Capture the Flag Tournament [CLOSED]

  • LucianDreamer 05-29-2018, 07:53 AM (Edited 05-19-2020, 10:56 AM)
    Summer has just come this early, and it is time for a modern-day style CTF but with cute girls from all over the world. In this type of tournament, we get to pick which country whom to represent for the entire duration out of the following 12 countries: USA, UK, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, China, Japan, Thailand, and Australia. 

    Each country has its own historical personality and tactics; it would be best advised to research on each country's strategy and weapons before choosing a team and picking up to 6 characters matching that nationality, because once chosen, that country choice is locked for other players. There are 40 colorful, picturesque maps of various sizes around Earth to suit different flavors of capturing/defending gameplay. 

    Players of two picked teams who are not eliminated get to choose which map to play, time of day, and weather conditions, and the goal is to reach 3 captures to win a match or one flag capture higher than the other team if overtime is reached after 20 minutes of play. Overtime is implemented if both teams have the same number of captures when time reaches zero until a single team scores a capture. It would take three matches against the same country for them to be eliminated from the tournament. The team who is the last one standing with the most victories wins.

    Map list:
    Chinatown, San Francisco (USA)
    Judith Peak (USA)
    New York City (USA)
    Shenandoah National Park (USA)
    Jacksonville Beach (USA)
    Grand Canyon (USA)
    West Sussex Meadow (UK)
    Hadrian's Wall (UK)
    London (UK)
    Brighton (UK)
    Rougon (FRA)
    Nantes (FRA)
    Lyon (FRA)
    Paris (FRA)
    Tuscany (ITA)
    Milan (ITA)
    Rome (ITA)
    Naples (ITA)
    Black Forest (GER)
    Bavaria Nature Park (GER)
    Munich (GER)
    Tatra Mountains (POL)
    Kashubia (POL)
    Warsaw (POL)
    Daqing (PRC)
    Shanghai (PRC)
    Hong Kong (PRC)
    Taipei (PRC)
    Moscow (RUS)
    Vladviostok (RUS)
    Kamchatka Base (RUS)
    Ryukyu Beach (JPN)
    Himeji Castle (JPN)
    Kyoto (JPN)
    Tokyo (JPN)
    Sapporo (JPN)
    Alice Springs (AUS)
    Perth (AUS)
    Sydney (AUS)
    Gordon Dam (AUS)
  • losi 05-30-2018, 12:08 AM
    Thailand oh boy
  • LucianDreamer 05-30-2018, 12:16 AM
    I'll take Japan, anyone else?
  • Backlash 05-30-2018, 06:19 AM
    USA, USA! :D
  • LucianDreamer 05-30-2018, 12:24 PM (Edited 06-03-2018, 09:02 AM)
    This may not be your usual tournament layout I came up with, so I just adopted a dynamic setup.

    In case any player happens to lose a match for the first time, that player's country will stay put and will not move forward through the tree, and therefore will be forced to play against other "losing" countries on the initial branch until achieving a first victory. The "winning" country after the first match will proceed as normal to the next branch with another "winning" country that is on the same branch. If the player then happens to lose the first time after gaining a first victory from earlier whilst on the second or third branch, that player's country stays put on the same branch until achieving second and third victories respectively with other "runner ups."

    Upon reaching the second branch, the second stage won't start until only eight, upon reaching the third branch, the semi-finals won't start until only four, and upon reaching the finals, it won't start until only two. In the semi-finals branch, assuming the surviving four players attain two victories, the two on both the top and bottom face against each other horizontally across, and any surviving two players that manage to attain three victories will proceed to the finals.

    Those little circles indicate the "elimination warning counters", whenever a match is lost, that player's country receives a strike, filling up a circle. If all three circles are filled up, that country is grayed out and the player is eliminated from the tournament.

    I rolled two 12-sided digital dice last night, and here is the setup on who to compete against, in descending order from top left to bottom right for the first match of the beginning stage:

    9 (China) vs. 11 (Thailand)
    2 (UK) vs. 3 (France)
    7 (Poland) vs. 12 (Australia)
    6 (Germany) vs. 8 (Russia)
    1 (USA) vs. 10 (Japan)
    4 (Belgium) vs. 5 (Italy)

    [Image: afyfpb.png]

    All right, drafting period begins now until Sunday evening at 8PM EST.
  • Backlash 05-30-2018, 09:00 PM (Edited 05-30-2018, 09:00 PM)
    Strike Team Seven-Six - "The All-American"

    "Seal Team Six, these gals ain't."

    Deep within the U.S. military, there exists an elite force handpicked for precise tactical operations. This is not their story.

    < Backstory coming someday, maybe! Depends on how "serious" this roleplay's gonna turn out. Hopefully not very! ^^ >

    [spoiler title='Kay Springfield']
    Kay Springfield
    < Rifleman >
    "Aw, re-laax. What's the worst that could happen?"

    [Image: FpI5l9N.png]

    [spoiler title='Kirino Kousaka']
    Kirino Kousaka
    < Shotgunner >
    "You think this is a game, huh?! ... Wait, don't answer that."

    [Image: 4VXGY88.jpg]

    [spoiler title='Harriet Seaver']
    Harriet Seaver
    < Machine Gunner >
    "Life ain't always a bed 'a roses."

    [Image: Sdmwcf8.jpg]

    [spoiler title='Taylor Coleman']
    Taylor Coleman
    < Combat Engineer >
    "It always comes down to the infantryman and 'er rocket launcher!"

    [Image: MReukba.jpg]

    [spoiler title='Sally Rhodes']
    Sally Rhodes
    < Designated Marksman >
    "Long odds, longer barrel."

    [Image: Ws1jUrR.png]

    [spoiler title='Ashley Heath']
    Ashley Heath
    < Pointman >
    "Never was war this much fun!"

    < Photographed on the right. >
    [Image: meMbaUr.jpg]
  • LucianDreamer 05-31-2018, 05:21 PM (Edited 06-02-2018, 09:20 AM)
    Sorry I took so long to find six of my girls, due to Japan lacking the variety of weaponry for me to choose, but here they are, anyway.

    Super High School Level Elite Force - "All-Japan S-Class"

    "It is our duty to cleanse our despairs and bring forth our hopes."

    Existing within an alternate dimension of our world where the home islands of Japan allows citizens to own weapons, produce human-like augmentations of said weapons and hammerspace magic to possess it, a team of six influential girls is selected to compete in this legalized sport.

    [spoiler=Arisaka Tora]
    Arisaka Tora
    < Rifleman >
    "One who chases after two hares won't even catch one."
    [Image: wfvvvj.jpg]

    [spoiler=Takashima Kozahura]
    Takashima Kozakura
     < Operative >
    "Defeat before cowardice!"
    [Image: oldjex.jpg]

    [spoiler=Howa Yutori]
    Howa (Hoashi) Yutori
    < Pointman >
    "By the Empress' blessing, I shall pierce the fields of war with my rifle!"
    [Image: aqlbvp.jpg]

    [spoiler=Konuma Kazuko]
    Konuma Kazuko
    < Designated Marksman >
    "Simply being paranoid, doesn't mean that you're self-deceptive."
    > Photographed on the left. >
    [Image: 64d3ed6d22511b56c32c5570f8ee724f0a47d0e4.jpg?1079453]

    < Combat Medic >
    "Your existence is like air. If you're not there, how can I keep on living?"
    [Image: moyqsu.jpg]

    [spoiler=Nambu Nanami]
    Nambu Nanami
    < Support >
    "I have no time for your sarcasm jokes, baka!"
    [Image: gqtkuu.jpg]
  • LucianDreamer 06-02-2018, 06:58 PM
    Shall I extend the drafting period another week to give time for new players to join or shall I start the tournament right away?
  • Backlash 06-02-2018, 07:01 PM
    (06-02-2018, 06:58 PM)LucianDreamer Wrote: Shall I extend the drafting period another week to give time for new players to join or shall I start the tournament right away?

    Ahh, how's about we go ahead and kick things off? We'll both need a few days to properly get in the swing of things, plus I'm sure the others can join us when they're ready. ^^
  • LucianDreamer 06-02-2018, 07:03 PM (Edited 06-02-2018, 07:14 PM)
    (06-02-2018, 07:01 PM)Backlash Wrote:
    (06-02-2018, 06:58 PM)LucianDreamer Wrote: Shall I extend the drafting period another week to give time for new players to join or shall I start the tournament right away?

    Ahh, how's about we go ahead and kick things off? We'll both need a few days to properly get in the swing of things, plus I'm sure the others can join us when they're ready. ^^

    All right then, let's do it. Time to rumble!!! *gong sound effect*

    >Today's match according to the roll of the die is:

    *5 seconds later*

    >It's a lonely 1! Team USA and Team Japan, please choose a location from the dropdown menu, time, and the weather and we will begin.

    *Team USA and Team Japan are lit up*
    [Image: jcrjpo.png]
  • Backlash 06-02-2018, 08:17 PM
    > The leaders of both teams stepped up to the plate. The UN official, clad in white canvas and wearing a round, painted helmet, positioned herself on the side. Her big hazel eyes flitted between both contestants, till soundly she spoke,

    UN Official: "Alright gals, listen up! I want a good, clean fight out there, alright? No land mines, no booby traps, and keep off-map support abilities to a bare minimum."
    Kay: "Define, 'bare minimum'."
    UN Official: "We'll be the judge of that."
    Kay: "Mm, I don't think I like those rules..."

    "Furthermore!" she vociferated, "for this match both teams will be limited to exactly one - you count it - one APC, IFV, or fire support vehicle from their extant arsenals! It behooves you to consider this when choosing a map!"

    > A small smirk was already curling Kay's lips.

    Kay: "Alrighty then, how's about Daqing. China. Mornin', with a little breeze and a fog comin' in from the mountains."
    UN Official: "Miss Tora, do you consent?"
  • LucianDreamer 06-02-2018, 08:33 PM
    Tora: "No questions or complaints, ma'dam. We agreed to your terms fully."

    >She bows down in agreement.

    >This will be the map for today, resembling the one from Battlefield 2.

    [Image: wwdmxy.png]
  • LucianDreamer 06-02-2018, 10:46 PM (Edited 06-02-2018, 10:48 PM)
    The match will begin in... 3... 2... 1...

    Announcer: "PLAY!"

    Battle Theme:
    Initial Phase (0 captures): 0:00-0:30
    Initial Phase Engagement (0 captures): 0:30-1:02
    One-Thirds Phase Engagement (1 capture): 1:02-1:34
    One-Thirds Phase Not in Combat (1 capture): 1:34-2:18
    Two-Thirds Phase Not in Combat (2 captures): 2:19-2:51
    Two-Thirds Phase Engagement (2 captures): 2:51-end

    Tora: "Team, we need to demoralize the enemy by taking three of their color and bring it here!"
    Yutori: "Cover me, Tora!"
    Tora: "I have your back, Pointman Yutori."
    Tora: "Operative Kozakura, you're the only class with us hidden from enemy radar until you're within striking distance or getting shot, got it?"
    Kozakura: "Affirmative, leader!"
    Tora: "Sniper Kazuko, defend the flag!"
    Kazuko: "Got it, leader!"
    IA: "I'll be secondary, Tora."
    Nanami: "I'll keep Kazuko safe just off to the flag's side."

    >After she relays her initial orders, she is now ready to order Yutori the first movement tactic of the game.

    Tora: "Yutori, move (walk) southeast to midfield, we're going to engage them directly head-on. Get your bayonets ready."
    Yutori: "Copy that, leader."

    Tora: < Rifleman > 100/100
    Kozakura: < Operative > 100/100
    Yutori: < Pointman > 100/100
    Kazuko: < Designated Marksman > 100/100
    IA: < Combat Medic > 100/100
    Nanami: < Support > 100/100
  • Backlash 06-02-2018, 10:48 PM (Edited 06-02-2018, 10:55 PM)
    > China was a wide, flat land, always suited to vast empires and open-field warfare. Long ago, even prior to the widespread adoption of cavalry, the dynasties of old had forged empires that dominated the known world. From the jungles of Hainan to the fringe of Siberia, and from the deserts of the Gobi to the Land of the Rising Sun, the influence of the Middle Kingdom was once something not only accepted, but respected and perhaps even revered.
    > How times had changed. When modernism finally visited the Heavenly Kingdom, it had arrived perched upon a dreadnought's smoking guns. Given unenviable circumstance, the Chinese people were forced to build in one hundred years what the continental powers had made in one thousand. Yet build, they did. Wooden halls and humble dwellings gave way to skyscrapers and apartments. The new China had no need for such archaic trappings. Even the land itself had proven subordinate to the will of its people. In the rural provinces, it was as if some invisible hand had slashed forests and swept aside villages, planting derricks, depots, and vast storage tanks in their stead. Such was where the strike team found itself today, a strew of modernity in a sea of bamboo and grass.

    > Musing upon this, as had become her habit over the years, Sally Rhodes let out a contented sigh. Then she replaced the eye to her sights.

    > She was an older lass, Sally. Though her bright blonde hair had yet to be marred by a strand of gray, she carried herself with stiff shoulders and sharp eyes, and commanded attention the moment she spoke. Yet what use was there for her today? In a world where war had become nothing more than a game, she herself had become a relic of days past. Did her new comrades resent her? Pity her, even? Such black feelings gripped her at least once per day, and she longed for some easy answer to finally present itself.
    > Then, finally, something familiar. Shrouded in the fog at the far side of the hollow, a whole stalk of bamboo snapped and fell. Swiftly she trained her sights on the place. Sure enough, the phantoms of a large vehicle and several soldiers peered out into the clearing just past the hollow.
    > Sally held her breath and fastened hands upon her battle rifle. But then, remembering her orders, she steadily keyed the radio and held it to her ear.

    Sally: "Echo-Actual to Able Zero-One. I've spotted enemy personnel and light vehicles at coordinates two-six by seven-zero. They're moving southwest to the west of the storage tanks; requesting permission to engage, out."

    > The response came promptly.

    Kay: "Mhm, mhm! Good copy hun, we see 'em. But you do -not- have permission to fire on that group."
    Sally: "Ma'am!"
    Kay: "Element of surprise, hun. B'sides, what's the fun in shootin' somebody in the back? Just leave a camera in the windowsill and head back to base 'n case anyone tries to nab our flag."

    > At first Sally gaped with disbelief, then she found herself gritting teeth with frustration. Two minutes after the Japanese had disappeared behind the storage tank, the radio spoke,

    Kay: "Ashe, line us up right towards 'em. Get ready to evade if that chick with the raven hair gets any funny ideas. Steady, steady... Punch it!"

    > The tiny speaker struggled trying to convey the THUMP of the COMVAT's main gun, till finally Sally shut it off and stowed it in her vest.

    NOTE: The COMVAT was an M2 Bradley IFV fitted with a more powerful 45mm autocannon. Though loved by its test pilots, the program was ultimately scrapped for reasons unclear.
  • LucianDreamer 06-02-2018, 11:06 PM (Edited 06-02-2018, 11:35 PM)
    >Tora, Yutori, and IA did a good job hiding in one of the storage tanks, but as soon as Yutori is about to show herself, her heart begins to pound.

    Tora: "What is it!?"
    Yutori: "Fully armed infantry vehicle, Tora, give me another move, quick."
    Tora: "To the next storage tank just east of here, we may have to engage them a bit to draw their attention."
    IA: "My medic bag is ready, just in case."
    Tora: "All right, move out east."

    >In the meanwhile, Kozakura moves ahead of herself into the gas station east of the map and hides in the back of the building.

    Kozakura: *whisper* "My sword is not ready until I get in close."
  • Backlash 06-02-2018, 11:48 PM
    Kay: "YEE-HAAW! Haha!"

    > Kay Springfield squealed with glee as the COMVAT crested a mote of dirt and lifted in the air. Before the Japanese could take cover inside the ring of storage tanks, one round from the main gun struck the ground right beside Yutori, inflicting fourteen points of damage. Luckily, the rest of the group escaped almost entirely unscathed.

    Kay: "Makin' war, the American way."
    Ashley: "Through a magnified sight, safe inside twenty tons of steel?"
    Kay: "Nothin' else comes close!"

    > The COMVAT tore up the grass and shredded the fence between the two tanks. Yet when the dust settled, it became abundantly clear the Japanese had scampered off somewhere else.

    > This left Kay with something of a conundrum. Standard procedure forbade entering enclosed spaces with armored vehicles, lest an enemy target the weak top armor of the vehicle. What's more, some Job had placed scaffolding on and in between the great tanks, affording their enemies ample opportunity.
    > A quick calculus ran in the sergeant's mind. Ultimately, she gave the order to retreat back into the bamboo forest.

    Kay: "Let's wait 'em out, see what they do. If we're lucky, we can pick one of 'em off when she darts across open ground."

    > Meanwhile, Sally was making her way back to her team's flag, chancing within ten yards of the gas station. Frustrated with her orders, she might've overlooked the eyes watching her out the window.

    [spoiler title='Strike Team Seven-Six']
    > Kay Springfield - 100/100
    > Kirino Kousaka - 100/100
    > Harriet Seaver - 100/100
    > Taylor Coleman - 100/100
    > Sally Rhodes - 100/100
    > Ashley Heath - 100/100
    > COMVAT - 10/10[/spoiler]
  • LucianDreamer 06-03-2018, 08:51 AM (Edited 06-03-2018, 08:53 AM)
    Yutori: "Hnnnggg, I'm hit!"
    Tora: "Engage them, pop its tires!"
    IA: "I'm here with you, Yutori, hold still."

    >Tora takes aim with her Type 30 standard-issue rifle onto a moving experimental IFV and nearly missed.

    Tora: "Ack, I'm missed!"
    Yutori: "I'll get them!"

    >Yutori whips out her Howa Type 89 and begins firing a stream of bullets onto the IFV just as she slides a bit into the prone position.

    >3 damage dealt to the IFV, and possibly injuring one of the passengers to the chest.
    >Kazuko and Nanami can overhear the commotion coming from midfield, unfazed.

    Kazuko: "I got nothing on my infrared goggles; do you see anything, Nanami?"
    Nanami: "No, ma'am. Just keep guarding as usual."
    Kazuko: "Understood."

    >The swordswoman ninja Kozakura quietly exits the gas station, edging herself along the lake covered in mist, which is also the map boundary in hopes she was not spotted by the vehicle or Sally. She quickly takes cover behind one of the storage tanks within the enemy base.

    Kozakura: *whisper* "Almost there... I can almost see the stars-and-stripes within the distance."

    Tora: < Rifleman > 100/100
    Kozakura: < Operative > 100/100
    Yutori: < Pointman > 86/100
    Kazuko: < Designated Marksman > 100/100
    IA: < Combat Medic > 100/100
    Nanami: < Support > 100/100
  • Backlash 06-03-2018, 11:10 AM (Edited 06-03-2018, 11:14 AM)
    > Kay clung to the gunner's mantle as the vehicle heaved about for a second pass. Their passengers complained about being tossed about like ragdolls, while her driver reported they'd nearly been detracked. Her sniper had gone radio-silent for reasons unknown.
    > Situation excellent, she thought to herself. I'm advancing.

    Ashley: "Your orders, ma'am?"
    Kay: "Time to put this thing to good use. Ashe, face us t'wards that derrick in the center and halt. I'll pop smoke to cover the gals in the back."
    Ashley: "And the Japanese on the tanks?"
    Kay: "I'll handle them."

    > Once Ashe had locked the treads, Kay pulled a lever to her right. Instantly, the vehicle was shrouded by a cloud of smoke nearly five meters in radius, giving Kirino and company the opportunity to disembark and advance. Meanwhile Kay had switched to her thermal optics, and was already sizing up the Japanese.

    Kay: "Get down here, you."

    > Aiming carefully, she let loose the gun on a gunner laid prone on the upper level of the central derrick. It was a devastating shot, exploding right in front of her face (75 points), though luckily the follow-up missed her by a hair. A second burst ruptured the well in the center, splattering IA with silty water and crude. All around them, the building was disintegrating, as the American infantry continued their advance.

    Kirino: "Smoke, out! Second... smoke! Move in, gals! Go, go!"

    > Clutching her shotgun tight, Kirino and company braved a hail of bullets to get to the derrick. She flinched when a chance grenade exploded nearby, but she wouldn't let it keep her for long. Her efforts were rewarded when she stumbled across the Japanese machine-gunner in a pile of twisted metal and concrete dust. The floor must've been blown out from underneath her.

    > She hesitated a moment, seeing her writhe and cough in the rubble. She thought perhaps she might spare her an extra bruise. In an awkward movement she flipped Yutori on her back, planted a knee on her chest, and sighted the shotgun right on her face. In her best Japanese, Kirino asked, "Surrender, yes?"
    > Meanwhile, Harriet and Taylor circled around back. They aimed to surprise their opponents, hopefully before the whole derrick collapsed in a heap.

    > Some ways off, Sally Rhodes was carefully making her way through the bamboo towards the flag. Their depot laid at the bottom of a shallow hollow in the middle of a clearing. She'd still no idea if anyone were nearby, but her caution allowed her to remain undetected herself.

    [spoiler title='Strike Team Seven-Six']
    > Kay Springfield - 100/100
    > Kirino Kousaka - 86/100
    > Harriet Seaver - 91/100
    > Taylor Coleman - 100/100
    > Sally Rhodes - 100/100
    > Ashley Heath - 100/100
    > COMVAT - 7/10[/spoiler]
  • LucianDreamer 06-03-2018, 12:15 PM (Edited 06-03-2018, 02:25 PM)
    >IA is shortened out the moment water touched her since she's a programmed AI being, forcing her to respawn 15 seconds.

    >Yutori pulled out a combat knife and sliced Kirino in her right arm (30 damage), then with the butt of her Type 89, she knocks her out dead, forcing her to wait 15 seconds along with IA.

    Yutori: "That'll show you! Tora, are you all right?"
    Tora: "Barely, one or two more hits to a forced return spawn."
    Yutori: "Looks like IA is going to have to catch up with us on her next attempt."
    Tora: "Whatever that case, oh wait... They are making a run for it, shoot to kill, now!"

    >Tora lines up her Type 30 rifle for one more shot before she gives in to Harriet's machine gun bullets and Yutori trying her best to riddle Ashe.

    >Tora and Yutori then have to respawn too for 15 seconds.

    >Kozakura spots Sally, and she's about to draw her sword, which by then causes her to pop up on everyone's radar for the enemy.

    Kozakura: "Come and get this, heeeya!"

    >She draws her sword, risking her cover, sprinting as fast as she can towards her rear and makes a good slice out of her. (50 damage)

    Kozakura: "Now for the flag." *she says to herself*

    >She can see the flag just a few yards away. As Sally recovers from the gaping wound, she climbs up the base's stairs, puts away her sword, lifts the banner, and radios in to her team.

    Announcer: "Team USA flag taken!"
    Kozakura: "I GOT THE FLAG!"
    Kazuko: "Excellent, now bring it back to our base with haste!"

    >Just as Kozakura starts making a run for it IA, Tora, and Yutori respawned back at base. However, Kirino has respawned as well.

    Tora: < Rifleman > 100/100 (Respawned)
    Kozakura: < Operative > 100/100 (Carrying enemy's flag)
    Yutori: < Pointman > 100/100 (Respawned)
    Kazuko: < Designated Marksman > 100/100
    IA: < Combat Medic > 100/100 (Respawned)
    Nanami: < Support > 100/100
  • Backlash 06-04-2018, 04:37 PM (Edited 06-04-2018, 04:38 PM)
    > Sally staggered to her feet, clutching her side where the assailant had slashed her. There was no wound, no blood, but the pain was absolutely crippling. She was slumping against a tree, trying to get her bearings, when suddenly she heard some sort of announcement. Moments later, the sound of a shotgun slamfiring nearby.

    Sally: "Kousaka?"

    > Her question was was met with indistinct shouting, followed by even more blasts from her gun.

    > Once she'd made heads and tails, there was Lieutenant Kousaka, campaign hat and all, running out of the depot in pursuit of their flag.
    > Sally's assailant twisted and weaved around every single shot. Through some trick of the eye, she seemed to appear in two places at once. Even once she'd laid prone and adjusted her sights for distance, Sally struggled just to keep a bead on Kozakura.
    > The shot hit her right in the abdomen. Not enough to kill, not in this day and age, but just enough to stagger and slow her down a bit. Without a moment's hesitation, Sally grabbed her pistol and dashed off to finish the job.

    > Meanwhile, the survivors of the derrick raid were patching themselves up behind the COMVAT. It'd been a hectic five minutes, but at last they'd earned a temporary reprieve from the fighting.

    > Ashley chased a butterfly. Harriet chomped on some boiled sweets. Taylor simply leaned against the COMVAT and hummed looking at the clouds. As for Kay, her eyes were fixated firmly on the map.

    "If we head due north and take the east road, we might be able to flank 'em in their base," Kay said to no one in particular, albeit hoping Harriet would overhear.
    "And what if we run into 'em on the way?" asked Harriet, helping herself to a second caramel.
    "T'won't be too bad. We'll suppress 'em with the gun while you gals get close and take 'em out."
    "Were it so easy, sarge."
    "C'mon hun, we've got this! And if we don't? Well, I'd reckon we could always call for an Escalation. Town's awful big for the twelve 'a us."

    > Sally's shot struck Kozakura for 60 points, with a few of Kirino's pellets doing an additional 12 damage. As you're reading this, Kay and company have packed up and are heading northeast along the edge of the lake, aiming to approach JP's spawn from the east.

    > The US team is considering an Escalation, which would add additional weapons and support abilities, and raise player count on the map to 64 total. Don't worry, they wouldn't need characters.

    [spoiler title='Strike Team Seven-Six']
    Kay Springfield - < Rifleman > - 100/100
    Kirino Kousaka - < Shotgunner > - 100/100 (Respawned)
    Harriet Seaver - < Machine Gunner > - 100/100
    Taylor Coleman - < Combat Engineer > - 100/100
    Sally Rhodes - < Sniper > - 50/100
    Ashley Heath - < Pointman, APC Pilot > - 100/100
    COMVAT - < Prototype APC > - 7/10[/spoiler]
  • LucianDreamer 06-04-2018, 05:12 PM (Edited 08-19-2018, 09:33 AM)
    Kozakura: "W-Where's my medic, I think I been hit, but I still have their flag." *she says to herself*

    >As Kozakura is already halfway reaching back to the base limping, Kazuko and Nanami heard something coming from the east. Tora, IA, and Yutori seconds later heard it too.

    Tora: "Team, we'll wait for our Operative to finish her run, I say everyone here, defend the flag!"
    IA: "Clear and ready to go, Tora."
    Yutori: "I'll take care of the rooftop's turret."
    Kazuko: "I bet I'll pop that vehicle to bits once I see it... with this."

    >Kozakura still being chased by Kirino and Sally and hot on her tail is almost there, she can see her teammates.

    Tora: "C'mon Kozakura, you can do it! This will be our first capture to three!"
    Yutori: "Yeah, you can do it!"
    IA: "I'll heal her up; she does look like in pain."

    >IA rushes over to Kozakura's aid when she is yards away from the Rising Sun flag. Just then, the rumble of the COMVAT passing over the map boundary as an exploit too close for comfort engages with the team.

    Kazuko: *smugs* "Time to snipe you off the road, it's showtime." *she cocks her rifle*

    Tora: < Rifleman > 100/100
    Kozakura: < Operative > 28/100 (Carrying enemy's flag)
    Yutori: < Pointman > 100/100
    Kazuko: < Designated Marksman > 100/100
    IA: < Combat Medic > 100/100
    Nanami: < Support > 100/100
  • LucianDreamer 06-05-2018, 12:19 PM (Edited 06-05-2018, 08:39 PM)
    OOC: New players who are spectating or are hoping to join voluntarily, you can still pick a country that have not been picked, as well as draft your six characters until our first match is over. Note that some countries such as Italy, France, Belgium, etc. are trickier to draft them due to a narrower selection.
  • Backlash 06-06-2018, 03:12 PM
    > Kay Springfield squinted through her binoculars at the enemy holed up around their flag. She hid, nigh-undetectable, in a thick copse of kudzu vine. The COMVAT hid silently in a little hollow carved out for an oil well, while the rest of her team were out and about watching their flanks.
    > The enemy was smart. She scarcely saw them, save for when they changed positions. All told, she counted three of them. But she knew the value of a sniper watching their flag, and having encountered none in the neighborhoods they'd bypassed, she was sure there was one hiding in the brush.
    > She pondered the options as her fingers slid across the support panel. A smoke barrage would blind them and allow the COMVAT to swoop in and take the flag, while a second vehicle could let them overrun their base, winning by default.

    Kay: "Decisions, decisions."

    > Meanwhile, Sally Rhodes was running as fast as her long stride could carry her. She cleared logs and rocks effortlessly, all whilst keeping an eye on her prize. When she'd closed the gap she'd fire several rounds into their carrier. Kirino was still several seconds behind, and the COMVAT was far off to the North. It came down to her to make the elimination. She planted her feet, took aim, and whittled her down to just two health before the buckshot got her.

    > But now they had a bigger problem on their hands. The flag had been dropped in the middle of a flat, open field, and at least one of them would need to spend two minutes beside it to return it.
    > What's more, the Japanese still hadn't rolled out their combat vehicle.

    [spoiler title='Strike Team Seven-Six']
    Kay Springfield - < Rifleman > - 100/100
    Kirino Kousaka - < Shotgunner > - 100/100
    Harriet Seaver - < Machine Gunner > - 100/100
    Taylor Coleman - < Combat Engineer > - 100/100
    Sally Rhodes - < Sniper > - 50/100
    Ashley Heath - < Pointman, APC Pilot > - 100/100
    COMVAT - < Prototype APC > - 7/10[/spoiler]
  • LucianDreamer 06-06-2018, 05:38 PM (Edited 08-19-2018, 09:41 AM)
    >Kozakura tripped from receiving another series of blasts, one particularly from Kirino's Ithaca shotgun. As soon as she limps so much that, she lost her grip on the flag, the announcer booms again.

    Announcer: "Team USA flag dropped!"

    Tora: "Grrr... we dropped the enemy's flag, someone else, go get it!"
    Nanami: "Right then, I'm on it, leader!"
    IA: "I didn't make it, but I'll show them a bit of my friend's pity." *She readies the bayonet on Sally*

    >Kozakura is bled out, respawning in 15 seconds.

    >The flag cannot wait around by itself, if no one picks it up within sixty seconds since it was dropped, or someone on the enemy team does, it automatically is returned to its owner base, as if nothing have happened and Tora's efforts will be placed in doubt. IA and Nanami hopes it never happens.

    >For the rest of the team, Kazuko spotted the COMVAT as it sweeps around the hillside, with infrared goggles on to protect her eyes, activates the laser sight on her scope, and takes aim for a good three seconds locking onto the engine of the vehicle.

    Kazuko: "Easy..." *she waits for the vehicle to come out of the smoke cloud* "Steady... BOOM!"

    >Just as she says it, her anti-material sniper rifle let out a bang and the COMVAT starts to smoke on its front engine, one more hit and it will be blown to pieces. She has inflicted 5 damage on the vehicle.

    Yutori: "Blast them!"
    Tora: "Without a doubt, here they come."

    >Yutori begins firing the rooftop turret whilst Tora makes potshots out of the advancing enemy team with her Type 30.

    >IA is about to make the first charge with her Type 38 rifle, planting her feet in front of Sally from meters away and the dropped USA flag. 
    >She had better be quick if she can make it towards her target and pick it up or waste it, get shot, and start over the offensive run again to the enemy base.
    >Nanami instead of rushing alongside IA, she runs towards the vehicle depot northwest of the JP base and goes for an 8x8 MCV (Maneuver Combat Vehicle), one that will challenge the enemy APC on an even footing. Under the game's vehicle classification rules, it counts as an APC that shoots out shells like a tank for Team Japan, and it is amphibious, allowing it to enter water without fear of exploding or sinking.

    Tora: < Rifleman > 100/100
    Kozakura: < Operative > (Respawning)
    Yutori: < Pointman > 100/100
    Kazuko: < Designated Marksman > 100/100
    IA: < Combat Medic > 100/100
    Nanami: < Support > 100/100 (In an MCV)
    MCV APC: 10/10
  • Backlash 06-07-2018, 04:59 PM (Edited 06-07-2018, 05:01 PM)
    > Sally cursed herself for having abandoned her rifle. But then she caught sight of the PDW dropped by her fallen adversary. Pushing the corpse on its back with her boot, she lifted the strap over Kozakura's head and slung it upon her shoulder.
    > This weapon was strange to her. Lighter, shorter, and bulkier than the typical American gun. It didn't take her long to get the hang of sighting it against a tree, though she'd require time to understand its inner workings. Time which it turns out was in scarce supply.
    > Just as she was joined by Lieutenant Kousaka, a great explosion rang out from the far side of the field. The COMVAT, having proven unsuccessful in its bid to take the enemy flag, had been struck hard by the advancing enemy team. As the crippled vehicle rolled to a halt just a handful of yards away from the enemy gunners, letting the autocannon return fire for devastating effect.
    > It was right about then that Sally became aware of the bullets whizzing just beside her abdomen. She hit the deck in an instant, taking Kousaka with her, and having little concealment in the low grass, braced her weapon and took aim.

    > Things were scarcely better in the COMVAT. Though Kay's experience had delivered her through the initial hit, the engine caught fire just seconds later. The air inside the COMVAT was all but unbearably hot, and the flames danced dangerously close to their caseless ammunition stores.

    > Given little choice, she threw open the hatch and wriggled out of the burning vehicle. She'd just cleared five yards and landed in a muddy ditch when the entire thing went up in a burst of fire and shrapnel.
    > Meanwhile, their two surviving passengers had already broken out and taken the fight to the enemy.

    > Harriet Seaver planted her knee in the mud, shot off short bursts of the SAW at the rock Tora hid behind. The COMVAT would've chewed it up like cardboard, but she'd left that thing behind at the first sign of trouble.

    Taylor: "Time to lay down the law!"

    > For her part, Taylor shot off two rockets from the SMAW at Tora, neither of which produced much effect. But Kay was swiftly recovering, and though she'd left her rifle inside the smoldering wreck, her trusty M1911 was already in her hands. The odds seemed stacked decidedly in her favor.

    > IA took 11 damage from a lucky shot by Kirino, but dodged everything else her and Sally could throw at her. Meanwhile, Yutori was swiftly eliminated by the COMVAT's gun, while Tora escaped unscathed.

    > Kay took very minor damage due to shrapnel. Ashley Heath, driver of the COMVAT, could not escape the burning vehicle.
    > Nobody on the American team knows about Kazuko. Not yet, anyway.

    [spoiler title='Strike Team Seven-Six']
    Kay Springfield - < Rifleman > - 96/100
    Kirino Kousaka - < Shotgunner > - 100/100
    Harriet Seaver - < Machine Gunner > - 100/100
    Taylor Coleman - < Combat Engineer > - 100/100
    Sally Rhodes - < Sniper > - 50/100
    Ashley Heath - < Pointman> - (Respawning)
    COMVAT - < Prototype APC > - (Respawning)[/spoiler]

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