Boku no Pico

  • Kiss of Death 06-29-2015, 02:48 PM (Edited 10-20-2015, 08:27 AM)
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    Boku no Pico

    Boku no Pico, the one and only anime that people obsessively troll others with, encouraging them to watch it, sometimes not even knowing what it is themselves. In reality, it's a short OVA series, consisting of 3 entries, with the average episode length of 34 minutes. What's so unique about this production is that it's wrong on many levels. Too many levels, one would say. Being a hentai, that's one thing, but... there's intercourses between minors, between minor and adult, crossdressing, relationships of the homosexual nature... for each their own, I suppose.

    Apparently, this production has been thoroughly researched before taking the shape it has today. While this does seem doubtful, for a short shotacon hentai at the very least, it would explain why the form of it - despite being proudly announced as the "world's first" by the producer - appears rather low-cost. Let's face it: there aren't many hentai productions with advanced animations or eye-candy graphics, and Boku no Pico is no exception. The anime doesn't visually impress the viewer with its bland sceneries, washed out colors and looped, simple animations. To add insult to injury, the character designs are just as simple and unimaginative as the rest of it. There is some diversity here and there, but overall, the visuals are just as generic as they get.
    Graphics: 16/20

    Sadly, not only the visuals have been stricken by the poor management of resources. The soundtrack of the whole thing consists of different variations of the melody used in the opening song, which in itself is nothing more than ill squealing, causing your ears to bleed. Some would say that it's hard to require for a simple hentai to have a good soundtrack, but from what I've observed, some producers value this aspect over the others, resulting in a calming, vibrating sensation in my ears, disrupted only by the sounds of the main/side characters getting at it. In Boku no Pico's case, the music that is intended to soothe our sensations simply hurts them.
    Music: 17/20

    It's seemingly hard to talk about porn having plot, right? Luckily, hentai don't really have that problem, as the overall pounding is often accompanied by the befitting plot to move it forward. The ones with plot aren't even that hard to find - run any random hentai on any online streaming site, and the chance that you've found one is rather big. Bible Black? There's occults, hell. Namanaka Hyaku Percent? Sure, let me see them fetishes. Akiba-kei Kanojo? Still better love story than Twilight. And the list goes on. The problem with Boku no Pico, hovewer, is that it lacks the plot whatsoever. In the first OVA, we can see Your Average Adult„¢, Tamotsu, who by accident found a child bathing naked near the beach. Due to their feminine appearance, he for some reason fell for that child. He then visits a cafe, meets that child, named Pico, is told to take care of him and seduces him, to later discover that it's a boy... which doesn't bother him in the least. In the second and third OVA Tamotsu is gone, but we see Pico spreading the improper relationships to his friends, Chico (after peeping on his sister masturbating while at his house) and Coco (a runaway whom Pico has fallen for), both boys. Sounds interesting? No? Then you have absolutely no reason to see it, as apart from that, it's no more than animated child boy on boy pornography.
    Plot: 19/20

    So, we have something that hurts our eyes, our ears... let's move on to something that will hurt your brain. I've seen many one-dimensional characters in anime, even more so in hentai, but the ones shown here are especially shallow. Pico, the young boy, whose age wasn't specified, is not your run-of-the-mill rape victim. He's gullible to have trusted Tamotsu, doesn't have the slightest understanding of what's good or bad, and is enough sick on the mind to 'teach' his younger friend, Chico, the very same 'sensation' he went through. Moreover, by looking closely at his phrases in the anime, his mentality is that of the lovestruck teenage girl, who's deprived enough to be willing to go all the way at the first date. Neither Chico nor Coco differ much from his personality, either. We get to see a little drama involving both Pico (episode 1) and Coco (episode 3) in a very similar pattern as well, suggesting that apart from being what they are, the sex-obsessed youngsters are also children in their hearts... as if I'd believe that. To add some salt on the wound, in the very first episode we get to see Tamotsu, who doesn't care about absolutely nothing just to have some with his oh-so-dear Pico, and Pico's grandfather, who's irresponsible enough to entrust a stranger (being a cafe's frequent customer isn't enough to earn trust) with his grandson. In short, this OVA series, that already lacks common sense, doesn't even try to defend itself with well-written characters, instead giving us a freak show.
    Characters: 20/20

    To finish off this tyrade of pain, I have yet one thing to say. It wasn't actually so bad. I mean, it was a pain to see, definitely not something I'd watch for pleasure, but I didn't cringe all the time as I thought I would. In the end it is simply a boring, mediocre hentai show, that offers something different than all the other shows of the same genre. It was a bitter pill to swallow, I'll give you that, but with enough poured into the glass to soothe the aftertaste it doesn't have to leave a permanent mark embedded in your brain, leaving you scarred for life.
    Enjoyment: 10/20

    Total score: 82/100
    Judgement: ROTTEN
  • Loko 06-29-2015, 04:14 PM (Edited 07-29-2015, 04:48 AM)
    Wow, that review was simply astounding. You somehow managed to analyze the shit stains that Boku no Pico dumps on a three episodic basis. I'm highly impressed.
  • Kiss of Death 06-30-2015, 03:50 AM (Edited 07-29-2015, 04:49 AM)
    (06-29-2015, 04:14 PM)Lokorfi Wrote: Wow, that review was simply astounding. You somehow managed to analyze the shit stains that Boku no Pico dumps on a three episodic basis. I'm highly impressed.

    Hey, thanks! Nice to see someone read it. ^^

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Boku no Pico