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  • Backlash 06-13-2020, 09:27 AM
    Wherein we discuss various aspects regarding the industry, the Vocaloids, and share the songs we can't get enough of. (≧▽≦)

    I recently discovered Ia's single, Higher, through Spotify's "Radio" feature (essentially turning it into Pandora), and I honestly thought they got the name confused with some indie Pop-Rap artist here in the States. This is the best English tuning I've ever heard! The music video is pretty cute, too. ^~^

  • Backlash 12-19-2020, 04:49 PM
    Y'know... I'm not sure why I thought wowaka passed away by his own hand. I'd then suspected it was because Samfree had taken that route in 2015 [ September 24th marking half a decade since ], only to realize my mind was still playing tricks on me. Huh...

    Well~, aside from my newfound worry about early-onset Alzheimers~, I suppose I should be somewhat relieved. After all, Wowaka gained a group of close-knit friends in the band would join, and Samfree would go on to have his music licensed in some of the best anime of the decade, including the Monogatari series.

    The song that inspired me to write this, Unknown Mother Goose, was the former's final Vocaloid song composed for Hatsune Miku's 10th anniversary. Given context, it's transformed for me what was once a cry for help, into the resounding sendoff it would've been.

    PV Wrote:
    Lyrics Wrote:> If I was to express my love, how exactly would it be projected on those eyes?
    > Words {are always} nothing but excessive, a pure sound streams on...
    > Until you are smeared entirely with love, that colour is but a mirage.
    > All alone, when I am engulfed by sound, {it is} universal delight.

    > A livelihood indulging in boring stupefaction, everyone traces after him
    > Yet again I plugged up my ears, against a repeating, reused song
    > If you are to express your love, will that {then be used as} your answer?
    > If you’re pretending to have closed your eyes, then please open them with this song!

    > I think of nothing but that story unknown to all,
    > I embraced {it} close {and} danced, shedding tears, to the point of almost breaking
    > If a sentimental argument void of distinction is allowed then…
    > I have a heart seemingly on the verge of breaking apart,
    > that I swallowed back down, unable to even burst into tears
    > -- Let me scream that!

    > Even if the world rejects me, right now, I wonder if you won’t let me sing a song of love?
    > I wonder if it’s ok to try and entrust those feelings,
    > unknown to all, upon this voice one more time?
    > Can you see me?
    > Can you see me?
    > That back, that got nothing but junk thrown at it,
    > If even then they were able to say they loved {it}
    > If even then they were able to wish for love
    > Aa, {perhaps that says} that meaning lies in my everything,

    > Hey, if you’re going to express your love, right now, exactly who is it inside of your heart?
    > Wrenching open the box holding your heart, come on-
    > show yourself (who is) an exact lookalike, to me?
    > If I can become “love” then what colour is that colour now.
    > Loneliness cannot be sorted out by a symbol, I lived shouldering my own heart!

    > Pseudo-doppelgangers overflowed over there
    > And finally, today, at the end of it all;
    > Liela lie lie!
    > They, who created those {things} void of heart
    > Give up {and} wash their hands of it all;
    > Bye b-bye bye!
    > You, left behind, are in this place even now
    > Holding back your tears
    > Why, oh why?
    > I know --
    > That this place has been protected
    > by you all along!

    > I’ve grown far too accustomed to pain and the like
    > The joy anger grief and pleasure that I continued to circle through, thousands upon thousands of times
    > If the joy I can’t part with is in this world
    > will I end up turning even that unrelinquishable grief
    > into a black sheep within this heart?
    > I sure wouldn’t like that!

    > Just how can I love this world?
    > Am I gonna be continuing to roll on forever?
    > Hey, I think
    > I might as well take those feelings unnoticed by all
    > and reveal them {to the world} with this song.
    > What would /you/ wish for?
    > What would /you/ desire for?
    > My heart, creaking, lives in this moment more than anyone else's
    > Can you see me?
    > Can you see me?
    > Is that, the light that illuminates my future {path}?

    > Hey, if you’re gonna scream about your love
    > I’ll be right here
    > Words may be excessive, but,
    > This dream continues on
    > If I was to express my love
    > That everything is this song.
    > That story unknown to all,
    > It seems I’ve gone and hummed it once again.

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All about Vocaloid!