Abyssal Fleet Event 3

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    This thread is dedicated to Kancolle's RP Events involving shipgirls. Here's how this works, you choose a side as the IJN or the Abyssals, then you must draft your shipgirl, and choose her ship class from a total of six available:

    Battleship - Very high health, strong attack and defense, slowest speed, uses up resources very quickly, cannot evade easily
    Carrier - Can deploy planes, mediocre attack and defense, about as slow as the battleship class, dislikes night battles and putting themselves in danger if forced to engage
    Destroyer - The only class that sees better at night, very agile, cheapest to maintain, very conservative in resources. They're also excellent at torpedoing and depth charges, but they have mediocre health
    Cruiser - Well-balanced class, very fuel-efficient, lacking the high stamina and health from the upper classes
    Submarine - Can dive and re-surface, if they go too deep they'll suffocate, can hide from radar and sonar, their torpedoes are devastating against ships, limited health and weak defenses
    PT Boat - The fastest class, can close in on the enemy or evade easily, has the lowest health, attack, and defense

    You can have up to 6 shipgirls per fleet, up to a maximum of 4 fleets under your command, making it 24.
    A minimum of 1 fleet with full capacity is the only requirement to participate in the event.
    We will be doing a 5 vs. 5 team deathmatch around the west Pacific, the first team to win 3 rounds wins the whole event. Winning a round means the whole team must work together to sink the other team by destroying all their fleets. Repairs, refueling and rearming are only done between rounds, and if both teams reach the limit needed to win, the surviving admirals of both teams will duel each other in a bonus round.

    Alas, the realism of this event is the compass mechanism, time of day, and weather conditions, so keep that in mind.
    Deployment will not begin until July 31, starting at 08:00 UTC-4 (21:00 in the West Pacific).
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    You may now start drafting shipgirls; the deadline is not until the stated date from above post. I'm still working on mine now.
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    I've got the makeup of my fleet pretty much down-pat, now I've just gotta find visual references for them. :3

    This is gonna be fun! :D
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    [Image: 687474703a2f2f696d6731312e64657669616e74...632e6a7067]


    FROM: Cordelia Thompson, President of the United Socialist States of North America
    TO: Lucia Konohana, Princess of Lucia

    If I'm reading this right, we'd love to partake in a little war game! To represent our country in the event, I've chosen to dispatch the North American 9th Fleet. It is a well-rounded, combined-arms battlegroup with an emphasis on aircraft and powerful cannon. I'm sure they'll prove to be an worthy challenge for Lucian vessels.

    In the interest of mutual enrichment, we have chosen to side with the Abyssals. The task force shall be led by one Rear Admiral Ivy Taylor, callsign @Backlash

    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f63646e2e6177776e692e6d65...632e6a7067]

    Currently, the Admiral and her fleet are awaiting other countries' acceptance of the invitation. Given that, I'd reckon they'd arrive by the following week. Good day, Miss Konohana.

    - Cordelia

    [spoiler="Fleet Composition"]~*FLEET COMPOSITION*~

    Task Force Red - CV CV CV DD CL SS
    NAS Yorktown (CV-5) - Yorktown Class Carrier
    NAS Enterprise (CV-6) - Yorktown Class Carrier
    NAS Saratoga (CV-3) - Lexington Class Carrier
    NAS Chevalier (DD-451) - Fletcher Class Destroyer
    NAS Dallas (CL-61) - Atlanta Class Anti-Air Cruiser
    NAS Albacore (SS-218) - Gato Class Submarine

    Task Force Blue - CV CV CVL DD CL SS
    NAS Lincoln (CV-7) - Lexington Class Carrier
    NAS Hornet (CV-8) - Yorktown Class Carrier
    RPS Hermes - CVL - Hermes Class Light Carrier
    NAS Jenkins (DD-698) - Allen M. Sumner Class Advanced Destroyer
    NAS Atlanta (CL-51) - Atlanta Class Anti-Air Cruiser
    NAS Angler (SS-240) - Gato Class Submarine

    Task Force Gold - BB BB BB CA DD DD
    NAS Redwood (BB-61) - Iowa Class Fast Battleship
    NAS New Jersey (BB-62) - Iowa Class Fast Battleship
    RPS Thunderer - BB - George V Class Battleship
    NAS Nunavut (CA-33) - Northampton Class Heavy Cruiser
    NAS Shaw (DD-373) - Fletcher Class Destroyer
    NAS Conway (DD-507) - Fletcher Class Destroyer

    Task Force Green - CB CB CL DD CA CA
    NAS Alaska (CB-1) - Alaska Class Battlecruiser
    NAS Hawai'i (CB-2) - Alaska Class Battlecruiser
    NAS Los Angeles  (CL-67) - Atlanta Class Anti-Air Cruiser
    NAS Marigold (DD-705) - Allen M. Sumner Class Advanced Destroyer
    NAS Lakotah (CA-34) - Northampton Class Heavy Cruiser
    NAS Shoshone (CA-32) - Northampton Class Heavy Cruiser

    Newly constructed vessels:
    NAS Maddox (DD-731) - Allen M. Sumner Class Advanced Destroyer
    NAS Blue (DD-744) - Fletcher Class Destroyer
    RPS Black Princess - CL - Dido Class Anti-Air Cruiser


    [spoiler="An Incomplete Ship Database"]~*AN INCOMPLETE SHIP DATABASE*~
    "Yorktown, reporting!"
    "Heya admiral! Name's Enterprise, but everyone calls me 'Big E'. Don't ask, 'cuz I don't know."
    "Admiral, have I ever told you the meaning of 'Peace through superior firepower'? ... Saratoga, nice ta meetcha."
    "Have at thee, villain! I-... Oh, admiral! Chevalier here, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance!"
    "Howdy stud, name's Dallas. What can I do ya for?"
    "Albacore here. Poor saps won't even know what hit 'em."

    "NAS Lincoln. I'm here."
    "Hornet here, let's crack some heads!"
    "RPS Hermes, on station! Come on loves, let's show these wankers a thing or two."
    "It's a bright and beautiful day admiral, so let's make the most of it! Jenkins, at your command!"
    "Atlanta here. G'head, sugar."
    "Good scout's the one you don't see. Angler here."

    "Bringin' out the big guns! Redwood, on station!"
    "New Jersey on station. Hun, there's a reason they call me 'The Big Stick'."
    "'Tis a fine day for sailing, admiral. Riselian People's battleship Thunderer, at your service!"
    "Nunavut here. C'mon ma'am, don't keep me waiting..."
    "Y'know what they say, admiral: Si vis pacem, para bellum. I'm Shaw, by the way."
    "This is the Conway! Go ahead ma'am, just lemme mark my page."

    "Battlecruiser Alaska, pride of the People's Navy! It's an honor to serve you, admiral!"
    "Aloha, admiral! Battlecruiser Hawai'i here, ready to rock 'n roll!"
    "Born in 'Jersey, raised in SoCal! Los Angeles here, ain't nothin's gettin' past my guns!"
    "Name's Marigold, but you can call me Mari. Nice to have ya on board, admiral."
    "Lakotah reporting. Sonar's clear, ma'am."
    "Takes a lickin', keeps on tickin'! Heavy Cruiser Shoshone, go ahead ma'am."

    [Black Princess]



    Hedgehog Depth Charge Projector - Deadly munition delivery system that allows destroyers to engage subs from a far distance. Comparable to the Type 3.
    VT Fuse Shells - These anti-aircraft shells incorporate the top secret VT Fuse. Increases effectiveness against all types of aircraft, especially kamikazes.

    TBF Avenger - Heavily-armored torpedo bomber that debuted during the Battle of Midway. Unique for having two defensive gunners.
    F6F Hellcat (Radar) - Special version of the F6F equipped with an onboard radar. Allows Enterprise to participate in night battles!
    TBF Avenger (Radar) - Special version of the TBF equipped with an onboard radar. Allows Enterprise to participate in night battles!
    SBD Dauntless (Radar) - Special version of the SBD equipped with an onboard radar. Allows Enterprise to participate in night battles!
    F9F Panther - Carrier-based jet fighter designed by U-Country at the very end of the war.

    P-40 Warhawk - Single-engine fighter with good all-around stats.
    P-40 Warhawk Flying Tiger - Ace fighter pilots that volunteered for service in C-Country. Superior skill and engine modifications allow for far greater evasion.
    P-51 Mustang - Extremely maneuverable land-based fighter produced by U-Country. Can dogfight with jets, but has weaker armor.
    P-80 Shooting Star - Land-based jet fighter designed by U-country. Saw heavy action in K-country during the Great Stalemate.

    P-38 Lightning - Twin engine land-based fighter-bomber produced en masse by U-Country. Trades evasion for superior firepower and armor.
    F4U Corsair - Carrier-based attack aircraft that can hold its own in a dogfight. Advanced versions may mount the devastating Tiny Tim rocket.
    P-47 Thunderbolt - Powerful attack fighter manufactured by U-Country. Comparable to the F4U.
    A-24 Banshee - Land-based version of the SBD Dauntless.

    Sea Hurricane - Basic carrier-based fighter manufactured in E-Country. Slow, but very heavily armed.
    Seafire - Highly maneuverable dogfighter manufactured in E-Country.
    Sea Fury - Powerful interceptor manufactured in E-country. Armed to the teeth, and fast enough to engage jets.

    Swordfish - Biplane torpedo bomber that remained in service till the end of the Great War. Famous for sinking G-Country's largest battleship.
    Beaufighter - Sturdy but slow fighter-bomber developed in E-country.
    Mosquito - Ridiculously fast wood-framed fighter-bomber. Effective against all targets, but somewhat fragile.

    LCVP Higgins Boat - Comparable to Daihatsu landing craft.
    LST - A larger landing craft. Often carries vehicles and supplies for the invasion force.

    Abyssal Heavy Tank
    Abyssal Assault Gun
    Abyssal Light Tank

    Abyssal Infantry

    M10 Wolverine Tank Destroyer
    M4 Sherman Medium Tank
    M4 Sherman Firefly
    M3 Stewart Light Tank

    North American Infantry - Springfield Battle Rifle
    North American Infantry - Model 1 Battle Rifle
    North American Infantry - Thompson Sub-Machinegun
    North American Infantry - Model 1918 Automatic Rifle
    North American Infantry - Model 1897 "Trench Gun"
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    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f752e6e79612e69732f6778697064662e706e67]

    Lucia Konohana, Princess of the Imperialist Lucian Empire
    TO: All nations

    "On this very day, the 25th of June, I have formally declared independence from all sovereign nations and established a new empire under my sole imperial authority as first and only Empress of the Rising Sun. I've just received word of an international invite whilst visiting Japan to inspect my team of 24 talented crew members from around the country; they're fully capable of taking on the Abyssals for honor and integrity under leadership of Commander Houki Shinonono. The callsign is @LucianDreamer"

    "By my honor, I personally sided with the IJN, I have just made the dispatch order in full effect, and the crew will depart from Tokyo Bay on schedule to represent Japan. I'll remain standby and wait for other countries as time passes."

    - Lucia Konohana
    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f752e6e79612e69732f6364707a66612e6a7067]

    ~Fleet Composition~

    HIJMS Squadron Ichi (1) BB DD DD CL CL CA
    HIJMS Yamato - Battleship
    HIJMS Shimakaze - Destroyer
    HIJMS Shiratsuyu - Destroyer
    HIJMS Yuubari - Light Cruiser
    HIJMS Isuzu - Light Cruiser
    HIJMS Takao - Heavy Cruiser

    HIJMS Squadron Ni (2) CV CV CV CVL CL SS
    HIJMS Akagi - Aircraft Carrier
    HIJMS Taihou - Aircraft Carrier
    HIJMS Shoukaku - Aircraft Carrier
    HIJMS Zuihou - Light Aircraft Carrier
    HIJMS Yura - Light Cruiser
    HIJMS Goya - Attack Submarine

    HIJMS Squadron San (3) DD BB BB CVL CA CV
    HIJMS Uzuki - Destroyer
    HIJMS Fusou - Battleship
    HIJMS Nagato - Battleship
    HIJMS Hiyou - Light Aircraft Carrier
    HIJMS Suzuya - Heavy Cruiser
    HIJMS Zuikaku - Aircraft Carrier

    HIJMS Squadron Yon (4) BB DD CVL DD DD CL
    HIJMS Ise - Battleship
    HIJMS Ushio - Destroyer
    HIJMS Ryuujou - Light Aircraft Carrier
    HIJMS Fubuki - Destroyer
    HIJMS Akizuki - Destroyer
    HIJMS Noshiro - Light Cruiser

    "I am Yamato, the first class of Battleships and heading forth!"
    "I'm Shimakaze, the destroyer of all manner of ships, and I run as fast as the fastest human!"
    "My firepower is yours to command, Admiral! I'm Shiratsuyu!"
    "Bringing total victory in our empire's name, Isuzu is here!"
    "My talents are ready to go, Yuubari at your service!"
    "Preparations are in order, Takao, the toughest cruiser of the bunch, I'm ready to serve!"

    "Leave the battles to me, admiral! I'm Akagi, the aircraft carrier of this division!"
    "I'm the toughest aircraft carrier to beat, thanks for your reception, ma'am! This is Taihou on station!"
    "Shoukaku and Zuikaku bringing victory in the name of the Rising Sun as a duo!"
    "I'm here with you, Admiral, this is the 4th ship of Nagara-class named Yura."
    "Hey, I'm no melon of bitterness, but I was the one who sank the Indianapolis that one time. Anyways, Goya from beneath the sea is here."

    "U-Chan here, pyon, teehee!"
    "I'm Fusou, one of two super-dreadnoughts and elder sister of Yamashiro to bring raw power right under our enemies' feet!"
    "I won't give myself in to new cadets; I'm Nagato, pleased to meet you."
    "What took me too long to be here!? Uggh, never mind, name's Hiyou. A fine day to meet you."
    "Oh, it's you! What's up, admiral? Suzuya here, third ship of Mogami-class of heavy cruisers."

    "I'm the Super-dreadnought Ise; I'm looking forward to assist with my sheer firepower and armor alongside you!"
    "I'm the destroyer specialist Ushio, p-pleased to meet you, admiral!"
    "Count me in on this anniversary, Ryuujou, the fastest light aircraft carrier to have on your division at your command!"
    "First Special Destroyer named Fubuki ready to go, admiral!"
    "I'm Akizuki, your AA destroyer here. Leave the enemy planes over to me."
    "And I'm the last to show up, name's Noshiro, second Agano-class light cruiser reporting in!"

    Aichi B7A Ryusei 'Grace' - Known as 'Shooting Star' to the Japanese, only 114 were produced, and despite being a bit heavier than its sister, the A6M Zero, the Ryusei bested her by around 1944 when it saw action launched from the Taihou in the Philippines in early summer, but not enough were dispatched in time before she sunk. A similar fate happened five months later with the Shinano being sunk by a US submarine; she did not survive just after 10 days. After three variants later, the Imperial Japanese Empire stopped working on this rare beauty permanently.
    Aichi D3A 'Val' - Participated in nearly all missions throughout the war, this one is perhaps the most experienced and reliable to have when going up against ships and installations, and has done so many times despite being obsolete, even surpassing its cousin in terms of diving top speed and maneuverability, the Nakajima D3N1.
    Aichi E13A 'Jake' - A recon floatplane favored by most IJN ships, particularly cruisers and seaplane tenders, they are used to scout ahead behind enemy lines, among a wide range of missions. Most notable missions in their service are Coral Sea and Midway.
    Aichi E16A Zuiun 'Paul' - A late WWII version of the 'Jake', the Paul underwent many remodeling designs and like the 'Jake' saw action from 1944 until the end of the war.
    Aichi M6A 'Seiran' - Known as 'Clear Sky Storm', but also known as 'Blue Orchid Star', it's a submarine-based floatplane specifically launched from I-400 class subs, and like its brother Paul, it has seen serious action in the second half of the Pacific Theatre. Sadly, only a couple dozen of them were built, and any that survived so far at the time of surrender had been ordered to scuttle to the abyss.
    Aichi S1A 'Denko' - Night-only fighter plane as a successor to the Nakajima J1N1-S Gekkou (Irving), it was so heavy and there were significant problems to its new design among complications to its development from the war that it was scrapped. Still, it would be a true beauty if it were completed earlier than later.
    Kawanishi Baika - It means 'Ume Blossom', the IJAAS wanted to test out a pulse jet-powered kamikaze type plane, yet it never succeeded because of the Japanese surrender despite the Germans supplying them with the technology needed to produce them. If it were produced, it would be a terrifying sight for the Allies.
    Kawanishi H6K 'Mavis' - Only 215 were built, these giant floatplanes from the 1930's were first seen in the first Sino-Japanese war, and became widely known by around 1942. Its high endurance was notable for 24-hour shifts, and more often used for recon and dive bombing. Notable victories were the Dutch East Indies and a vast majority of Australia, the obvious weaknesses is that they cannot evade easily from late-generation fighters and ships' AA guns.
    Kawanishi H8K 'Emily' - A more powerful version of the flying boat Mavis, the Emily was first used on 4 March 1942 in a second Pearl Harbor attack, but at night. It then later on take on a wide variety of missions from recon, transport and bombing runs throughout the war. It has the most armor out of all the planes, but has greatly reduced top speed, takes a little while to accelerate and like the Mavis, must sustain a lot of incoming fire before closing in.
    Kawanishi J6K Jinpu 'Squall' - Yet another true rare beauty that failed to enter Japanese factories during the war. It's a land-based prototype interceptor. After several tests and having run out of remodeling ideas, it was scrapped. At least they tried their best.
    Kawanishi K-200 - A failed flying boat project that just didn't make it into production when the war ended, supposedly to replace the other flying boats, but it was terminated by the IJAAS at the time of surrender.
    Kawanishi N1K Kyofu 'Rex' - A floatplane fighter along with its brother N1K-J 'George', both have a rivalry in what would be the best land-based fighters flown at the time from their heavy ordinance, and their 'mercury switch' unlike that of the Zero gives them the ability to dogfight F6F Hellcats, F4U Corsairs, and P-51 Mustangs. They are very effective against such planes, especially in the hands of ace pilots, even capable of going solo versus as many as twelve enemy planes at a time without fail. Over a thousand were produced, and were used most notably in Taiwan, Philippines and Okinawa.
    Kawanishi N1K-J Shiden 'George' - Known as the best land-based IJAAS fighter plane of all-time, and well known for its rivalry with the fabled American Hellcats, like its brother plane Rex, they are effective at going after F6F Hellcats, F4U Corsairs, and P-51 Mustangs. About 1,400 of these were produced, they can go as far as 1,450 km before having to refuel, can climb up to six kilometers from sea level, and has a top speed of 581 km/h.
    Kawasaki Ki-100 - Nearly 400 are built, and no certified Allied linguistic name given to them ever since, this is a Type 5 Goshikisen with a sophisticated Mitsubishi radial engine is what makes them really shine as an interceptor, especially in the last few months of the war against Boeing B-29 Superfortresses and carrier-based fighters. They are capable of competing with the latest Allied planes, such as the P-51D Mustang, and the P-47N Thunderbolt. After the bombing of Kagamigahara, production has ceased.
    Kawasaki Ki-102 'Randy' - With just 238 of them entered into production late in the war, this is another rare type of fighter, and one eligible to participate in night battles. It didn't get much attention among Japanese pilot fanatics, particularly in the Okinawa phase. It then went on for three more variants that makes them extraordinary rarest.
    Kawasaki Ki-108 - A turbo supercharged prototype version based off the Ki-102, the Ki-108 was going to be a heavy interceptor that did not reach its final stages due to budget shortages. Extremely rare, that if it were officially finalized, this plane would certainly replace the Ki-102 and all heavy fighter planes, making it the most powerful heavy-hitter in the Pacific Theatre ever to date.
    Kawasaki Ki-45 Toryu 'Nick' - Inspired by the German Messerschmitt Bf 110 among others, it is a twin-engine, two-seater versatile support plane with many roles, they caused a lot of destruction and very morale damaging to the Allies in many ways, both as a fighter and as a bomber. At one point in 1945, it was about to be replaced by Ki-102, after the war, three units are taken by the Chinese, and unfortunately, just one survived up to the present. At the time of production, about 1,700 of them were built.
    Kawasaki Ki-48 Sokei 'Lily' - A twin-engine light bomber, at roughly 2,000 units produced, known for its high-speed dive-bombing techniques and its aerobatic moves, and inspired by the Soviet Tupulov SB model, it first served in China in late 1940, effectively replacing the Ki-32. It then went on in several missions from Philippines, Malaya, Burma, New Guinea, Solomon, and Dutch East Indies. Once the Pacific Theatre hits the Okinawa phase, all were converted to kamikazes; some go as far as to have Ki-148 guided missiles, and at the very end of the war, they flew in 20 sorties against the Soviets on 14 August 1945. This model so far has the highest survival rate.
    Kawasaki Ki-60 - While most IJN aircraft prefer air-cooled radial engines, this odd one stands out among the rest uses a liquid-cooled V12 one. It did had a first flight test in March 1941, and only three of these were produced. It was going to be a heavy-hitter class of fighters, but it was scrapped later that same year.
    Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien 'Tony' - This Type 3 'Flying Swallow' interceptor fighter made its first flight around the time of Pearl Harbor, it was easily mistaken for a German Bf 109 during Doolittle Raid, and were involved in some major battles like New Guinea, the bombing of Wewak, Okinawa, and a few others.
    Kawasaki Ki-64 'Rob' - Another extremely rare heavy one-seater fighter plane that only went five flights from 1943-44 before it caught fire in its rear engine, thus cancelling the project. It was then never seen again in favor of other projects.
    Kawasaki Ki-78 'Mandy' - An extremely rare prototype research plane built specifically to beat the absolute speed record and for research purposes. It was never used for combat, and had only flown 32 times from 26th December 1942 to 11th January 1944 before the project called for termination due to a need for extensive air-frame remodeling.
    Kawasaki Ki-88 - It's very sad not a single unit of this particular fighter plane was even built, but it did participate in one mock session. Work began in August 1942, but only went far enough into the project that it looks similar to the American P-39 with a top speed of 600 km/h, slightly better than the Ki-61, and as a result, it went discontinued.
    Kawasaki Ki-91 - The Japanese Superfortress was built from May 1943 to around 1944-45, but after an Allied bombing raid over their factory by its rival, the American B-29s; the IJAAS discontinued the Ki-91 in favor of more fighters and interceptors.
    Kawasaki Ki-96 - A supposedly promised prototype heavy fighter from August 1942 to September 1943, only 3 are built, it never entered actual combat, and despite their successes, the Japanese Army wanted to return to making single-seater planes, thus scrapping the project.
    Kyushu J7W 'Shinden' - A unique prototype land-based interceptor as the answer to the B-29's, sadly only two of them is confirmed built within the last days of the war. One such model out of the two survived to this day at the Smithsonian Museum.
    Kyushu K11W Shiragiku 'White Chrysanthemum' - Made by the Kyushu Aircraft Company at roughly 800 units, it's a land-based trainer bomber, in which later converted into a kamikaze where it gained attention during the last months of the war.
    Kyushu Q1W Tokai 'Lorna' - Land-based medium anti-submarine bomber and the first in the world with strong resemblance to the German Junkers Ju 88, proposed by the IJN in September 1942, made its first flight a year later, and then entered actual combat on January 1945. Designed for long distance travel with two low-powered engines, it can stick around for hundreds of kilometers before needing refuel due to their low speed. By around that same period remodel counterparts such as the Q3W1 Nankai are converted into kamikazes and was used in suicide operations.
    Mansyu Ki-98 - The only model that didn't survive deliberately by Japan due to complications from the war during the Harbin bombing run, it was going to be what would become the fourth fastest WWII plane ever made with a possible top speed of 730 km/h, almost surpassing the RAF's Super-Marine Spitfire.
    Mitsubishi A5M 'Claude' - The precursor to the A6M, the carrier-based A5M was considered to be the world's first monoplane shipboard fighter that had a first flight in 4 February 1935, went into service a year later and has since served the empire the entire time. It showed promising performance results that it was first used in 1937 in the Second Sino-Japanese War that bested China in every aspect, fought in some of the most dangerous battles in early 1938 against its Soviet rival, the Polikarkov I-16. After the fated battle of the Coral Sea where their aircraft carrier Shouhou was sunk, all remainder A5Ms were then converted into kamikazes to get their revenge. Not even one survived, but one such model that was disassembled can be found on the sunken ship Fujikawa Maru in Chuuk Lagoon in Micronesia.
    Mitsubishi A6M Zero 'Zeke' - Famous for its very high kill count, long-range capabilities, best handling out of all the planes, and has a very fast top speed. However, its armor is very fragile and is highly vulnerable to AA fire.
    Mitsubishi A7M Reppu 'Sam' - The successor to the Zero beginning in 1942 that had a first flight until 6 May 1944, only ten of them were produced, and are a bit heavier, but still it can reach about 574 km/h and can dogfight up to 12,000 meters, as one ace pilot from Nagoya claimed to be. Yet it has never seen any serious action, and despite the ace pilot's claims regarding top speed, none of the Reppu models have so far attained a max-sustained speed any faster than the American Mustang.
    Mitsubishi F1M 'Pete' - A versatile recon plane that is the last bi-plane of its kind from 1936 to 1944, it can reach 368 km/h, can go for about 1,072 km, and has gained notoriety when they sank the PT-34 on 9 April 1942.
    Mitsubishi G3M Rikko 'Nell' - Land-based heavy carpet bomber from 1935 to the end of the war, commissioned by Admiral Yamamoto, it has seen plenty of action from China to the Pacific Theatre, unprecedented in payload quantity, and the time it takes them to drop its bombs on Chinese and Allied targets is what made them formidable. Given their high-altitude performance, they can evade enemy AA fire with barely a scratch and can take a lot of beating from enemy fighters, much like the A5M, and was succeeded by the G4M. After so many successful sinking attempts and key bombing runs, by 1943 until the time of surrender, they were then used as heavy transports.
    Mitsubishi G4M 'Betty' - The successor to the G3M, and the one linked to Admiral Yamamoto's demise that triggered a huge downside of morale to the Japanese, it is a Type 1 attack bomber, despite its very good range, it didn't have armor plating, making it seem like a weak upgrade to the G3M. Any damage, including infantry fire from the ground can cause them to light up. The only such notable survival attempt was during the Battle of Rennell where a few are able to stay airborne until they return to base with just one working engine.
    Mitsubishi J2M Raiden 'Jack' - The creator of the famous A6M Zero wanted to make the Raiden as a defensive interceptor in response to enemy bombing raids; it has made its debut with a bang in the Philippines Sea battle on June 1944. Its effectiveness was limited by a lack of a turbocharger against B29's, and when the Allies decided to use nighttime bombing on March 1945, it proved useless. 2 of such remodels of the J2M were captured by the US and were used for testing in British-held Malaysia on December 1945 that measured two separate top speeds: 655 and 671 km/h.
    Mitsubishi J8M 'Shūsui' - A very odd looking, but equally creative reverse-engineered prototype rocket-powered interceptor aircraft poetically termed as Autumn Water that bears resemblance to the Messerschmitt Me 163, it was purchased with manufacturer rights from Germany. Knowing that Japan are going to be bombed as a result of the bombing raids all over Germany, seven were built, it went operational on 8 January 1945, only one was tested on 7 July 1945, and it was destroyed on the same day when Toyohiko tried to land but clipped a building after it was stalled mid-air.
    Mitsubishi Ki-15 'Babs' - A dual-purpose light recon/dive-bomber, this one looks fast and competent to take on the Chinese in the Second Sino-Japanese war, made a pre-war flight time record of 51 hours, 17 minutes, 23 seconds from Tokyo to London in 1937, and then converted as kamikazes by 1943. About roughly five hundred Ki-15's were serialized.
    Mitsubishi Ki-109 - Specialized night-only heavy bomber exclusively handling the increased threat of B-29's with a searchlight and a powerful radar.
    Mitsubishi Ki-20 - The heaviest support bomber of the IJAAS to date armed with six gunner positions. Unfortunately, all but one are destroyed in the war as if to prevent the Allies from knowing its existence, with the latter can be viewed at a memorial hall in Tokorozawa, Saitama.
    Mitsubishi Ki-21 'Sally'/'Gwen' - Heavy bomber that first had a flight in December 1936, and has served a lot of battles from China all the way up to the Okinawa phase, incurring heavy losses starting from Khalkhin Gol that continued piling up beyond Pearl Harbor, and by 1942, it quickly became obsolete because it can't keep up with the rapid advancement of Allied technologies. By then, the IJAAF changed up roles for the Ki-21 by employing them in transport and kamikaze missions.
    Mitsubishi Ki-30 'Ann' - Light bomber cantilever monoplane designed to replace the Ki-3 that saw action in the Second Sino-Japanese war. Very devastating with fighter escorts, especially early in the Pacific Theatre and gaining notoriety within the Philippines phase. By late 1942, they are converted into kamikazes and many were deliberately blown up.
    Mitsubishi Ki-46 'Dinah' - Twin-engine recon plane with a two-stage supercharger capable of competing with the Super-Marine Spitfire and P-38 Lightning, and a 90% avoidance rate makes it the first plane almost immune to dogfighting at the time. First casualty eventually came around late 1942 over New Guinea territory by a P-38 Lightning, and a second by a Spitfire two years later on 25 September 1944. By 1944-45, it was converted into interceptors to fight off the B-29s. Several of these throughout the war had been captured by the Allies for routine tests to this day.
    Mitsubishi Ki-51 'Sonia' - A light dive-bomber first flown in mid-1939 made its first major involvement in the combined China-Burma-India phase, it was capable of sinking the submarine USS Bullhead, and at least one pilot challenged a P-38 into a furious dogfight lasting several minutes.
    Mitsubishi Ki-67 Hiryu 'Peggy' - Known as the 'Flying Dragon' by the Japanese, this medium-sized bomber had a test flight near the turning point of 1943, but didn't entered the war until October 1944. It saw action during the Okinawa phase, along with China, French Indochina, Saipan, and Tinian. In the last few months of the war, all of them were remodeled into kamikazes. Hence, the number of this model plus 700, 767 of these was produced.
    Mitsubishi Ki-73 'Steve' - The third fastest WWII plane, it is a long-range escort fighter plane in the Japanese air force, with an impressive 750 km/h that never quite made it into service, and was superseded by its post-war successor, the Ki-83.
    Mitsubishi Ki-83 - 4 of these experimental long-range heavy fighters made their first flights in 18 November 1944 but cannot enter production because of their surrender, and all of their models have been captured and repainted in American colors, it then has become the second fastest WWII plane that easily surpassed the Ki-73 with a top speed of 762 km/h.
    Nakajima A6M2-N 'Rufe' - Likely based off the 11th model of the famous A6M Zero, it's very first flight came right at the moment the Japanese kickstarted the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, but didn't actually participate until 1942 and can be easily mistaken for other look-alike seaplanes. It is a defensive type of short-range interceptor craft that has seen action in the Solomons, Aleutians, Kuriles, and the Indian Ocean relying on nighttime to do their work, and was challenged by the P-40 Curtiss, Lockheed P-38 Lightning, and the B-17 Flying Fortress. The very last model by the end of the war captured by the French and then crashed it.
    Nakajima B5N 'Kate' - Very reliable single-use carrier-based torpedo bomber that is a common sight to see by the Allies, it is significantly faster than its rival counterpart, the TBD Devastator, the Swordfish bi-plane, and the Albacore bi-plane. It had gained a lot of notoriety for their involvement from the First Sino-Japanese war several key missions: Pearl Harbor, Coral Sea, Midway, and the Santa Cruz. It even sunk a few famous US ships, notably the Arizona, Lexington, Hornet, and damaged the Yorktown so that an I-class submarine can sink it later. Right around the latter half of the Pacific War, some of them were then converted into anti-submarine interceptors as well as trainer units, and the rest into kamikazes.
    Nakajima B6N Tenzan 'Jill' - The successor to the famous B5N Kate, it has seen its fair share of misfortunes late in the war, during the Caroline phase at Truk Atoll, and it got very worse by the Philippines and Okinawa phases. This is true when they take heavy losses despite having few key feats: such as the sinking of a half-dozen US ships and the shipping attack on Bougainville. As with the Kate, all were converted into kamikazes by the Okinawa phase.
    Nakajima G10N Fugaku 'Mount Fuji' - Taken from Japan's most famous mountain, this model was a planned ultra-long range Superfortress that was going to be used for bombing the US mainland, but because the Japanese had a very hard time keeping up with the Allies, it was never built.
    Nakajima G8N Renzan 'Rita' - A very late-era heavy bomber that was going to be in service, and when the war ended, the US took the last model home and turned it into scrap, rendering this extremely rare prototype extinct.
    Nakajima J1N1 Gekkou 'Irving' - Supporting nighttime fighter plane partnered by Mitsubishi and Nakajima, it made its flight in May 1941, and was introduced into service a year later. This may be the answer to the growing threat of B-17 Flying Fortresses and B-24 Liberators, with its remodel version, the J1N1-S able to one up with the B-29's.
    Nakajima J5N Tenrai 'Heavenly Thunder' - A late-era prototype interceptor that was going to achieve a design speed of 666 km/h in response to the B-29's due to performance issues in its engines.
    Nakajima J9Y Kikka/Kitsuka 'Orange Blossom' - In the last days of the war, this may be the first jet-powered prototype plane that would serve as a multi-purpose interceptor, had only flown once just one week before their surrender. Only one out of ten of these were taken to St. Mary's County in Maryland, and the project works can be seen on display in Tokyo's National Science Museum.
    Nakajima Ki-115 Tsurugi 'Sabre' - A specialized late-era kamikaze in response to Allied shipments and combined invasion fleets, and is powerful enough to sink even the largest Allied ships in half in just one go. Sadly, none of them had flown despite their simplest design because of the Japanese surrender.
    Nakajima Ki-201 Karyu 'Fire Dragon' - A late-era jet fighter as an in-house project inspired by the Messerschmitt Me 262 considered inferior to other models and thus was cancelled due to the surrender.
    Nakajima Ki-27 'Nate' - Main fighter plane commonly seen in the Second Sino-Japanese War until it was overtaken by other, more superior main fighter models by the start of the Pacific War. Their overall success rate was good from there, but against Brewster F2A Buffalos and Curtiss P-40 Warhawks by around 1941 across most phases, they were outclassed and replaced by their cousin counterpart, the Ki-43. Late in the war, the majority is turned into kamikazes, and it didn't fared well against a massive U.S. aerial raid in 16 February 1945.
    Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa 'Oscar' - A bubble-type camouflaged fighter plane that didn't get much use until very late in the war when it was turned into kamikazes, early on, Allied pilots had trouble distinguishing this model from a Zero. It has the maneuverability unlike any other against even top-tiered Allied planes, and is the only such plane with the most aces that can down more Allied planes than they can count. Their drawbacks are that they lack sufficient armor and can easily go down in just only a couple of hits. Despite the many victories, such a legendary plane by the dozens were then captured by the French for use against Viet Minh rebels, and then left abandoned before Indonesians used it again for the last time against the Dutch.  
    Nakajima Ki-44 Shoki 'Tojo' - Mid-era successor to the Ki-43, and like its brother, it can outgun and outmaneuver Allied planes up until the point they become easy prey late in the war, served as an air defense interceptor. This is one of very few planes capable of ramming into their intended targets once their ammo runs out, but usually it is anti-climactic. Rendered obsolete for the Ki-84 by the war's end, the Chinese Revolution then use these planes against each other, and not even one survived. Only a single wing section of what's left of the Ki-44 can be seen on display in Xi'an province at a university.
    Nakajima Ki-49 Donryu 'Helen' - A heavy bomber as a replacement to the Ki-21, it first saw major action in China, and likely seen in the New Guinea and Oceania phases. By 1943 with losses had gone up in both quantity and quality, these planes subjected to anti-sub hunters, paratrooper transports, and at the very end of the war, converted into kamikazes. About over 800 since December 1944 were produced.
    Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate 'Frank' - Mid-era, high-altitude main fighter known as Gale for the Japanese, it is a Type 4 fighter capable of unleashing devastating firepower on the B-29's, this is Japan's fastest known fighter plane ever built at the time, and has the capability to compete with the top-tiered Allied planes. First served at the Battle of Leyte and from that moment onward when the mission becomes too intense from other main fighter planes, this type of the plane will answer to the call and rapidly gained notoriety after going up against the USAAF 14th Air Force. Even on the day of surrender, they were even used against US bases stationed in Okinawa.  
    Nakajima Ki-87 - A late-era turbo-supercharged, high-altitude prototype combined fighter-interceptor plane specifically to deal with the growing B-29 threat, just only one were built that did had a first flight in April 1945, and the IJAAF wanted to build 500 of these examples, but problems arose from the turbo-supercharger and undercarriage is what caused them to stop production of this model.
    Rikugun Ki-202 - Known as Autumn Water, and inspired by the Messerschmitt Me 163, it was going to be an experimental rocket-powered interceptor, but so far, none had produced.
    Rikugun Ki-93 - A late-era heavy fighter developed by the AARI proposed by the IJA, only two of these were built, one was damaged in its first flight on 8 April 1945 by error upon landing, but right before a second test flight, Allied B-29's knew it and destroyed the facility with it.
    Tachikawa Ki-106 - A failed mid-era 'wooden wonder' prototype plane in response to the growing B-29 threat that did not make it to service, this is because of the worsening situation during World War II.
    Tachikawa Ki-70 'Clara' - A prototype mid-era, high-speed recon plane that was the successor to the Ki-46, but was terminated after it didn't get satisfactory results from the IJAAF. That didn't stop Japan from using it to hide evidence of a female pilot named Amelia Earhart who flown near Japanese waters that was shot down, until now.
    Tachikawa Ki-74 'Pat'/'Patsy' - An experimental long-range recon bomber that didn't enter service after sixteen of these was built. Unbeknownst to the IJAAF, Allied intelligence quickly knows this peculiar fellow and was assigned as Patsy.
    Tachikawa Ki-77 - Not much is known about this plane, it had a first flight on 18 November 1942, and was first seen launched into service from Singapore on 7 July 1943, but had run-ins with the Allies whilst breaking world records in the middle of a war. Immediately after the surrender, the US has taken away these planes and reduced them to scrap, leaving nothing behind.
    Tachikawa Ki-9 'Spruce' - A trainer bi-plane, it was first launched as early as 7 January 1935, and then later on some of them had been converted into kamikazes, since this plane carry no armaments, and some were even shot down by the Chinese. Even by the war's end, some of these Ki-9's have been captured by post-war China and Indonesia and repainted it into their respective national insignias for their own air forces.
    Tachikawa Ki-94 - An experimental high-altitude interceptor fighter built specifically to combat the B-29's, only two were built, but none has flown due to time constraints.
    Yokosuka D4Y Suisei 'Judy' - A common type of dive-bomber and the one that is the fastest at the time, it has superior overall performance capable of handling Curtiss SB2C Helldivers. They were the ones behind the sinking of the USS Princeton in Leyte, and heavily damaged the USS South Dakota early in the war. Later on, their roles shifted to reconnaissance, but after the heavy losses the Japanese sustained at Midway and the Marianas, their latest remodel versions carry out kamikaze missions, notably scored hits on the USS Kalinin Bay and USS Suwanee in October 1944, and a month later scored hits on the USS Essex, USS Hancock, USS Intrepid, and the USS Cabot. By the end of the war in the Okinawa phase, they are able to damage the USS Enterprise, USS Yorktown, USS Franklin, USS Wasp and the USS Bunker Hill. In a desperate final attempt to stop the US Navy, being overconfident over the Zero, 3 out of the 11 remodeled Judies were lost against the B-29's.
    Yokosuka E14Y 'Glen' - A submarine-based recon floatplane that participated in the Oceania campaign as flybys and made only one notable attempt in the Lookout Air Raid over Oregon where they deployed incendiary bombs over forests to catch innocents' off-guard, but it was ineffective. The submarines behind the launching of these planes were soon discovered and was sunk shortly afterwards.
    Yokosuka MXY7-K1 Ohka Cherry Blossom 'Baka' - A unique type of rocket-powered kamikaze that can be guided by a pilot, it has given a rather ridiculous name by the Allies that was then overused by tsunderes to this day meaning 'fool' or 'idiot.' Mainly used against U.S. bases in Okinawa in a desperate attempt to stop the B-29's from bombing Japan and has sank up to seven American ships. It has to be launched via a mothership to be effective, but if it is destroyed, the Ohka might go down too. It soon becomes useless once the Allies quickly knew this and formed defensive rings.
    Yokosuka P1Y1 Ginga 'Frances' - The successor to the G4M, the IJN wanted to build one to match the speed that of the Zero, it made its first flight on August 1943, and was mainly served as torpedo bombers. Late in the war during the Okinawa campaign, it was then converted into kamikazes, notably during Operation Tan No. 2. Only one has survived, it can be seen at the National Air and Space Museum.
    Yokosuka P1Y2-S Kyokko 'Aurora' - The night-only fighter remodel of the P1Y1, they didn't do much against the B-29's, so the IJN decided it's in their best interests to revert all of them back into P1Y1's.
    Yokosuka R2Y Cirrus Cloud 'Keiun' - A late-era prototype recon plane with a tricycle undercarriage that made its only flight on 8 May 1945, but the Allies quickly grasped their attention and destroyed this beauty and the facility with it during one of their air raids.

    Lucian Infantry - Type 4
    Lucian Infantry - Type 89
    Lucian Infantry - TERA Rifle
    Lucian Anti-Tank Unit 270
    Lucian 162nd Chi-Ha Tank Squadron
  • LucianDreamer 06-26-2017, 10:15 AM (Edited 07-16-2017, 06:28 AM)
    I'm currently waiting for eight more players, so to speak, I'm bumping this up to get attention.

    Our first round will take place around the Bashi Channel, Ballintang Channel, and Luzon Strait for control of the islands between Taiwan and the Philippines. The IJN will spawn from Okinawa to take this choke point, and the Abyssals will spawn from Manila to defend it.
    Update: As of 7/14, this battle has already ended with the IJN as the victor, so this post is skipped.
    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f752e6e79612e69732f62626761676f2e706e67]

  • LucianDreamer 06-29-2017, 04:01 AM (Edited 06-29-2017, 04:10 AM)
    The deadline is pushed back to July 31 due to lack of interest as a one-time remedy, so now we have an extended window. :)
  • LucianDreamer 07-10-2017, 07:13 PM (Edited 07-10-2017, 07:35 PM)
    My queen just approved a one-time early deployment of my fleet girls a bit ago, and are already sailing somewhere out in the Pacific.

    Meanwhile, we're still technically in the sortie phase and currently @All in One and @moeki are still working on their own shipgirls, so there is still a small glimmer of hope. :)
  • Backlash 07-11-2017, 06:15 AM
    I was super-crazy bored yesterday (not to mention sick as a dog), so I went ahead and added visual references/personality quotes for all my fleet girls. They're in my post if you wanna check 'em out. :3

    Also! Little bit of a heads-up regarding summer plans: I'd reckon this event's gonna take a wee bit longer than our last one, but I'm actually taking a trip on the 19th of August. I'll try my best to be available in the preceding weeks, but I can't guarantee afterwards.
  • LucianDreamer 07-11-2017, 09:06 PM
    My fleet girls are in ready formation and operational, the test battle will start shortly.
  • Backlash 07-12-2017, 05:49 AM
    My fleet's also patrolling around unclaimed waters, with cursory incursions into Lucian territory as per our military access agreement.

    Perhaps we'll run into each other sometime?
  • LucianDreamer 07-13-2017, 08:55 AM (Edited 07-13-2017, 09:00 AM)
    (07-12-2017, 05:49 AM)Backlash Wrote: My fleet's also patrolling around unclaimed waters, with cursory incursions into Lucian territory as per our military access agreement.

    >Yamato's flagship fleet and her three escort fleets spotted the intruding Abyssal Fleet, with two ships hailing from the U.K., issues a warning over the comm.
    Yamato: "You are entering Lucian waters, we hereby warn that you are trespassing, turn your vessels away or you will be shot."
    >If the Abyssal Fleet does not respond within one hour, getting too close to Yamato's range, or open fire, an engagement will ensue.
  • Backlash 07-13-2017, 09:53 AM
    "So much for 'Military Access', huh?"

    > Secretary ship Yorktown returned a shrug to her second. After a long minute's consideration, she summoned a bullhorn and replied,

    "We mean no harm. Our units were merely passing through the area."

    > The order was given to reverse course and fan out into the open sea. The engagement would come, but it'd arrive on the admiral's terms, when she was ready.
  • LucianDreamer 07-13-2017, 05:41 PM (Edited 07-13-2017, 05:58 PM)
    My two light cruisers Noshiro and Yuubari will be in the rear, whilst my three destroyers Akizuki, Shimakaze, and Fubuki will protect the left, front, and right, respectively at a constant speed of 25 knots in the Philippine Sea, almost approaching Abyssal territory with courtesy.

    Noshiro will have the helm for this practice night battle. I expect fair skies and calm waves.
  • Backlash 07-14-2017, 07:43 AM (Edited 07-14-2017, 08:10 AM)
    > When Rear Admiral Taylor had approached her that afternoon at the target range, Mari had considered it the happiest moment of her service life. It was rare for the admiral to lavish such attention on a new ship, particularly the youngest in the fleet, and especially in an unproven class; yet the admiral's praise had been sincere, and the gravity of her assignment was spoken in no uncertain terms. Along with two classmates and a pair of light cruisers, Mari was to take part in their first mock-engagement with the mysterious Lucians.
    > She'd drilled tirelessly in preparation. During her free hours she'd foregone recreation to study tactics, and triple-check every aspect of her Outfit. Such that when the time came to put foot to the open seas, she was ready.
    > Extremely tense, and nervous as all hell, but ready.

    > For all her self-acknowledged shortcomings, Marigold still acknowledged herself as the pinnacle of diligence among her fleet. Which is perhaps why it came as great surprise when she finally met her acquaintances for this mission.

    > The girl she sailed beside was a destroyer just like herself. Fletcher-class, clad in a star-spangled blue dress with "451" stenciled on the hips. In her left hand she brandished a single rapid-fire five-inch gun; and in her right, an ornate sword nearly as large as her entire body.
    > Apparently it aided her balance. Mari wasn't buying it.

    "... and I still say I'd rather have a German cover my ass."
    "And -I'm- sorry you're dead inside."

    > This prompted Dallas to intercede. Heaving a great sigh, the light cruiser twisted about and addressed the three destroyers.

    "Would you two quit yappin' already? The Lucians are gonna hear us. Yeah, I know y'all got some bad blood. But this ain't the time, or the place."

    > Mari found herself particularly affected by this chiding. They were the very same words she'd spoken to Chevalier earlier.

    "B'sides, you're gettin' Shaw all antsy and stuff."

    > The two destroyers glanced over their shoulders. Shaw hadn't said much throughout the trip, but the mounting apprehension was plain on her face. With another great sigh, the girls set aside their feud and focused on the task at hand.

    > Dallas seemed pleased. With a curt nod towards the younger gals, she clapped their commander on the shoulder and asked,

    "When's the rendezvous, LA?"
    "ETA, three minutes and thirty seconds... Mark."

    > Marigold steeled herself. She checked the dummy rounds in her wrist-mounted dual cannon, and armed the torpedoes attached at her hip. When the silhouettes of the Lucian vessels appeared over the northern horizon, she was ready for Los Angeles' orders.

    "Enemy vessels, bearing one-four-one! Looks like they're employing the Arrowhead formation... On my mark, form Boxcutter Blade to counter."

    > Had she squinted, Mari might've discerned the composition of the enemy fleet. Three destroyers, one Agano-class cruiser, and one cruiser-sized vessel of uncertain capability. The latter worried her the most.

    > The opening volley came from afar, prompting Los Angeles to change their formation.

    "Don't worry. They've got range, but we'll have accuracy."

    > The three destroyers settled into a loose echelon between the cruisers and the enemy fleet; Chevalier in front, Shaw in back, Marigold in the middle. Moments later, a rain of powerful armor-piercing shells detonated where they'd once stood.

    > Mari braced herself against the shockwave, grit her teeth as seawater stang her good eye. As directed, she trained her sights on the foremost ship in the formation; Shimakaze-class, armed to the teeth and armored to boot. By her mark, she'd make a damn fine first kill.

    "We're in range. All ships, fire at will!"

    > Shimakaze incurred eight points of damage; Fubuki five. A volley from the Los Angeles struck the Noshiro for thirteen points of damage. The rest of the vessels are yet unscathed.

    [spoiler]NAS Los Angeles (CL-67) - Atlanta Class - 45/45
    NAS Dallas (CL-61) - Atlanta Class - 45/45
    NAS Shaw (DD-373) - Fletcher Class - 17/17
    NAS Chevalier (DD-451) - Fletcher Class - 17/17
    NAS Marigold (DD-705) - Allen M. Sumner Class - 21/21
  • LucianDreamer 07-14-2017, 08:24 AM (Edited 07-14-2017, 08:34 AM)
    *Night battle theme begins*
    >Noshiro and the rest of the fleet heard the shots, the one in front, Shimakaze, is the first to confirm she's hit.
    >Fubuki is second, but at least it only hit her hull.

    Shimakaze: "I'm taking on water, Akizuki, help me!"
    Akizuki: "I'm coming, I'm coming! Fubuki, fan out and launch your torpedoes before they get too close!"
    Fubuki: "I'm on it, but have taken damage, too!"

    >While Akizuki is helping Shimakaze righting her up again, Fubuki already at broadside with the enemy's formation, launches her first salvo of six torpedoes at their general direction, hoping it would catch at least one or two of them

    Fubuki: "You're going to taste my lovely fish!" *she winks as she resumes formation*

    >Noshiro and Yuubari starts prepping the shots, aims at one particular enemy vessel, Marigold.

    Noshiro: "Steady... steady... controlled burst fire now!"
    >The shells rain down upon the NAS Marigold, but two of their shells strayed from their main target and have hit LA as well.

    Yuubari: "We got her, but she's still sailing!"
    >Noshiro withstood a blast on her magazine, as she attempts to reload.
    Noshiro: "Reloading our shells, focus only on the NAS Marigold first! I've taken a magazine hit, urrggh!"

    >Los Angeles has taken thirteen points of damage from a fuel tank ignition, and Marigold took a big hit, almost certain to go under in one more direct hit, she's taken sixteen points of damage in two volleys from Noshiro and Yuubari.

    HIJMS Noshiro - Light Cruiser - 27/40
    HIJMS Yuubari - Light Cruiser - 40/40
    HIJMS Akizuki - Destroyer - 19/19
    HIJMS Shimakaze - Destroyer - 12/20
    HIJMS Fubuki - Destroyer - 12/17
  • Backlash 07-14-2017, 09:32 AM (Edited 07-14-2017, 10:05 AM)
    > Marigold struggled just to stay afloat. She coughed up nearly a pint of seawater, and her hull smoldered on her back, yet somehow she kept sailing.

    Chevalier: "Mari, you're hurt bad!"
    Marigold: "I'll be f- fine!"
    Shaw: "The Fubuki just launched a volley of torpedoes! Mari, watch out!"

    > Shaw's warning snapped Marigold out of her daze. With a snap of her fingers, two adorable fairies manifested upon her shoulders - one with a searchlight, the other at a mounted M2 Browning. As Mari plugged away with her main gun, the fairies searched desperately for the faintest hint of the enemy torpedoes.

    > In the end they managed to detonate one and skirt around the rest. The Los Angeles wasn't quite as fortunate.
    > The Long Lance struck her in the bow, incurring considerable damage for a single attack. Fortunately it'd missed her vitals, and she sailed on undaunted.

    Los Angeles: "That coulda gone better. Ey, Mari! If you're duckin' out, I want you takin' a few of 'em with ya! Shaw, follow her up!"
    Marigold: "Right away ma'am! Fish, in the water!"

    > With a twist of her body and a tap of her hip, the Marigold launched a volley of ten torpedoes in a narrow spread towards the cruisers before zipping behind the Dallas. Her superior powerplant and twin rudders scarcely saved her from another volley.

    > The Shaw did the same with hers, albeit at longer range and wider spread.

    Los Angeles: "Chevalier, increase speed and screen the Fubuki! Dallas! Let's focus on the young'ns up front."

    > Just when Shimakaze had gotten to her feet, her and Akizuki sustained a devastating barrage of armor-piercing shells from the Los Angeles. The Dallas was quick to follow with her own, striking Shimakaze for critical damage.

    > Meanwhile Chevalier sailed close towards the enemy formation, crossing their T from behind. Fubuki tracked her, prompting a series of evasive maneuvers as they exchanged fire.
    > The two cruisers might've gotten a shot with half their guns, but they had bigger fish to fry. Marigold's torpedoes made a beeline for their hulls, and their destroyers were done for if the Americans got another volley.

    > The Dallas and Los Angeles struck Shimakaze for ten points of damage, Akizuki five. Meanwhile Fubuki took two points from Chevalier's attacks, with a stray round hitting Yuubari for scratch damage (one point).

    > The Los Angeles took five extra points of damage due to fire.

    [spoiler]NAS Los Angeles (CL-67) - Atlanta Class - 27/45
    NAS Dallas (CL-61) - Atlanta Class - 45/45
    NAS Shaw (DD-373) - Fletcher Class - 17/17
    NAS Chevalier (DD-451) - Fletcher Class - 17/17
    NAS Marigold (DD-705) - Allen M. Sumner Class - 5/21[/spoiler]
  • LucianDreamer 07-14-2017, 10:10 AM (Edited 07-14-2017, 11:26 AM)
    >Shimakaze can barely hold on, fortunately, Akizuki pulled out a repair kit from Okinawa base and helped patched up some of the hull damage she just took.
    *Shimakaze regained only five hitpoints, restoring her to seven.*

    Akizuki: "There you go, but just barely."
    Shimakaze: "Right, we have to split up; I can't take another big hit like this."

    >Feeling concerned she's an easy mark, she moves behind Akizuki for cover. Both evaded the torpedoes just in time.

    >Noshiro felt uneasy she lost sight of her main target, but Yuubari hastily tap on her shoulder to get her attention.

    Yuubari: "Behind us, Noshiro! You're not getting away from our sight this time!"

    >She easily turns broadside along with Noshiro to avoid the enemy torpedoes whilst firing a killing blow to Marigold's engine, stopping her dead in the water.

    >Meanwhile, Fubuki felt a leak or two on her from Chevalier's torpedoes, and yells over to Noshiro.

    Fubuki: "I'm barely holding the water line, get over here!"
    Shimakaze: "Coming right up, friend! Prepare to taste my dozen fish!"
    Akizuki: "Eat our fish and die!"

    >All three destroyers fired their salvos together to cover the lengths of the other enemy ships, some of them hitting them all, the rest missed.

    Fubuki: "All of them should be leaking now! It won't be long before they hit the bottom! The NAS Marigold is sinking!"

    >The Abyssal Fleet has lost one ship, and that is the NAS Marigold. Los Angeles took ten points from several leaks, Dallas took five points from two torpedoes, Shaw and Chevalier took seven points from a few leaks. They're down to four ships remaining.

    HIJMS Noshiro - Light Cruiser - 27/40
    HIJMS Yuubari - Light Cruiser - 39/40
    HIJMS Akizuki - Destroyer - 14/19
    HIJMS Shimakaze - Destroyer - 7/20
    HIJMS Fubuki - Destroyer - 10/17
  • Backlash 07-14-2017, 11:45 AM (Edited 07-14-2017, 12:02 PM)
    Dallas: "Repair kits?! I'd reckon we coulda used one of those right now."
    Shaw: "I'll tell the admiral- Ngh! ... Let's worry about it next time; they're about to surround us! Now hold still, you damn, rabbit-eared...!"

    > Organization had faltered on both sides of the battle. With the loss of their premier destroyer, panic was starting to settle in for the Americans.

    > The two Lucian cruisers headed straight towards a wall of smoke and fire as they approached the American fleet. Hungry for revenge, Dallas and Los Angeles punished the mistake severely. Their combined battery of twenty-four five-inch guns pummeled Yuubari for all she was worth, setting her ablaze and knocking out several of her arm-mounted cannons.
    > Meanwhile the Chevalier alone endured the brunt of the enemy's attacks, evading like mad just to keep alive. She staked her sword in the water to aid in maneuvers. Yet every time she caught sight of the friendly cruisers, Fubuki would head her off, forcing Chevalier to break course.

    Chevalier: "'Tis but a scratch! Nn-... I- I've had worse!"

    > Damage control was a living nightmare aboard the destroyer. The extra tonnage brought her low in the water, slowed her down considerably.

    > At last, a piercing shell struck Chevalier's armored deck, rupturing her main bulkhead.
    > The destroyer staggered in the water. Sensing her status, she fired her full battery of torpedoes in a narrow arc towards the Lucian cruisers. But with eyes clenched shut in pain, she soon missed her footing on a high wave, and went skipping like a stone across the glimmering black.
    > The Lucians had bested her, that much was fair. Chevalier only hoped Fubuki had delivered the coup de grace.

    > One of Chevalier's torpedoes struck the Noshiro, incurring 12 points of damage. Two more hit Yuubari along with the concentrated barrage from the cruisers for 43 damage, removing her from the battle.

    > As for the destroyers, Fubuki sustained 2 damage in the engagement with Chevalier. Shaw managed to hit Shimakaze for 2, with scratch damage on Akizuki.

    [spoiler]NAS Los Angeles (CL-67) - Atlanta Class - 17/45
    NAS Dallas (CL-61) - Atlanta Class - 40/45
    NAS Shaw (DD-373) - Fletcher Class - 10/17
    NAS Chevalier (DD-451) - Fletcher Class - K.O.
    NAS Marigold (DD-705) - Allen M. Sumner Class - K.O.[/spoiler]
  • LucianDreamer 07-14-2017, 02:08 PM (Edited 12-01-2017, 02:33 AM)
    >The surviving 17th Imperial fleet witnessed Yuubari saying her last words before she joins the bottom with the two downed enemy ships:
    Yuubari: "I-I've miscalculated their positions f-from earlier, I-I've failed you, girls!" *Yuubari is lost*

    >Noshiro is the only light cruiser remaining, remaining steadfast to keep her destroyers alive and focused.

    Noshiro: "Get back in formation, all three of you! I don't want to lose you all on this!"

    >The three destroyers heard Noshiro clearly, given the current situation they're in, Fubuki avoided what would've been a disaster to the fleet.

    Fubuki: "We hear you, Noshiro! We just took out Chevalier, too! Only 3 of them to go!" *she counts her fingers correctly*

    >Shimakaze and Akizuki followed Fubuki towards Noshiro, resuming normal formation before considering their next options.

    Noshiro: "We'll circle them around together, avoiding whatever they throw at us, then when they're critical, we'll finish them off with our melee weapons. Keep ourselves out of their melee range! Clear?"
    Akizuki, Shimakaze, and Fubuki: "Got it!"
    Noshiro: "Now, full force assault!"

    >Noshiro fires controlled volley after volley on the last enemy destroyer, it hit Shaw's feet, causing yet another leak on her.

    >The three destroyers then fired their own volleys of three shells to finish her off.

    Noshiro: "She's taken enough damage! She's sinking! All what's left are the two enemy cruisers!"

    >The Abyssal Fleet has lost all three destroyers, the tide has turned in favor of the Lucians, the battle is halfway done.

    HIJMS Noshiro - Light Cruiser - 15/40
    HIJMS Yuubari - Light Cruiser - K.O.
    HIJMS Akizuki - Destroyer - 13/19
    HIJMS Shimakaze - Destroyer - 5/20
    HIJMS Fubuki - Destroyer - 8/17
  • Backlash 07-14-2017, 03:34 PM
    Shaw: "Only the dead have seen the end of war. But, I don't think I'd want to die..."

    > Shaw was finished. Her dress was in tatters, and the large blue hull perched on her back had become little more than a lump of twisted, smoldering metal.

    > Watching her sink, Dallas could only shake her head.

    Dallas: "Too good for this sinful earth..."

    > The weather was swiftly turning for the worse. The clouds became thicker, and a light drizzle hinted at an approaching storm. As another volley from the cruisers finished off Noshiro, a gigantic cloud blanketed the moon, blotted out its brilliant light.

    > Naturally the fairies produced searchlights, but there was little need. Muzzle flashes from machineguns and cannon offered split-second glimpses at the girls' faces: Anger, fear, determination; and above all, desperation; were on display for all to see.
    > Though the girls hailed from different worlds and different walks of life, they all shared the sentiment of wanting the battle to end.

    Dallas: "This ain't lookin' good..."
    Los Angeles: "Torps ain't gonna do much against these gals. Their evasion's way-high."
    Dallas: "You got a better idea?"
    Los Angeles: "Yeah... Yeah, maybe. See how they keep their formation loose? Prolly gonna try and surround us once we group up."
    Dallas: "Like a pack 'a coyotes."
    Los Angeles: "Let's not give 'em the chance, aight?"

    > With a nod exchanged between them, the two North American cruisers broke off from one another. Dallas went long-ways around the edge of the Lucian formation, while Los Angeles approached at a steep angle, almost sailing right into the center of the three ships

    > With the aid of spotters on their shoulders, the two cruisers singled out the limping Shimakaze. A merciless volley pummeled her into a heap of twisted metal and tattered clothes, just as the other two destroyers moved to counter.
    > The Lucian shells struck home. Yet the cruiser's machinegunners still peppered the destroyers as they passed. And as she disappeared beneath the waves, the last turret on her right arm fired one final salvo into the open air.

    Dallas: "Defiant to the end, huh? Aw, Ellie..."

    > Noshiro and Shimakaze were hit for 17 and 8 damage respectively, removing them from the battle.

    > Los Angeles was knocked out, while Dallas endured several hits from Noshiro and the destroyers. It's anyone's game, now.

    [spoiler]NAS Los Angeles (CL-67) - Atlanta Class - K.O.
    NAS Dallas (CL-61) - Atlanta Class - 31/45
    NAS Shaw (DD-373) - Fletcher Class - K.O.
    NAS Chevalier (DD-451) - Fletcher Class - K.O.
    NAS Marigold (DD-705) - Allen M. Sumner Class - K.O.[/spoiler]
  • LucianDreamer 07-14-2017, 03:59 PM (Edited 07-14-2017, 04:05 PM)
    >Fubuki and Akizuki are the last two standing; the tide is now even.

    Fubuki: "Should've been warned by Nagato more thoroughly. I got to end this with my sister Akizuki."

    >Both can hear Noshiro and Shimakaze's final words as they are sailing away from the recent wreckage.

    Noshiro: "H-Hear me out, friends. I-I would've been stronger, b-but I'm only a prototype cruiser... I-I'm gone." *Noshiro is lost*
    Shimakaze: "I wasn't even the fastest at all, then! I-I'm sinking!" *Shimakaze is lost*

    >Fubuki and Akizuki are left to destroy the one enemy cruiser in their way, the NAS Dallas. Sure, she's tough, but can the two of the fleet girls able to sink it? Their chances are a bit slim.

    Akizuki: "All right, Fubuki. I know we're the last two, but if we can sink that last enemy ship as a duo, then we can at least head back home in one piece."
    Fubuki: "What are we going to do, sis?"
    Akizuki: "It's not easy, but I'll let you in a tactic you never get to see before. I'll show you, follow me!"

    >Akizuki and Fubuki manage to surprise the NAS Dallas by breaking away their formation, only to come around the left and right to sink it evenly at the same time. They matched their speed amid Dallas' volleys, but can't decide which one to hit, giving them a small window of opportunity to fire their last salvo of torpedoes.

    Akizuki: "NOW! Fishes away!"
    Fubuki: "It's the fishes to you, toughie girl!"

    >Akizuki and Fubuki break away to regroup just as the torpedoes all hit home on Dallas, they look back, smiling as the NAS Dallas finally give in.

    Akizuki: "Let's go home quickly before the heavy rain comes. Withdrawing from the battle map!"
    Fubuki: "I'm coming! Fubuki is withdrawing!"

    >NAS Dallas has received all of the hitpoints in damage. The Lucians have won the battle.

    HIJMS Noshiro - Light Cruiser - K.O.
    HIJMS Yuubari - Light Cruiser - K.O.
    HIJMS Akizuki - Destroyer - 6/19
    HIJMS Shimakaze - Destroyer - K.O.
    HIJMS Fubuki - Destroyer - 4/17
  • Backlash 07-14-2017, 04:06 PM
    Ahh, that was fun. Well-played, friend. :3

    Took some gettin' used to, but I'm really warmin' up to the idea of fleet battles between KanMusu! Let's do this again sometime, 'kay? ^^
  • LucianDreamer 07-14-2017, 05:21 PM (Edited 07-28-2017, 11:18 PM)
    With a pyrrhic victory over the Abyssals, the IJN is confident that they will be sending in six unarmed AK ships loaded only with civil cargo coming from Tokyo to Jakarta. However, the Abyssals, given their reputation for attacking shipping lanes, will attempt to stop its advance before it reaches their intended destination.

    The IJN will be using two carriers, two heavy cruisers, and their only submarine as escort for the entire trip, and will fight to the death to ensure its survival. They have to pass a minefield set by the Abyssals at the halfway point, or else they'll risk blowing themselves up. Shokaku, Zuihou, Takao, Suzuya, and Goya will participate.

    For my formation, Shokaku and Zuihou will be in the far rear, Takao and Suzuya will take the left and right, Goya will be in the front, and the cargo ships will be in the center split into two columns of three, moving at a slow 15 knots since they're big and heavy.

    I expect nothing more than a clear sunrise to begin the long trip for our second round in this event. <3
    Update: As of 7/21, this battle has already ended with the IJN as the victor, so this post is skipped.
    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f612e706f6d662e6361742f77...742e706e67]

  • LucianDreamer 07-16-2017, 07:01 AM (Edited 07-16-2017, 07:28 AM)
    I will close this year's sortie in two weeks at 8AM EST, and the event itself will end on August 14th at 8AM EST for our results.

    2nd reminder for unfilled players only: Make sure you have your shipgirls completed before the July 31st deadline. I still have room for 8 more, and you don't want to miss out all the fun. :)

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Abyssal Fleet Event 3