host most of it with some basic commentary thrown in. Not to be a dick about it, but I personally can't wait until YouTube goes back to people making videos for fun. Not that I even agree with Ghibly, but Doug is the bigger evil here.
  • kuroNeeSama 01-31-2016, 08:55 PM
    (01-31-2016, 06:06 AM)Samara Wrote: Lol @  Doug Walker getting into copyright troubles again.  It's almost like fair use  doesn't allow you to rip a movie and host most of it with some basic commentary thrown in. Not to be a dick about it, but I personally can't wait until YouTube goes back to people making videos for fun. Not that I even agree with Ghibly, but Doug is the bigger evil here.

    I have to disagree with you here. It's not as if he barely throws any commentary in, and even in his earlier, minimalist videos, the commentary isn't basic at all. If there's something I'm missing or some controversy I haven't heard of, please let me know because from my standpoint, he is in no way in the wrong.
  • Compa 02-02-2016, 11:53 PM
    Apparently there was an update from Channel Awesome just before our Lewd News got published, they got their features back but still no answer from YouTube as to why the restrictions were so much stronger than normal.

    AlternateHistoryHub is back too.

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Lewd News - No. #22