absurd things that happened during gameplay

by Aezeles
  • LucianDreamer 01-12-2020, 05:58 PM
    Everyone knows that just almost every track (solo or multiplayer) are the kind of tracks you normally race. The locales you race on are the type of car you have to race with and everyone is equal in how they handle their vehicles for the sake of fair play. If you cannot handle even a few milliseconds of that one track you desperately get the gold medal to progress into the late game, then you are not as good as the Dutchman who likes to boast. The canyon maps (USA Southwest), the Down and Dirty Valley (Possibly rural U.K. and Ireland for the buildings and high cliffs but more of Russia because of the track props. Lagoon (Japan's many tiny islands as if they somehow expanded once again but without violence), and the U.N.'s biggest dream mega structure, the Intl. Stadium, with only 50 people to maintain it and a legal loophole exempting them for the law of gravity, what the hell? Skipping over water at high speeds, how is that possible on a few tracks? Riding on a roller-coaster road upside down or to the side? Reaching over 600 km/h for over a second or two, also possible, right around the tipping point for prototype F-Zero production vehicles. Who cares about artificial climate change that doesn't involve the Stadium, because they geo-engineered the scenery so much for the sake of capitalizing on the ITAF's annual events that the whole planet is hilariously messed up.

    I found myself flipping off my vehicle at the slightest lining-up mistakes on some of the tracks and either drowned deep in the water, on the other side of the map after a very long jump, or stuck in near-perfect fail ways. Getting even a silver or bronze medal without so much as damaging myself or making a good stunt jump and I still end up criticized weirdly for it like "Whoa, what are you doing?” or "Hey, easy on the paintwork!" I guess they complain somehow for even a tiny bit slow. Fortunately, I can just retry the whole track by pressing a button when necessary at any point with no fuss. Surely, I can hear up to around ten languages randomly for counting down but will always say in English at the very end to know I have to race. It doesn't even take long for me to put myself very close to reaching the elite players in the whole world and my state.
  • Lawly 04-28-2020, 04:30 PM
    I fell asleep while playing chess online and woke up with two minutes left on the clock. 
    I still managed to win though! (≧∇≦)/

    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f66696c65732e636174626f78...6d2e6a7067]
  • LucianDreamer 04-29-2020, 09:46 PM (Edited 04-29-2020, 09:51 PM)
    No way I can spoil my long posts anymore, so I'll just have to make it only this long and keep it at this length to stay on point.

    Ok, so another crazy thing or two I learned when modding my San Andreas, one are the animations I can play around without so much as a tutorial handed to me from famous Japanese modder Ryosuke or his followers and the other one being self-explanatory about damage, fire rate, and stance. For the first one, sometimes it takes a bit of luck trying to get the exact animation I wanted into replacing the same animation I always seen in normal gameplay for years into something a bit more interesting, or to make someone aim in a badass mafia-like way. A few particular bones I shouldn't remove when trying to animate their bodies are the root (possibly controls the whole body's rotation), the pelvis (trunk area that controls most of the body, but not the whole unlike the root), and the legs. If I try to adapt a one-handed aiming style for a two-handed weapon normally meant to have you aim down the sights and utilizing the shoulder or stormtrooper dummy style, then they'll weirdly raise their gun off center but still fires towards the direction of the intended target, including CJ.

    For the second thing, I like to start my game with certain weapons being so weak at first neither CJ nor the peds, gang members, and cops can do much other than absorb each other's damage like soap sponges until I get decent training in common weapons. They are what we are all familiar: the pistol, the Mac-10/Tec-9 since they both share the same stat but their data sets are individually configured, with the Tec-9 infamous for having no recoil on the shooting arm when firing, and the sawn-off that thankfully no one would ever use against the player except through mods. As I get better at firing such weapons meant to do low damage against the player, I will increase the damage potential overtime until it matches the stats from other shooting games released around the time San Andreas was released to be realistic. Other guns would stay the same until I start encountering enemies that can wield them and then I'll try to train in these uncommon-tier weapons, again increasing their damage potential with big buffs.

    For ammo, as I get better with my arsenal, so does the amount of rounds I can carry before having to run out, but so does too peds. Usually, when they shoot at their enemies or dummies, they will always fire four to five bullets, sometimes they’ll fire another burst right away without stopping unless they need to crouch or if their target has been out of sight for a few seconds. Depending on the fire rate of the weapon from the weapon dataset file, it depends on the delay by a small factor it takes for them to shoot a burst of rounds. The closer the fire rate digit is to their starting animation digit, the faster the weapon will fire, meaning a very short delay between bursts, but they'll still have to fire no more than 4-5 bullets, whereas for the player will often see a faster drain on the ammo count. Eventually, the weapon might refuse to fire at all if the fire rate is lower than the starting animation. This means I can safely use that setting temporarily in my ModLoader to gather as many testers as I can in a single vicinity in a slightly curved arc where I can see them. Then I’ll use a small script to give them a weapon I want them to test, since no gunshots fired whilst targeting the peds holding their guns means they can’t flee yet and prepare to use a health cheat to withstand their barrages. Once all of them attempt to fire their guns correctly at the same time as I put back in the correct fire rate, there may be millisecond “last chance” checks. It is the game’s smart way just to see if any of them within 1/10 of a real second of each other they will stay put or flees like a chicken only to be shot in the process.

    If I change the fire rate around for a usually fast weapon like the Uzi/Tec-9 just slightly higher, it actually means they'll take just a little longer in the process of firing the weapon and the delay it takes becomes a little longer before they fire again. Up to a point where if the fire rate is so slow, it would take at best 1.5 to 2 seconds real time delay firing only one bullet at a time yet still doing as much damage regardless of fire rate, it cannot be delayed any further. The same thing can happen to CJ as well, the player will have to wait just as long before firing, making crucial shots essential. I then notice that the fire rate is not universal, there are actually two fire rates, one for standing and the other for crouching, so while one fire rate can be fast or slow whilst standing, once it switches to crouching position or vice-versa, the fire rate has changed. As for the starting animation digit, it mostly determines the angle in which the weapon is being held, usually a higher number results in the shooter holding the gun straight up in the air. Usually when looking back, blocked by an obstruction or if you have higher FPS mod for peds, but as the number gets lower, the angle changes by a significant amount until it points straight at their target or pointing towards the floor.
  • Loko 05-26-2020, 08:52 PM
    (05-26-2020, 11:16 AM)Lawly Wrote:

    i have no idea what just happened, but that was pretty epic
  • Lawly 05-27-2020, 10:59 AM
    Vimeo deleted my account, here is a re-upload with better audio.

  • Backlash 06-29-2020, 06:37 PM (Edited 06-29-2020, 06:38 PM)
    Juuust gonna copy this account from Titanfall 2 singleplayer, which I was describing to @malmon yesterday. He said I nearly made it sound choreographed, though you can be the judge of that. ^_^

    Quote:There was a moment, I think around the middle of the second mission, where you stumble across some enemy soldiers who wonder aloud about scrapping your new friend. Up till then, you've been trying to get a power core to let him reboot and repair his systems, since he used the last of his reserve on saving you. So when I overheard this, I flew into a rage. Bouncing off a nearby rock wall for speed, I pounced on one, broke another's face with the back of my gauntlet, and shot the last in the head just as he'd raised his rifle.

    It was intense... Genuinely, I needed a moment to take it all in. I hadn't felt anything like that from a video game in years.

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absurd things that happened during gameplay