• Kiss of Death 07-23-2015, 10:44 AM (Edited 10-20-2015, 08:24 AM)
    [Image: Kanokon01.png]

    Ah, Kanokon. Or rather Kanojo wa Kon, to Kawaiku Seki o Shite, which translates to something among the lines of 'She gave out a cute, little cough'. Just a regular, 12-episode school romcom from 2008. Or is it... Well, you see, my biggest problem with this one is that it's a legit, full-length ecchi series, instead of a short hentai. Or even make into a longer hentai, I don't care, like Daiakuji The Xena Buster with 7 episodes or Bible Black with over a dozen episodes. Just... don't lock it as a non-hentai production forcing the viewers to question themselves what they're doing with their lives. Now, take a look at the translation of the full title. I'm not sure what's it supposed to mean, but if it's meant to describe an anime, then they probably mistook it with some other one. But I'll talk about that later. For now, read on and thank @Senpai for this review.

    Okay, so here I had a long paragraph about graphics but it's gone now. Thank my browser for being a dick. I'll just summarize it in the simplest way possible.
    Xebec didn't do their best on that one. Character designs are especially 'cute' (not meaning they're good), and looking at them makes you think the anime is going to be different than what it really is. Misleading, in other words. And they don't really fit with the premise. Backgrounds are bland and simple-looking, lacking details and often blurred out. Shading leaves out a fair bit to ask, and the overall look of the anime is slightly fixed by the lighting I praised in some frames.
    A special mention this time goes to the shower scene! Somebody thought it's a good opportunity to show off the ecchi side of this anime. Well, so they did: they basically showed Chizuru's tits (as in, actually exposed them, not hiding them behind hair as they did all the time earlier) behind the water stream. And they didn't include the nipples, as if they didn't exist (a good cosmetic solution to avoid censorship like in Mahoromatic?), even though they're visible through clothes later in the same episode (nope, just an animation error).
    Graphics: 19/20

    I'm so done.
    So, since it's my second time writing this paragraph too, I'll be brief. The soundtrack is horrid. The opening song greets you with a dong and the ending song is the red button for abandoning. Literally. The voice actors aren't exactly any better, they're just a bunch of squealing voices to make you wonder why exactly you're watching it.
    To add to the poison... the sound effects. They used something that sounds like a classic cartoon rip-off. And they probably ripped off classic cartoons to make it like that. Oh well. I wrote more on the topic but I just can't be assed right now. Since, you know, what I wrote is now gone.
    Sound: 23/20

    So here we are dear readers, for the second time; the reason why this anime would be better off as a hentai: plot. While any low budget hentai would be satisfied having the plot Kanokon has, a full-fledged anime series just calls for something more. Something that in this case is lacking. The plot revolves around Oyamada Kouta, a first year in high school, and Minamoto Chizuru, a second year in the very same school, who's actually a 400-year-old kitsune. What's it about... Chizuru for some reason fell for Kouta and pursues an indecent rela- wait, not that. She just wants to mate with him, as they already have an indecent relationship, which they prove on many opportunities during the show. Seriously. An ordinary episode looks like this: Chizuru tries to mate with Kouta, he doesn't want to, she tries harder, he gives up and spiritually messages grandpa of his achievement-to-come, miss Third Wheel shows up and pisses off Chizuru/Cockblock-ex-Machina happens, overdramatized teen drama, something opposes Chizuru in her relationship, Chizuru kisses Kouta and possesses him, then proceeds to Genki Dama (by the way pretty cool Dragon Ball reference, too bad it's not this kind of the anime) the hell out of the interceptor, Chizuru cuddles with Kouta. Add or substract more teen drama. It could have been so much better. And the simplest way would be making into a hentai so Kouta at least gets some. And, let's face it, all the drama caused by Chizuru's loss of boobs would make a 10/10 hentai plot. Here it's just pushing it.
    Plot: 20/20

    Read about plot? Great! Now let me tell you about characters. First off, Kouta. This pipsqueak is so small I'm starting to think it's child abuse. And the 'no age specified' doesn't really help with that. I'm just gonna assume that the high school he's attending is senior one and he's rightfully 15 years old for the sake of convenience. And even so, he doesn't look like a 15-year-old. Well, anyway. Kouta lacks a backbone. And that's hard to require of him when he's being sexually molested by Chizuru. As for Chizuru... she has a big rack and cherishes it. So bad that when it goes missing, it's seemingly the end of the world for her. Other than that, she's in the heat. All year round. Besides... what does a 400-year-old kitsune have to do with a human? I'm sorry, but I'm with mr. Big Bad Wolf on this one. She should have just found herself a ringydingyding fox and spend the eternity with him, instead of finding a human to have fun with for 35 years at most. Miss Third Wheel, Nozomu, on the other hand, is a cool character. Or at least she would be if it was a hentai. The way things are here, she's just a nuisance. An eyesore. And a device forcibly pushing this goddamn torture for 12 episodes instead of 2 Aki Sora-ish OVAs. Then there's two sisters, Ai and Ren, who are probably the only poor things I liked in the whole show. They're piss poor, know their way in the world and do everything they can to survive each day. And they're cute, unlike anything else in this series. Based Nana is based. The rest of the cast just happens to be there with no real backstory to back it off. Oh, and let's not forget the most badass character of all time, Kouta's grandfather, who for grand finale came down from heaven as one of the Apocalypse Riders, pissed at Kouta for giving him false information every episode, and proceeding to bring forth the end of the world. 10/10 plot twist. Or at least it would be if it actually happened. So yeah! 20/20 with a -1 for Ai and -1 for Ren. I wish I could deduct more for their sake, but I can't.
    Characters: 18/20

    To sum it off. Something unusual, which might have had the potential if it was done somehow else, by someone else. That's how I'd describe it. Sadly, it's just a filler series with a lot of nonsense, leading down to the ending which doesn't pay off in the least. I wanted to enjoy it, I really did. Sadly I couldn't. And the two crashes that occured to me, having most of my review deleted and redone twice, seem like a sign for me to never attempt to do the impossible again. So, yeah. I'll just give it a 19/20 for enjoyment and call it a day. Right? -1 for all the segments including Ai and Ren, of course.
    Enjoyment: 19/20

    I wanted to include a bonus round here, but I'm already it at it for 4,5h and I'm pissed off, tired and just want to be done with this review for all I care. Sorry about it.

    Total score: 99/100
    Judgement: MASOCHISTIC
  • Loko 07-23-2015, 11:03 AM
    Sorry to hear you had so much trouble getting your review up :(
  • Clickbait 07-23-2015, 11:06 AM
    Another amazing review Nanashi, sorry about the trouble you went though to get it posted.
    Should be a lot less of a hassle when the blog is finished. c:

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