Yuri Danshi-Kun

by Crovus

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02-14-2016, 07:31 PM
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I read this last week, and someone who has read a crap ton of Yaoi/Shonen-ai then this is one of the best. After reading it, I have gotten friends, both Yaoi and Yuri fans to read it and they all agree, it is one fun manga so far. (It is still on-going.) The story in short (so far) follows a group of teens who are, to put it mildly, obsessed with Yuri. However, one day they are transported into an alternative dimensions, one where girls don't exist. The manga keeps itself unique by changing styles from time to time, most of the manga is drawn in a chibi like style, while it sometimes changes to a normal style for more detailed scenes. 

It keeps itself funny by showing who this pervy group of Yuri fans tries to adapt into a world where their most loved hobby doesn't even exist. It even goes as far as one of them complaining how he will die if he don't see a girl soon. In short, the manga is funny so far, and I hope there is more in store. Though this is a Shonen-ai but even people who dislike that sort of thing have given this positive feedback for his humor alone, so its recommended!