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10-29-2015, 07:24 PM
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I dunno, I'm not much for stories I rarely finish them. I lack form and other things needed for a writer. So here is a thread for written snippets, incomplete stories, concepts and ideas related to the written word. Here is something I did a few days ago. Had no direction or conclusion and meaningless/vague. If you are a actual writer, you are welcome to snag lines and concepts from anything I post its all cool with me.

Quote:Woke up around midnight starlight fall through their eyes and flowers coming out of their mouth. They saw the moon and It was falling towards the ground, not to destroy the earth but rather to eat the sugar that hung from the trees. Second full moon of October 304 day of the year. She said she could of saw this coming but that would of been a lie, rather she remembered reaching towards it. If her reach was true and the flowers were actually as sweet as they tasted to her soon the transformation would begin.

Some would say it was nothing more than the pupils blown out in the core of her eyes but she remembers this the first time the starlight fell into her eyes and a voice whispered into her ears. It was all just made of sand any how, or was it blood clots and mud she couldn’t be sure.

“Its one word remember I told you that it’s one word”, she told her brother one night at the bottom of a drunken stupor. Feeling-less and lost in  the silence that was her mind. It was different that night. Different this night.

Screaming at the top of her lungs “Flowers are coming out of my mouth.”

She plucked a lemon from the tree. Offered it to her comrade and shook him by the shoulders, “Taste it trust me”, tearing it in two they drank the juices and offered it up to the sky.

“Can you see the flowers now, they are forming from the stars in my mind”

“Its not real and it’s not like it matters” he responded neither confirming nor denying.

“we are gods now we are love”, finally sure of the one word, the same one whispered into her ear that night the stars first fell into her eyes.

“You are right, but still none of this is real.”
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11-01-2015, 01:15 AM
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It was pretty late and I was down and out as usual, about 10 drinks in and walking downwards quickly. I saw a man who looked desparate, a easy mark for my lust. Shooting a devilish look his way I sat close 'accidently' using his lap as a pivot point. Not looking for sex but rather what he sorta experience he could give me.

"I'm a cheap date, I drink shitty beer", half yelling half whispering into his ear over the music.

It worked. Two more drinks pumped into me in order to take advantage of my realatively young flesh. I let him lead me to a booth. Hands grooping I laughed at his attempt for humanly contact. A souless laugh the sorta thing you hear outta something representing the last death rattles of their empathy.

Here I was, inhebrieted once again unable to truly feel one way or the other. Staring at the ceiling I imagined I saw the memories I had convinced myself I removed. The constellations expressing the days that lead to the meaningless thing I had become. It wasnt working, and he kept trying to kiss me. The breath that ran up my nostrils caused shivers to run down my spine. The odor reminding me I wasnt real. Only moving cause I had learned how. Whiskey, cheap ciggeretes and the faint musk that only comes from unspeakables, on my lips, on my neck.

"You are too eager", I laughed trying to cover up that I was actually crying.

Pushed him off me with no regard for who he was or how he felt. As I pushed my hand up against his chest I could feel his heart sink, the look of self hate in his eyes at my rejection. Quickly churning in his stomach, the special hate became the bile in his mouth.

"Fucking slut", I heard him mumble.

Stumbling out. I collapsed on the sidewalk. No where else to go. I fell asleep, feeling the hands all over me, that werent actually there. Feeling the fear inside me that had died so long ago. None of this was real, just as I wasnt really real at that very moment, just a actor playing a roll waiting for my chance at my groundbreaking monolouge.
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11-01-2015, 01:37 AM
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I like this thread! When I get some more time, I'd love to contribute.

Gotta say, Tomo-chan, your style really resonates with me. The descriptions are just enough that our imaginations can fill in the gaps, while the dialogue is evocative of strong emotion. Especially in your second post, you really get an idea for the manner of squalor your two characters are accustomed to.

In other words, I'd love to hear more!

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There’s guilt, there’s tiredness, there’s guilt, there’s sadness, there’s guilt, there’s always guilt. I lose a battle with my eyes and its filthy, shameful tears when I hear your voice or see your face.

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