Dream/Nightmare Thread?

  • LucianDreamer 12-31-2018, 08:51 PM (Edited 12-31-2018, 09:00 PM)
    My longest theoretical dream ever on the day's Eve, 2018; you made me have special moments, about over 20 minutes of full-on intensity, a ten minute buildup scene and a one-minute fading in the end.
    >A wackier version of how Halloween is going to celebrate back in my other high school like the one I used to back in elementary and middle, the colors are beyond amazing, similar to next-gen Sims w/ University Life and GTA V but with better AI, I get to see the action in first person mode. Most of the people in real-life I ever met dressed up in ways I easily resemble across the generations I had seen so far, it felt more of a convention center to me. As per usual, I dressed as myself going about my own business.
    >Just for that day on an alternate 2016-17 as a scenario had the state failed to bulldoze my old home and not signing up on this the whole time. It was almost 11:00 in the morning, and what I see laid out is a makeshift obstacle course and items strewn about the school, and I am like huh, typical llama placement just to mess with the inhabitants back in the day. I then was met by five familiar faces taking on the likeness of M14, Galil, M21, M16A1, and Thunder but without the hats, as hats were not allowed on the grounds both in and out. I am already on a six-member group with the swirling blue-purple plumbobs above our heads, a nod to 80s. The one cosplaying as Thunder did not have eye contacts and hair dye.
    >When 11:00 struck, the layout of the school instantaneously changes, coinciding with cloudy skies, and the game's invisible God then flips a switch to trap all six of us inside the building filled with other cosplayers. We then hear a storm coming at around the 11:15 mark, as I clearly have no idea what is going on, but the ones in my group don't really seem to panic. Naturally I feel the need to be hungry, but I was provided only one energy snack from the house wrapped in a bar, a Nutri-Grain to restore my mood a bit when hit. I held onto what looks like a long yardstick by the wall next to the auditorium, not very effective in a gunfight and in tight places, but useful in melee. One of the cosplayers on my team then approached me on command to give me a compact pistol, and I reluctantly agreed to take it. 11:30 is the start time, in which rain will come down lightly but gets heavier as time progresses.
    >There are seven other teams of six members from other countries awaiting my team that happen to be my schoolfriends too, but are also in a free-for-all situation against each other in different areas within the grounds. They represent the U.K., Israel, France, Italy, Germany, China, and Spain. The rules of this crazy game is to survive whilst taking out the opposition, using the items on the map provided within the time limit, failure results in sudden death, and anyone that tries to swim gets fatigued and drowned within 40 seconds unless coming out. Ok, this sounds like Worms, but without the Worms. Everyone starts with at least 100 mood points.
    >I then hear the familiar school bell, disappointed that I have to knock off my friends, but no other choice I have to, yardstick strapped on my back and pistol on my holster, it signals the start of the match and I have roughly 15 minutes to wipe them out. The rain starts coming down, but it is a drizzle. As a team, M16A1 is the leader, so I stick behind M14 with Galil directly behind me on the left side, and M21 with Thunder to the right side of the formation. In just under 10 seconds within the match, I already can hear gunfire ringing through the grounds, but they're not live bullets, they're airsoft and can only hurt a little. We started near the auditorium, but don't know where the other teams are at the time, so we moved down to the cafeteria to see if anyone's approaching. 30 seconds into the match, the doors to the cafeteria were shut tight, so I have to use the yardstick to break it down with righteous fury. A small green tube appears above my head to show my progress. Failing that, about one-third of the way through, M16A1 kicks the doors down after drinking a bit of iced tea for temporary extra strength.
    >About 2 minutes in, Team Italy has been waiting for us in the back corner where I used to work there before every lunchtime, prompting a fight. My team and Team Italy started exchanging shots. The drizzle then becomes light rain, already in the afternoon. M14 delivered the incapacitating blow on someone dressed up as a SPAS-12, since M21 immediately felt the full force of the pellets and nearly out of mood points. I handed her the only Nutri-Grain bar in the same way as handing over a gift before proceeding to use the yardstick to pound on the hapless Carcanos. Galil had trouble rushing up to another shotgun girl, a Bennelli using area denial from the pellet spread, I have to take the side door, I slowly shimmy up to the wall, with a yardstick on hand until eventually whacking her on the forehead.
    >With five of our members left, I took some of the cookie dough from the storage cabinet and ate a few to restore my mood, but ended up with a small "bad breath" debuff. We cleared out Team Italy due to them being too defensive to leave their spawn, and proceeded to head back to where we started at around the fourth minute, by then the rain becomes a bit moderate, and we can hear rumbles even clearer. Team Germany and Team U.K. are doing good upstairs, whilst Team China and Team France on the other side of the school are on a middle ground with very few members remaining already. We headed back to our spawn point only to find Team Israel waiting to block our way. The redhead impersonator isn’t going to let anyone get past her heavy machinegun's range, in which I immediately recognize. We tried our best to get behind cover on the walls, underneath tables, anything to avoid taking mood points off, albeit Thunder goes toe-to-toe and easily had her ribs filled with airsoft fire all over, poor her.
    >Then Team China intervened after they just taken out Team France and began to divert their attention, allowing us to approach the redhead and finish her off, forcing their team to scatter. We now got Team China's attention, but they only have three members left, two of them with SMGs and the other wielding a Kowloon Type 80. Six minutes into the match, the rain is getting a bit heavier and so dark it almost felt like night, but there is still a bit of daytime to go. I felt a bit cornered and shoved into the wall by a black shorthaired girl with brown eyes and a green T-shirt. I lost about 40 mood points and ran out of options. M14 came to the rescue and shoved the girl away before shooting her in the stomach at point blank range, but just as I stand back up to regain composure, she was shot down by a three-round burst meant to finish me off but the angle veered off and hit her instead.
    >This leaves my team comsisting of myself, M16A1 and Galil when we were done finishing off Team China; we had quite a blast dealing with them. Team U.K. was already wiped out before the seventh minute by Team Germany after a seemingly long bout of exchanged fire upstairs with just two members, aided by Team Spain and now engaging with them around the indoor gymnasium with four members. We just have to catch up with them and end the match for good, when we got there, we are already approaching the 8 minute mark, but complications arise from M16A1 needing to take a break in the restroom. Galil is already low on mood and not feeling hot scouring for the nearest vendor machine, but afraid she is going to take a hit again and go down. For most of the time in the match, I simply observe the action scenes, doing little to intervene. I waited for M16A1 to finish her break, but by then Team Germany is well on its way to look for us. We are now five minutes remaining before the water starts to rise from the nearly overflowing water pipes, I urged her to hurry up so we can go home free. The sun was already setting, and the storm was artificially programmed by the invisible sadistic deity.
    >We tried searching the labs and the art rooms and nothing shows up. We then tried the rooms closest to the stairs on our right, again nothing, but we did encounter the vending machines Galil was looking for. Team Germany is still sweeping around near the staff lounge and varsity rooms, so they are close. Team Spain is down to only one member left, possibly hiding behind the vending machine readying to ambush. Just as Galil was finished drinking a soda can and down to roughly three minutes left, I shouted to her "Enemy infantry spotted!", but it was already too late and I almost took a blow from the attacker as well. As soon as Ameli ring out the shots, Team Germany immediately rushes towards our presence, with just M16A1 and me running straight upstairs. I tried firing back twice with a compact pistol in hopes of landing a blow to steal a kill in revenge of Galil and surely enough I done it before the last team showed up to the scene of the attack. I do believe the two German girls are the ones I soon recognize from my earliest days when I met them, one blonde-haired woman and one brown-haired woman, both with short, curly hair, possibly the Windsors, both sporting H&K assault rifles.
    >They eventually notice the trail of bullets we left behind and knew where we would be, so they too walk upstairs only for the timer to run out and the rain at its heaviest with lightning getting closer. The water starts rising from the basement floor; we are just huddling around together near the physical science room, possibly as the Team Germany spawn point. M16A1 was spotted and fought very hard with the two remaining Germans on her own, out of ammo and forced into using an airsoft grenade launcher on one. One bold move from M16A1 takes out the one with the HK-416, but taken down in vengeance shortly after. The water level quickly reaches the floor where we mostly spent our time there, leaving just Leanne and me in a standoff. I still have six rounds of the compact pistol, so I fired off all remaining six onto her, two of which hitting her in the chest and hip, leaving her with around 30 mood points, the rest fizzled into the air. She hit me back immediately afterward with a three-round burst, and surely the last burst from her G41, leaving me down to just under 20 mood points. Both dropped our primary weapons and began meleeing to incapacitation, with me attempting to swing the yardstick, but she grabbed the other end of it and yanked off me. I stumble a bit from the recent airsoft pain on my upper chest, feeling a great shock by the second.
    >I try tackling her, and sure enough, she went down with a thump, dropping the yardstick. I manage to grab it, but she then tries to get up and tries to grab it too, still keeping her weak, playful smile knowing she is going to win. Both of us are down to around 15 mood points, the water level almost reaches up to the stairways, the windows begin to crack under pressure, and I hurry myself to find my way to the roof of the school, drenched in the rain in the evening sky. Leanne pursues me as well, occasionally speaking German along the way to make me come back here. 20 minutes into the match, the water level consumed all three floors, and I find myself a few steps from being taken away by the rising water or being pummeled down by my opponent. She too feels drenched into the rain, we taken a -5 debuff from being "soaked", exhausted and possibly very hungry and smelly. I take the liberty of allowing myself one last move and poke her into the water after a bit of dialogue exchange.
    >My sadness has already reached the limit, the match ended at last and the weather within several hours return to normal, along with the lot replacement, yet the dream ended as soon as I see my last opponent plunging into the flooded water.
  • Tang 02-08-2019, 05:53 PM
    had a really weird dream i died and then i woke up in a weird house full of statues of creepy things and full of red and green lights and then a woman took me upstairs to meet with charles bronson
  • Tang 02-23-2019, 06:26 PM
    just had a dream there was a disembodied hand moving in my bedroom's door
  • Loko 02-24-2019, 01:53 AM
    I had a dream I was friends again with the people I no longer am friends with. I meet people with faces that I can't remember, and I meet my cousin's fiancée. Her mother looks like older, but Asian. There were old people, probably my grandfather. One of them dies and I wake up.
  • All in One 02-24-2019, 03:06 AM
    I had a usual weird dream that got more interesting when I went into a coma and woke up after two years. After I woke up I was living in a house with a friend and people I didn't know.
  • Loko 02-25-2019, 08:00 AM
    My friend died from cancer and I kept crying.
  • Tang 03-05-2019, 06:45 PM
    just had a dream i killed a kid and cut him to pieces, it was really fucked up
  • malmon 05-15-2019, 05:30 AM
    I dreamt that the Queen and king of Sweden showed up at my door, which I answered wearing only underwear and with a mouth full of food.

    I unfortunately woke up rather soon after that one started
  • Yuu 05-15-2019, 01:16 PM
    I had a weird drunken dream that I pissed on my TV. Weird.
  • LucianDreamer 05-24-2019, 06:54 AM (Edited 05-24-2019, 06:55 AM)
    My dear Lord, I just met a young, nearly ageless teenage Chaser girl who impaled me almost vertically on the back years ago, the same one that I shoved her away and stole her black spear for a moment against some of her friends decided to become my second Tulpa, named Tempesta. What I didn't realize was that she's one of the many envoys of the Chaser homeworld, a Wind Princess while I was conversing with my dream guide Tsutsumi about karma management with chakras. She was so sorry for what she did, perhaps she didn't realize how much she really cared for me, especially after the brief fight with seven of her eleven members in a flashback, she felt of cried a little and stood back to the rear of her group so she can't be hit. When I went down in great pain to drop her spear, she took it back and ran off to the dropship, never to be seen again for a long time, until now. She can even speak German too, but only when she's mad, though unlikely.

    She declared her love for me with a kiss and stroke on the cheek; she will fight alongside me together against the ones that enslaved her, the STORM Union. Tsutsumi even let her share the dojo's only twin bed for sleep. Then the dream died out after about a half-hour. Those beautiful green eyes of hers, I can't help but longing to gaze at her again, even more so with her holding that wicked spear. It is possible for a Tulpa to fight alongside you if you think deeply about it when making one. She has a "wonderland dimension" that is an infinite striped monochromatic grid with a blank sky, where sound is amplified similar to an indoor school gym.

    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f...672e706e67]
  • GlassMoon 05-30-2019, 11:13 AM
    Last night I dreamed that Flandre was my little sister (making me Remilia I guess? though I was just a dude) and that we were horny as shit. Good dream!

    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f...6e2e6a7067]
  • Loko 05-31-2019, 05:14 AM
    I was dreaming about driving across the highway to get to a fountain drink machine.
  • LucianDreamer 07-23-2019, 03:46 AM
    I never had operational surgery in life, but last night came like this in post-apocalyptic New Commonwealth, don't know exactly where I ended up. When I wake to the dream scene, I'm already strapped tight into the makeshift chair with a Medic and Scout, both on the blue side. We are in blue territory according to the U.S. map in the operation room. I immediately complain to the doctor, aged in his fifties that I'm too light for this, but he exclaims that I have stepped into the wrong situation and takes out his clipboard describing my condition. I said to him that I have autism but did not give him exact specifics, I felt very tense from the feeling of being trapped and my body cannot move freely. The doctor reassures me that my previous "medical exams" were decent enough I'm weirdly eligible for the transformation.

    When he goes on to explain the transformation process, two American girls without their ship parts on came bursting into the room with two more patients that are unconfirmed on the same side. They’re both male from the recent fighting but are of Boston heritage, so I assume that I'm around the Boston area which were already bombed to pieces but by whom, no one knows. The doctor tells the girls to bring the two victims opposite from me as they are already in critical condition. Strangely, I am not one of these people, why he needed me anyway out of the white ambulance. The lighting does not seem to appeal much to soothe me either, so it was semi-dark. I then ask him who are the two girls, he named both of them after the states from which they were born from, possibly the Maryland and Pennsylvania. Right after the two patients were laid there, they noticed my dark blue shirt apart from the light blue uniforms and mistaken me for a first casualty.

    The Scout tells me if I want to feel better, I have to be running fast just like him, and I used to running before so I told him that I'm used to do smaller cross-country runs before, so this should be a breeze, which piques him. He has left an aluminum baseball bat out on the ER door leaning a bit and a small rusty shotgun, but why leaving those two dangerous weapons in a hospital room? Was it an ongoing faction war with martial law in place? I explained one more time to the doctor of the situation I'm in, he said that some bigger force must've got angered at the Americans and dropped the bombs on them in the first place, long before that came the invention of vaults. Good to know that I'm inside a vault in time to be safe, but a moment later I have to be sedated so that the transformation process goes smoothly. The Medic tells the Scout to get ready for the next session in like ten minutes via Allegheny National Park on our own rotation. The two patients are too crippled to continue their careers and have to sit out for two sessions in the season.

    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f692e70696e696d672e636f6d...322e6a7067]
    The approximate location of where our first rotation match starts.

    The last session these people were in didn't do them too good and my mind is still racing with thoughts, I can't be sedated that easily because I'm a bit unstable so I might wind up opening my eyes too soon after the operation started on me. I told him to stop what he's doing and he got a bit furious so he just did what he's trying to do in an emergency: sedate me again. This time I felt unusually calmer and he calms down a bit so he can continue with the transmogrification. This is exactly the same scene where the Red doctor performs a rushed surgery on his friend, the Red Heavy. Just like that, my heart rate supposedly calm and regulated now accelerating to near dangerous levels as if adding in a surge of new energy to rid me of my heart disease, and then the machine stops, bringing my heart rate back to around 65 BPM. The doctor then tells me to open my eyes now and find out that I felt many times better than I used to.

    I did as he told and now I have to change my clothing to match that of the light blue color the two victims were, so he showed me the changing room in an unusual wing of the semi-bombed hospital. There is an onboard computer to my right and a detailed map in a deep blue color of the entire continental U.S. with fully detailed images of session maps on live camera. Unsurprisingly, the pictures do look a bit gloomy for such an era the Americans are in, the feeling of being abandoned and hopelessness. The doctor mentioned the map name 'Allegheny Forest', or to be precise, Blood Harvest and said that we have to be ready in a few minutes. I didn't forget the two weapons laid there back in the ER room so I changed the clothes, run back to grab what's needed, the Scout near the doctor exclaimed at my newfound speed, though not quite as fast as him but certainly an improvement. The doctor then turns to the two patients simply to do repair surgeries on their wounds, whilst the Maryland and Pennsylvania is coming with me with their own weaponry out of their hammerspace and followed to where I am in back at the changing room with the huge map already in display.

    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f636c69706172742e7770626c...362e706e67]
    This is what the onboard computer's screen approximately looks like.

    With only 2 minutes to go before our rotation session starts, the two girls have a little conversation with me that I'm not familiar with the current wartime situation but they have my back in case. Another American girl then came into the scene 15 seconds later, Virginia, forming a party of four but it isn't enough to form a decent team size. I am expecting an 8 by 8 matchup and its likely going to be a Domination one with only a 10-minute timer. After that match in the rotation, we go on for a Cart Escort Duty or CED as the American shipgirls call it in Long Island; we will bring our shiny big blue cart to destroy an enemy warehouse, again with 10 minutes with extra time added per stage. Lastly, we will do a team elimination where the last team with more members alive wins, and only seven minutes short in a ruined Germantown Penitentiary. Other live matches in the lobby U.S. map already running are a regular team deathmatch in San Francisco area, a CTF in Atlanta, a Turf War in Lexington, and possibly a train route going from Boise to Olympia already halfway done. The whole country in shambles is literally an arena within itself, but what of Alaska and Hawaii?

    Unfortunately when the countdown timer with the announcer in the background-hitting zero, I snapped awake in a cliffhanger moment after a very long nap and nearly missed my breakfast.
  • LucianDreamer 12-30-2019, 04:46 AM
    A long while has passed since the above dream I had, I ended up in some serious shit with some of Gensokyo's inhabitants once again, this time I'm in it.

    >A few nights ago, I have woken up feeling very strange, disoriented and when I came to, I was surrounded by a bunch of small children, fairies I meant. They're only the typical height of a very small child. They seem to like they want to know what's going on with an unusual person as myself suddenly being in their presence. Without even trying to get up and delaying the response, I keep trying to orient myself so I won't lose focus, as if I was dying from overexerting. I was only wearing casual clothing, so I won't be too conspicuous.

    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f65787465726e616c2d707265...3830396363]

    >A minute or so went by, I now see six more silhouettes coming straight to my position, just as tall as I am, the smaller fairies that gathered around me dispersed, what I now see is they're carrying outdated Japanese rifles, the same ones Japanese soldiers used them a long time ago. The six bigger fairies don't have rifles on them, and just as they are within conversation distance, I suddenly open my eyes, my heart beating very quick, and I start bolting across what seems to be a thick forest on a very long trail. They are much faster than I am and in hot pursuit, yelling purely in Japanese trying to halt my movement, still not knowing why I end up here.

    >I manage to get my bearings and found myself near a sign that would help me get closer to the human village and warn them of an impending invasion. Rather than going directly in the path of the village, I take a long detour in the opposite direction trying my hardest in losing them one by one from behind. One of the faster variety fairies leap up to my head full of thick hair, but I shake them off vigorously and just kept on running, doing zig-zags right towards the thick canopy ahead. The fairies somehow know that area and attempt to use flight to speed past my sides as a means of setting up blockages. As soon as they did, I turn around slightly and try to look for an alternative route, repeating as many times as necessary.

    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f63646e612e61727473746174...3b646c3d31]

    >Another minute passes, and I come across another section of the forest with large green rings. Some of them are along the path and I would treat it as hula-hoop traps to get out of the way. It was daylight, but the sun is going down, and I still have some oxygen to keep going a little bit longer, as I'm used to some cross-country racing. Some more intense moments pass and I now found myself almost on the right path this time, just a couple of kilometers away and finally lost them, for a brief while. I haven't ran like that since ages. As I begin walking around more of this strange part of the same forest, I still hear some of my fairy pursuers complaining about where I was and start doing a search pattern in a 2x2 formation, if they can't find me by sundown, they'll give up their search.

    >In the meantime, I use this opportunity to track down the village by looking out for a clearing with a good enough view of the sky. Being alone and probably close to being hungry for food because of my running, I take a jogging pace to catch up my breath whilst being careful to avoid any natural obstacles or wild animals in my vicinity. As the sun continues to set on the horizon, they only have a few more minutes to find me again and inform their troupe of my location. I finally manage to get out of that thick forest and appear in a giant rolling hill overlooking most of Gensokyo, and I can clearly see the village, I waste no time sprinting downhill like a beast in reaching my destination, with Touhou-esque suspense music still playing in the background.

    [Image: 687474703a2f2f626c61636b2d726562656c6c69...672e6a7067]

    >The village I arrived doesn't look the same anymore, but a whole different level of constructive creativity, as if it had survived numerous incidents before and rebuilt like never before. I walk like a normal person looking towards a large gong somewhere that might interrupt the normal flow and get everyone's attention that I have returned but before I can make the statement about it, the ringing of the gong is so loud, the dream becomes blurry in a second and I am briefly up. However, the dream quickly takes me back for another scene somewhere else but in the same realm, and far enough into the future when our technology eventually surpasses their overall magical output by a narrow margin. I only get to see a bit of the contention from one of those negotiations inside the Hakurei Shrine as an observer, the second dream didn't last that long.

    >As if by then the same inhabitants of Gensokyo over the years realize that they need our technology as a means to supplement their waning magical capabilities, we provided them after a long series of tried and failed negotiations with the shrine maiden Reimu, who happens to be alive since the last time she was horribly defeated. 

    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f73312e7a65726f6368616e2e...392e6a7067]

    Above: 30 years since the fall of Lucia, our technology would have surpassed most inhabitant's magical strengths, mandating prominent people such as Reimu to have this as a means to power their magic infused in our seventh-generation battle suits, making her the first Touhou shipgirl in existence, debuting the RX-0-HR. Finally, Gensokyo is slowly beginning to accept the modern ways brought by humans.
  • Backlash 03-05-2020, 01:14 AM
    Aside from the constant hallucinating associated with migraines and insomnia, I had the most terrible dream honestly, where someone I love got very, very ill. I recall sleepless nights sobbing by their bedside, and feeling their fingerbones as I held their withered hand. Thank goodness they got better, or else I might've felt abosolutely crushed when I woke up.

    I need you, Max. Please, don't go....

    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f...422e6a7067]
  • Backlash 06-03-2020, 09:11 AM
    I recently had this pleasantly surreal dream where I appeared as a chibi and flew around one of the people I'm fondest of. Also, I said uwu, a lot. No regrets. x3

    It was honestly great. It's comforting, to be someone's property, and I felt like his real-life plushie. I won't name names, but he knows who he is. ^~^

    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f...6d2e706e67]
  • Tang 07-16-2020, 06:07 PM
    last night i had a dream i died than i told the people i know about it but none of them cared ._.
  • LucianDreamer 07-16-2020, 06:48 PM
    (07-16-2020, 06:07 PM)Tang Wrote: last night i had a dream i died than i told the people i know about it but none of them cared ._.

    You automatically wake up from your dream if your dream self perishes, and in dreams, the perception of death is entirely different.
  • Tang 07-16-2020, 08:14 PM
    it isn't the first time i dreamt i died
  • Angel 07-28-2020, 09:07 PM
    Last dream was neat. Was like the height of a mug and adventures a giant world
  • LucianDreamer 07-31-2020, 04:07 AM
    Somehow, it was only a harrowing first two full days of me replaying the same old favorite game again reliving these memories, and that experience of me documenting the slow integration of 2D and 3D manage to sear into my brain. Even just laying down on my bed is somewhat arousing enough as if my brain anticipates the darker side of dreams. Anyways, I somehow end up transported to the San Andreas State but in the countryside, somewhere in Red County near a familiar barn overlooking an enlarged area of water. The water is very crystal clear, the night sky is so dark I can barely see anything other than the familiar yellow lights inside. Yet that barn tells me a much different story with smoke coming out of it, the hay stacks being tossed about, and wrecks of war machines. The U.S. Military was already on the scene numbering in the hundreds trying to defend this production site for the villagers and far back south to Los Santos. I sense an imminent wave of 2D characters coming from the northwest hills.

    I assume it would be around Day 45, a few weeks into the future in my modded playthrough. As I am gathering my thoughts and realize I'm only a 3D civilian, young, somewhat cowardly, and very law-abiding. Of course, knowing that it takes only a couple of scratches or a simple run over to make me dead, I heard one Rhino came too close to where I was laying and he got out, not mistaking me for a civilian and told me of the situation before telling me to leave the danger zone without question. I did, and started walking east to nearby Blueberry, a renovated town that's being converted into a small base for the U.S. Military. After a bit of what used to be familiar for SA:MP players to RP, I heeded their directions to go hide in a restaurant and don't leave until the coast is clear. Easy as pie, knowing that interiors are placed sky high, I go right in.

    Next moment I knew, the skirmish at Blueberry Acres way down at ground zero has begun, but in just under a minute, the military forces were already overwhelmed with sheer magical firepower and numbers. They then set up their own forward outpost where the wrecks stood within a matter of minutes, they're extremely efficient in taking over land space, and that worries me. Their next target is definitely Blueberry, just a tiny bit of drive away or a few minutes of slow marching. I was already deep inside some pizza interior ordering a full rack when a cutscene just triggered their arrival with the intent of bringing in total destruction. At least the two pizza workers won't mind me taking cover, M37 in hand already loaded. A minute later, since I appear to be the only customer in their restaurant, they don't seem interested in taking me out just yet, as they're too busy.

    When I do try calmly to walk out, putting away the gun in time as I exit the door and exit the interior heaven, the town's already being leveled save for the restaurant. Being an innocent civilian with no absolute intent on harming anime girls, I can see dozens of wrecked vehicles, an almost wrecked plane faking an engine explosion just north of me and so forth. Right next to me is a Barracks OL with a damaged front engine almost about ready to catch fire with a bunch of dead soldiers. A grim look on my face makes me think, "Should I just start shooting now or go back in?" I head right back in, the same two pizza workers are there, as usual. I went back into cover and get ready for them. Seconds later, another cutscene is triggered with a group of anime girls begins investigating the military truck, they set a landmine in order to catch me in the explosion and set up sentries on both sides of the restaurant. Two of them then decide to go check out that restaurant and order some food. As soon as they come in, I immediately yelled but not in my own voice, but that of CJ: "Hey, I'm in a really bad mood, already!" but the gun turned out weak and did very little harm to them. They immediately called for backup knowing I just injured at least one of them. The pizza workers instantly use their own shotguns and helped me resist their attacks by whittling down their large health pools. Unfortunately, the pizza workers were wiped out and I immediately attempt to resuscitate them whilst they reload their guns, but with no luck.

    Just before they start firing again ensuring my quick demise, I manage to get into mind control mode once again to stop their movements, and somehow they become easily confused with my willpower. Using the time I have, I bolted out of the interior to ground zero, and run like hell to the plane, using a nearby repair kit to get into work even though I never used it, whilst shouting "It's on, now!" Then I start firing up the plane just as I receive a missile warning sound that it is coming for me. I decided to fake taking off and just get out of it so I let the missile eat that plane, destroying it. With a way out northeast of me, I got in a old jeep and started heading for another village to hide, but seeing the tire tracks they saw, a roadblock prevented me from doing so and I have to get behind some cover, grabbed some poor dead old man's country rifle and began downing four young teenage seifuku girls. I shouted again in his voice, "Now calling a bitch, bitch!" I then get back in the jeep and use the surroundings to my advantage and then arriving at the unnamed village ahead of me that wasn't taken over yet. I then decided to take a rest for the remainder of the night and ended that little shenanigan play from there.

    I don't really think anime girls would like me cosplaying as a Male01 version of CJ, how racist.

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