Horzine Pandemic Event, Anime Edition (Stage 1 - Western E.U. Sector)

  • LucianDreamer 08-22-2019, 07:05 AM (Edited 08-22-2019, 03:20 PM)
    OOC: It has been a long while since the last major survival horror-related RP we did, and this time I'm going to spice things up more than just suspense and limited strategy. This time I decided to replace the mature-looking specimens with anthropomorphic versions but as this is simply a fan-made conversion mod from within a total conversion mod back in the old days of UT2004, it won't be canon in the actual upcoming version of Killing Floor. It is mostly a post-apocalyptic multiplayer co-op set in the near future as part of a secret government project gone haywire in ground zero London on 31 August when it all started. Since its recent version, it already became the world’s fastest and deadliest breach. It even outpaced all other fictional diseases.
    This then culminated into what I interpreted as the "Horzine Pandemic" as a catastrophic event that doesn't normally supposed to happen in the actual world, but according to lore the construction of such facilities and its inhumane research into becoming the "ultimate soldier" might've gone back as far as the Second World War. With the U.K. already mostly wiped out, followed by the death of the longest hierarchical government as seen from 1.0, and the desperate capture of a Patriarch having escaped to France, it is now up to the rest of the European Union and perhaps the world to save themselves from total extinction.

    How to Play: It uses most of the mechanics from 2.0 onward in terms of damage infliction, reduction, and elemental resistances for different parts of the body. It uses realistic slowdown from the original in which as HP gets depleted from its maximum (varies by class), the squadmate begins to limp and when low enough or taken critical hits such as the head will bleed out or feel sickly and drains slowly until sufficiently healed or killed, making escape a difficult chore as in real life. Up to six human-controlled squadmates can play in any given map or have A.I. bots fill up the missing slots, and it uses points instead of Dosh as the economy system for the armory pods scattered through the maps.

    Character Selection: You choose a squadmate out of six from the team that represents their associated map that best represents the playing style for you; each has a role with its own strengths and weaknesses. They also have special abilities that can be active or passive depending on the character (such as increased damage to certain Zed types or being able to fool low-level Zeds into thinking it as an ally and ignoring unless provoked due to having a pale appearance). You won't be able to switch characters once selected until the match ends or when your squad is wiped out (unless you play on Hardcore mode). You can switch different classes’ in-between waves through the armory as the situation demands, though you will take a significant penalty in points on your entire team for switching and any perk upgrades for that class upon switching to a new one is retained but you will be in a different upgrade path until you switch back.

    Choose Map: There is a limited selection of map layouts within each stage within the highlighted area, after choosing, you then get to select the length of the match by the number of waves through Short, Medium, or Long, with Short having long delays during breaks but with shorter grace periods. Long on the other hand gives the team extended grace periods before stronger specimens comes to play but suffers shorter breaks. The amount of enemies your team will face varies from the desired setting chosen, but it usually follows a linear pattern of least to most dangerous with dynamic twists to keep the match interesting. At later stages with more exotic teams, the map layouts tend to be more complex to fit their settings but the wave handling system always remain the same.

    Difficulty: There are 6 levels of gut-slicing to full-fledged hell-bent madness intensity starting from Beginner, then Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Extreme, and perma-death Hardcore mode. Some difficulty modes usually beginning on Hard can cause enemies to have increased movement speed, attack power, damage reduction, or even have new tactics that wouldn't normally occur on lower levels. The simple formula of damage inflicted to damage taken (excluding elemental resistances and falls) is as follows rather than using the official formula from 2.0 to avoid issues due to the diversity of specimens:

    Difficulty Name and Description (Damage Inflict / Damage Taken)
    Beginner - You're the new grunt of the team, learning the ropes of survival a step at a time. (2.5x / 0.5x)
    Normal - For the run-of-the-mill shooters, you're getting used to most situations, but final victory can be a gamble. (2x / 0.75x)
    Hard - A fair fight is an appreciable duel when it comes to meeting hordes of Zeds. (1x / 1x)
    Very Hard - You better be prepared for the real taste of true reality; they are tough but can be beaten. (0.75x / 1.5x)
    Extreme - They will spare no mercy for you and your team alike, and not for the faint of heart. (0.5x / 2x)
    Hardcore - It only takes one mistake and you will be visiting your grave without coming back, 1 life per entire match. (0.5x / 2.5x)

    Gameplay: Fight through waves of enemies with your fellow squadmates and then face the final boss after all normal waves are defeated. There is an internal time limit implemented during each active wave on when will the number of specimens is allowed to start despawning from its wave cap, increasing in duration and cap as the match progresses up until the last normal wave in which it peaks. The Zeds' goal is very simple: wipe out the whole squad using any means when being called in by the wave system and the final boss after certain HP percentage depletion. There is a delay interval called "breaks" before the wave is called, allowing the armory to open for squadmates to exchange their points for weaponry, new abilities, and changing classes. To beat the stage in order to progress to the next one is to survive in all the maps provided within the sector, and when all stages are beaten will be presented a final challenge to face against its maker using all unlocked Survivor teams (If Hardcore mode is played, any remaining teams and squadmates alive is all there is).

    P.S. Only one user can control one character, the rest of the team is left to the A.I. to do its thing unless other users join in (up to a max of 6 coordinating), but is technically able to dictate the actions of his/her A.I. teammates. Only two users that can be controlling the Zed side is one will manage the normal mobs (hard-scripted based on length of match and specimens to send in by wave number) and the other will be called in to manage the final boss character in case the normal mobs fail its job.

    I am currently open for any takers; I need six for the Survivor side (minimum of one required, A.I. fills up any missing slots) and then I need two for the Zed side (one for normal mobs and one for the boss required). I will get the characters set up later for both sides as well as the map layouts. <3

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Horzine Pandemic Event, Anime Edition (Stage 1 - Western E.U. Sector)