Cybersecurity Challenges/CTFs - Discussions, Writeups, Fun

  • Dontmindme 03-26-2021, 05:27 AM
    Hello there,

    Might or might not be the right section. Move as you see fit.

    I studied cybersecurity in uni, and I quite like puzzles. As such I got into doing CTF/Cybersecurity challenges, and I've been wondering if you guys also did?
    It might be interesting if you do to have a thread to discuss challenges and writeups, or to introduce newcomers to the fun games!

    I am personally on:, was introduced to it in uni;, been introduced to it at work recently, so not much done there.

    Another good platform is, which seems to be more advanced in general, but other discussions are welcome (for example crackmes,, careful of malware there) or other related topics you can think of. I can also think of which is also great, did some of them.

    I have some writeups myself on a personal blog or unpublished, which I can share if there is interest. For example I did a writeup on the following challenge which was posted on chans. I personally found it on lainchan, and while I couldn't finish it (missing last or last two steps) had a lot of fun working on it. I'll probably revisit it to finish it. I'm posting it here so you can try it and have fun. If you have trouble with it, look up various CTF writeups or tackle some challenges on Root-me or TryHackMe first and try it again. Or of course, ask here ;)

    Here is the challenge: 

    Quote:There are 10 steps to the puzzle. It starts very simple but gets more complex with each step. Each step will give you information to discover the next step. Some knowledge of steganography, encryption, and ciphers will help. I apologize in advance for the difficulty of step 9 - it’s driven some people to insanity - but it can be solved, I promise. If you would like to enter The Wired your first step is… hsvvrp.zjsvzlsfo.paola.lluayhjlp..pzy.bolyl.

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Cybersecurity Challenges/CTFs - Discussions, Writeups, Fun