Winter Festival Event

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>Two decades after the incident between the Lucians and Chasers, the people of Lucia call for a festival in remembrance to the tragedy that took place in the winter to commemorate the losses resulted from the brutal planetary war.
>I was there but only for a brief few moments during my time as the queen's prince. She was going to be the Empress when the Chasers attacked the capital and left myself for dead cradled in her warmth, the only such dream I had. It was the same queen that I named the planet after, and now when I look back through a recent vision, the planet changed itself dramatically. With the threat of global warming, overpopulation, and overuse of resources, the Empress decided that the demands of the current populace are excessively high that she will have to displace as many people as she can to other inhabitable worlds.
>As your most prominent emissary from a faraway world, I welcome you whole-heartily into my homeworld, Lucia, a world where only your imagination is your limit.
OOC: This event will last until the end of the calendar year, and it is my fourth event as of now. You can partake this event in three ways: Chat with other users at the capital, help the Empress and her royal consort in her palace (I have a thread dedicated to her on the Ebola category), or embark on a spiritual journey southwest to the Moonlit Mountains. Since my planet is currently under Imperial rule, any slight fussing with the populace, the nobility, royal consort, or my Empress is going to get your visit suspended regardless of how you go with it. Lucians don’t take kindly to any form of disrespect during your stay.

Map of Planet Lucia as of 2223 AD
[Image: 68747470733a2f2f612e706f6d66652e636f2f62...782e706e67]
Here's some music that inspired me to start this event:

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> The North American battleship Redwood had always considered herself apart from her four sisters. The distinction started at their first summoning, when the U.S. Navy had labeled her a "byproduct", an "unintended consequence", and worst of all, "a mistake". Her hull number was defaced - reading "BB-61A" - and she was even denied the honor of being named for one of the forty-eight states. Years passed, and when the average American finally rose up against his masters, Redwood was among the first voices to voice her sympathy for their cause.

> On paper, the Second Revolution should've changed everything. She was now named after one of the fifty new republics organized across the continent, and her hull number on all of her clothes now stood as a more dignified "BB-72". But the rifts remained between her and her sisters, and particularly her twin, the lead ship of their class. Thus, when Rear Admiral Taylor announced the creation of an official envoy to the Lucian capital, Redwood's heart practically sank when she'd realized Iowa would be coming along with.

> The atmosphere was tense as the fleet sailed for the capital. Since leaving port, the two battleships had refused to acknowledge each other past the occasional glare. Their escorting destroyers found little need to speak, and their cruisers apparently cared little for small talk. Only when the city lights rolled over the horizon did either of the battleships say a word.

Redwood: "New Tokyo, sighted-"
Iowa: "New Tokyo, 2.9 miles! Cutter, mark!"

> Without even meaning it, Redwood glanced over at her sister with the most vicious, toothy smile her pretty face could muster.

Redwood: "... Thanks, Iowa. I appreciate it."

> Iowa visibly hesitated, but ultimately steeled herself against the mockery. Folding arms and turning away to hide her furrowed brows, she spoke,

Iowa: "Don't mention it! Really, it's the least I could do."

The tension had long been wearing down on their escorts. As usual, O'Bannon was the first to try and cheer everyone up.

O'Bannon: "Let's, ahh... try to enjoy ourselves, 'kay?"
Stella: "Uun! After all, Kurisumasu only comes once a year!"

> Guam exchanged a worried glance with Juneau, who looked the weariest of all six. The two battleships simply averted their gaze from one another and growled under their breath.

Redwood and Iowa: "Fiiine."

> North American Fleet Girls have arrived in New Tokyo! Don't worry, they come in peace. ^^

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*What New Tokyo looks like for first-time tourists*

>The Empress appears to be sleeping, but the royal council is still awake, tending to their usual duties. Emissaries like myself are getting a bunch of calls from other nations as part of our cubicle routines whilst we file in our latest taxpayers' paperwork. The latest flicks in 4K plasma TVs running at 120 FPS at night always catch the unaware into awe and splendor.

>Down in New Tokyo Harbor, the first wave of tourists the dockyard workers never seen before came from a world that only themselves were familiar with, their symbols look like stars and stripes, but within them, they are from a superpower led by a free world leader. How did they ever come here in such a time like this? Setting aside their temper, the dockyard officials near the glowing Rainbow Bridge greeted them with open arms.

Dockyard Official: "Konbanwa! Ruchia e yōkoso!" (Good evening! Welcome to Lucia!)

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The festival has been going very smoothly despite the inactivity, so I like to keep this going until after Christmas.

>A mass exodus of the general citizenry within the past couple of weeks migrated west, escaping the crowded capital to a medium-sized city named Tatekami.

>Tatekami is named after the Father of the Azure and in there is where the majority of the azure-eyed people lived. Most of the city is urban, but there are some shantytowns in its outskirts that can be seen from kilometers.
>The temperatures there are bit more comfortable but are on the edge of the mountaintops, a popular tourist hotspot during the warmer months over the past several years. Recently, that area is receiving less than average snowfall and more rainfall on average per year from its geographic location.
>We can now see some of the Fleet Girls who wanted to take part in the pilgrimage to see the Goddess of the Law of Cycles herself named Godoka.

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>Today is a big day for Planet Lucia, and just a few hours earlier, my co-emissary informed me that she would be going to the festival grounds tomorrow morning, which is soon after the Worms games. Her temporary caffeine binge prevented her from getting any sleep in the last couple of days whilst getting ready for the Tokyo R246 race with her high school friends, along with a few special guests from around the world.
>My Empress is using her birthday to host the most important legalized race ever yet in the nation. About 20 competitors are already scheduling their trips down to the capital, some of them are already there than others.
>The current runners who have just made it to the track for Sunday's race whilst still waiting for the rest are here in white, and absent runners or those knocked out of the race are in grey. Bright green is a racer doing the warm-up test run, green is a racer doing the actual race, yellow is heading for the pits, orange for breaking rules, and red for being suspended from the race.
>The scheduled race for all 20 drivers is not going to start until all are ready and will be updated as time passes.

>In the meanwhile, the journey for the migrants continued onto the magical forest of Deepwood, home to all of the elven kind. Singled out from all known civilizations due to the thickness of its trees and precarious paths, some go far as to reveal that the Elves call it their home and never really ventured out for kilometers save for the occasional envoy from the big cities. It is where magic is at the core of their life, from studies to recreation. It is the second important stop in the long road to the famous mountains that lies ahead.

Line-Up for 12/24/2017 race 16:00 JST

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The full race prologue (English version)


Commentator 1: “It is roughly three in the afternoon here in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, and we already have a huge crowd gathering here. We don’t get to see the sun out today, and we had some rain from the other night, but it wasn’t too bad to ruin their days.”
Commentator 2: “A-a-and let me tell you, these folks are all eager to see them doing a race to help the poor people in Okinawa and the rest of Ryukyu; they are excited about all this. Therefore, what do you say, what do we have here on the track down today?”
Commentator 1: “As you can see, it looks like it is mostly girls, normally we used to have the big boys from time to time across history reeling in on the prizes from the championships, but this is no championship, this is a non-funded charity program to help raise awareness and hope for the southern islands, is that correct?”
Commentator 2: “Ah, yes, you got that right. I do think they are going to be for some very fierce action, we are seeing cars coming from all sorts of categories and from various hallmark years, the only restriction they cannot put on their cars is that they do not go beyond 402 km/h in their top end gears. They do look tuned to fit for this route. I see no problem with that from the looks at them.”
Commentator 1: “Let us have a look at what is happening around the track, today, shall we?”

*Camera switches over to the track looking down at the start/finish line*

Commentator 2: “Now, what we seeing here is there is still a bit of wind blowing around, but no sign of any further rain forecasted for today. The audience went cheering on and on from some of the last racers doing the warm-up. They are just one or two laps away from completing their evaluation tests. As we shift the camera, there she is, the Empress watching over the track from one of the skyscrapers by the bulletproof glass panes with three of her royal guards.”
Commentator 1: “Has the Empress been to such races before?”
Commentator 2: “No, this is her first; the last race held here was several months ago with few racers.”
Commentator 1: “Oh, and what was the last race for, again?”
Commentator 2: “The All-Japan GT Championship, if I could remember that.”
Commentator 1: “Oh, silly me, silly me! So, let me ask you this, what is with the whole, ahem, the commotion across the Pacific lately?”
Commentator 2: “The latest reports over the past few weeks said that many of our small islands are torn to shreds by artillery fire. Some were blasted to ash by the giant carpet bombers. There were many ships went missing or were downed in the ocean below.”
Commentator 1: “Really, that isn’t sounding good, you see, the military were doing good these days since the summer, but now, something isn’t totally right.”
Commentator 2: “Well, let us not get ahead of our own leeway debate with the lack of oil, oil is nothing to scoff at, we are going for the alternative to replace that. Now, let’s get back to the track.”

*The camera then switches to one of the reporter’s arms on the ground showing some of the drivers at the pit stop lane. They seem chill, chattering about and inspecting their vehicles.*

Interviewer: “So, 3:30PM has come, and we are just two drivers away from completing their runs, everybody else is waiting for them to finish before the race can begin proper. We go to the various drivers around and ask them.”

*A blonde haired girl in a white school uniform named Chitoge stands near her blue Custom Maybach, chilling out by herself. We go to her for a few brief questions before moving to the next.*

Interviewer: “Hey, Chitoge, what is your reason for coming down to this race?”
Chitoge Kirisaki: “Good question, I always want to help other people to show that I really care for them in both countries. Grown up from the West, I am no stranger to these traditions, but what is more important to me is my caring for my friends.”
Interviewer: “Do you have any plans for tomorrow’s Christmas?”
Chitoge Kirisaki: “Oh, totally! I am very optimistic to keep relations with my family and friends’ families in check, I been given this a while ago as status. This is my early gift, actually.”
Interviewer: “Oh, you did celebrated that early.”
Chitoge Kirisaki: “Of course, indeed, it may look old but I can prove it.” *blushes*
Interviewer: “And what you will do after that?”
Chitoge Kirisaki: “Since this is my last month on a student visa, I might as well go back to where I came from and continue my studies at home. I am well known around here, but only for that long.”
Interviewer: “Oh, okay then, well, have fun anyway.”
Chitoge Kirisaki: "Thank you." *She then goes back to her car and do a final self-inspection before getting in*

*A girl never seen before in a classy orange Elise goes by the name of Arancia. As mysterious as her name goes, she brought up her intentions to raise awareness for herself in a so-called Arancia Project.*

Interviewer: “We don’t know you around here, what’s up?”
Arancia: “Oh, this beauty? This is the beauty of mine I just got is purely aesthetic, I just want to show the world how awesome I am!”
Interviewer: “So, what do you do around here, coming this far?”
Arancia: “You see, living in a world where illness is out to get you, you may think I am the personification of everything that is orange, the juicy flavor I always like to make me feel better. I have the lucky chance to participate in anticipation of the flu season every year to get people informed about the risks of influenza and all that.”
Interviewer: “You like your favorite juice a lot, isn’t it?”
Arancia: “Yep, I am all for it for life, that is why I come here.” *smiles*
Interviewer: “Last question, do you have any plans for the holidays?”
Arancia: “I sure will, I want to bring out gifts of fruits to the needy.”
Interviewer: “Ok then, have a good time out there.”

*A young, petite girl with a synthesized voice in her red 1992 Acura NSX stands by the passenger’s scissor door. She only speaks her native tongue, but is willing to talk.*

Interviewer: “Ahem, IA, how are your recent weeks coming along?”
IA: “It went smoothly; the career of being an idol, the many famous voices of the country has always been a competitive lifestyle.”
Interviewer: “So, how you do get in here?”
IA: “Some say technology grows too fast, but this beauty here does not get old, it represents the aged old times when supercars were starting to get popular by long sought-after car lovers. Love is the energy of the world that requires careful management of that energy, and if you do not do it correctly, that potential is wasted.”
IA: “To answer your question, I just want to keep on living the virtual dream of what I am always programmed for, I may look human to you, but I am a being of the post-modern era.”
Interviewer: “Oh, ok. So, how long will you go on for your musical career?”
IA: “Until my creators decided they no longer want use for me, there is no choice. Popularity is only a temporary thing to have, it may live on without me, but you can at least think long about what I used to sing about after all the years I spent in the green screen.”

*We then go to see an unfamiliar girl in short blue hair that works on the other side of Honshu, speaks in Hiroshima dialect, and has just brought up a white Toyota Supra JZA80 to help aid in the war effort.*

Urakaze: “Kyaa! W-w-w-who are you?”
Interviewer: “It is ok, we are the interviewers, but we have to ask of you. How do you end up coming all the way here?”
Urakaze: “Oh, hehe, this is for the Admiral’s appreciation back in Hashirajima, my friends have been hit hard with trauma and depression, and I missed some of them already. I wasn’t even there, just docked in Kure harbor awaiting for his orders, but received none from him.”
Interviewer: “Did you find your career as a ship dangerous?”
Urakaze: “D-dangerous you mean!? Of course, it is for all of us as ships, there is rigorous training we have to do and little breaks, if ya know what I mean. We used to be reckless before far back, but hopefully not here this time.”
Interviewer: “You are going to do holiday plans or not?”
Urakaze: “In the Empire back in the old days, holidays are forbidden, but in today’s world, what I wanted to do is to give our Admirals a bunch of presents, as we always do.”
Interviewer: “Sounds good for you, Urakaze! Well then, best of luck.”
Urakaze: “I do my best!”

*The second to last one we will interview with is Lucia Pangya, a wild girl with a fascination for the color pink as much as Arancia for her love of the color orange, but what stands out from the crowd is that her car is wicked stylish and recent in design. To her, she came from a completely different world, a colony planet under the Empire that is as terrestrial and magical, and her name is coincidental of both worlds.*

Interviewer: “You from around here, we are ones interviewing the drivers like you.”
Lucia Pangya: “Oh, me? My true intentions are not that exact, but from my memory, I do know that I got this from my hole-in-one skills in golfing back on my home planet, and to the people here they thought that I was born with dual citizenship. This is my first year here, actually.”
Interviewer: “What are the duties of being a Pangyan, excuse our defining mistakes here, if you would please.”
Lucia Pangya: “By speaking of being one such as myself, our duty is to preserve the magical energies that grant us life, and it was during the invasion long ago that a Demon Lord my people knew struck a chord and attacked strategic planets throughout the local consolidation of galaxies. We knew the same feeling and think it would be only a matter of time before we come out in full force to hit back, but all it takes is a determinant leader to do just that.”
Interviewer: “Are you planning anything for tomorrow’s Christmas?”
Lucia Pangya: “Sorry, no. My duties are too important and my world actually celebrates a different tradition that is a closely guarded secret. Only when my executive leaders come to reveal the meaning of such a holiday, for now I put my faith somewhere else.”
Interviewer: “I hope you enjoy your stay here, Lucia.”
Lucia Pangya: “Don’t worry about me, all I could do is I better be back at my world soon after this, and my people need me.”

*At 3:45PM, the last of the drivers have just completed their test runs and are heading for the pit lane, but before everyone gets ready, we hurriedly go to see one last driver, a girl in a white dress in her white Mazda RX-7, unbeknownst to most, goes by Cure White. She is one of the many Cure Girls out to save various worlds from evildoers, and has a huge coalition called Pretty Cure. We go out to see her as she was about to get in her newfound vehicle.*

Interviewer: “Cure White, if you may let us speak how you find yourself up here on the circuit?”
Cure White: “As one of the many emissaries, I was sent here to fulfill a charity errand your Empress is hosting, so I got this from the local dealership not far from here. We are just an ever-growing guild spreading the universe’s good faiths against entropy, and that is what we do here.”
Interviewer: “What we are asking you the real question: Are you willing to help the people of the Ryukyu Islands?”
Cure White: “It is every Pretty Cure magical girl’s duty always helping others.”
Interviewer: “You know that you cannot use magic in races.”
Cure White: “No, we do not, we are always law-abiding, and we have no worry about this. No such wizardry on my part ever is or will used around here, as far as your Empress’ concerns.”
Interviewer: “Ok, then, be safe out there.”
Cure White: "I always do, that is my job." *Cure White proceeds to enter her vehicle as the other drivers are ordered by their crew to get in quick since the last driver is in the pit lane.*

*The camera shifts back to the two commentators.*

Commentator 1: “Folks, we are just ten minutes away before the race starts, this is going to be a big riling! We have viewers from all across the nation and here in the capital around the track watching this, a race we will soon never to forget, they will have to do a one-hour endurance. The crowd is going to go nuts about this.”
Commentator 2: “And to think that there are actually no breaks unlike professional races, this one is just purely for show.”
Commentator 1: “Sounds about right, we look at the weather and the sky is beginning to clear a little bit, but there are still clouds around. It is a beautifully mild day even as we begin our journey through winter.”
Commentator 2: “Talking about such a race in ages never been this important not since the last one nor the historic ones, let me tell you, the charity earnings to whoever wins in the top three will be used to help the impoverished and rebuilding efforts. And not only that, the fundraiser will be used to help support needy families across this country, particularly in education and nutrition.”
Commentator 1: “Now we go back to the track once again and see what they are up to now.”

*The camera goes back to the pit lane with all drivers are in their cars, but they are still not moving out to the circuit yet. Their engines are already fired up but in sitting gear. Now that is 3:55PM, the drivers are then ordered to exit the pit lane and into the start line facing west.*
*The Empress then gives out a short speech to the people across the nation, an important one that will be cherished to everyone in earshot of her, in TVs, and in computers.*

Lucia Konohana: “As you all know, our Empire is grateful to have you all here in welcoming you to our grand festival. In light of my expectations recently, we undergone a tremendous leap in reshaping the very future of our precious land that is, Japan, in seeing a huge rebound from the recession phase of our economical logistics largely thanks to our entrepreneurs. Although we now have the lowest birth rate in the world, our health services across the nation are slowly coming back from the brink, and most importantly, in this finale, to culminate in our biggest migration ever yet from our preachers and tourists seeking relief from this year’s sins, this is one of the true miracles of our history. Never before, in the past two decades have such a tragedy that hit us in the wake of the invasion that was not our own, but rather from the outside world we will not forget. Now before this ultimatum moment of our long history in our nation can begin, please rise up and hear our national anthem, the Kimigayo.”

Japan’s National Anthem Kimigayo:

“May your reign continue for a thousand, eight thousand generations, until the pebbles grow into boulders, lush with moss.” X2

*The whole audience then sits back down and in silence, and the drivers then await for the revving up phase.*

Lucia Konohana: “All drivers on the track, you are now permitted to start revving. Godoka blesses you all on this day. We will be watching you.”

*All drivers begin revving their engines at redline, as the racer girl Hatsune Miku standing above the start/finish line on the drivers’ right hand view holds a green flag on two hands, raised up. The countdown lights then begin to turn on red, advancing to the right before turning off and the go lights green. Hatsune Miku then lowers the flag and starts waving.*

Hatsune Miku: "3. 2. 1. GO!"

Commentator 1: “And… they are all off like wild beasts, the start of the one-hour endurance race on Tokyo R246, folks!”

The full race prologue (Japanese version)





コメンテーター2:「ああ、はい、あなたはその権利を得ました。私は彼らがいくつかの非常に激しい行動のためになるだろうと思う、あらゆる種類のカテゴリーから来ている車、そして様々な年月を経た車を見ている。彼らが車に乗せない唯一の制限は、402km / hそれらの上端の歯車にある。彼らはこのルートに合うように見えます。私はそれらの見た目からはそれに問題はないと思う」




コメンテーター2: "いいえ、これは彼女の最初です。数ヶ月前にここで開催された最後のレースは、わずかなレーサーしかなかった。






*カメラは地上のレポーターの腕の1つに切り替わり、ピットストップレーンのドライバーの一部を表示します。 彼らは冷たくて、車でおしゃべりして調べています。

インタビュアー:「午後3時30分が来て、走り終えて2人のドライバーに過ぎず、レースが適切に始まる前に他の人が終了するのを待っています。 私たちは様々な運転手に行き、彼らに尋ねます。

* Chitogeという名前の白い学校の制服のブロンドの髪の女の子は、自分の青いCustom Maybachの近くに立っていて、自分自身が冷めています。 我々は彼女に次の場所に移動する前に、いくつかの簡単な質問のために行く*。



インタビュアー: "明日のクリスマスの予定はありますか?"


インタビュアー: "ああ、あなたは早くそれを祝ったのですか?"





キトサキリサキ:「ありがとう」 *その後、彼女は車に戻り、最終的な自己点検を行います。

*上品なオレンジ色の前で見たことのない女の子エリカはアランシアの名前で行く。 彼女の名前が不思議なほど、彼女はいわゆるArancia Projectで自分自身の意識を高めようという意思を表明しました。

アランシア:「ああ、この美しさ? これは私の美しさです。私はちょうど純粋に美学です、私はただ私がどれくらい素晴らしい世界を見せたいのですか?
Arancia:「あなたが病気が出ている世界に住んでいるのを見て、私がオレンジ色のものすべての人格化だと思うかもしれません。 インフルエンザとそのすべてのリスクについて人々に知らせるために、毎年インフルエンザのシーズンを予期して参加する幸運な機会があります」

*彼女の赤い1992 Acura NSXで合成された声で若い、小柄な女の子は、乗客のはさみのドアの上に立つ。 彼女は自分の母国語を話すだけですが、話したいと思っています。

インタビュアー: "Ahem、IA、あなたの最近の週はどうしていますか?"
インタビュアー: "ああ、大丈夫。だから、あなたはあなたの音楽的なキャリアのためにどれくらいの時間を過ごしますか? "

*その後、本州の向こう側で働く短い青い髪の未知の女の子を見に行き、広島の方言で話し、白いToyota Supra JZA80を手に入れて戦争の援助を助ける*。

インタビュアー:「私たちは面接官ですが、尋ねる必要があります。どうやってここまで来るの? "
インタビュアー: "あなたは休暇の予定をしているのですか?"

*インタビューの最後の2つ目は、色のオレンジを愛するアランシアと同じくらいピンク色の魅惑的な野生の女の子Lucia Pangyaですが、群衆から目立っているのは彼女の車がスタイリッシュで魅力的だということです 最近のデザインです。 彼女には彼女はまったく違う世界から来ていました。帝国の下にある陸上の惑星で、陸上と魔法のようなものです。彼女の名前は両世界の偶然です。

インタビュアー: "あなたはここの周辺から、あなたのような運転手にインタビューする人です。"
Lucia Pangya:「ああ、私?私の本当の意図はそれほど正確ではありませんが、私の記憶からは、私の故郷のゴルフ場でのホールインワンスキルから得たことを知り、ここで私は二重国籍で生まれたと思いました。これはここの私の最初の一年です。 "
Lucia Pangya:「私自身のようなものであることを話すことによって、私たちの人生を支える魔法のエネルギーを保存することが私たちの義務であり、侵略の間、私の民が知っていた魔王が知っていた銀河の地元の統合。私たちは同じ感情を知っていて、私たちが完全に襲い掛かる前にそれが時間の問題になると思っていますが、それだけでそれをする決定的なリーダーです。
Lucia Pangya:「申し訳ありません。私の任務はあまりにも重要であり、私の世界は実際に厳重に守られた秘密である別の伝統を祝います。私の幹部指導者がそのような休暇の意味を明らかにするために来たときだけ、今のところ私は信仰をどこかに置いています。
Lucia Pangya:「私のことを心配しないで、私ができることは、私の世界に戻ってすぐに帰ることができれば、私の人々は私を必要とする」。

*午後3時45分に、最後のドライバーがテスト走行を終えてピットレーンに向かいましたが、誰もが準備が整う前に、急いで最後のドライバー、白いマツダの白い服を着た女の子を見に行きます ほとんどの人に知られていないRX-7は、Cure Whiteになります。 彼女は悪者から様々な世界を救うために出てきた多くのキュアガールズのひとりであり、プリティキュアと呼ばれる巨大な連合を持っています。 彼女は新車に乗ろうとしていたときに、彼女を見に行く。*

インタビュアー:「Cure White、あなたがここで自分をどのようにサーキットで見つけたか話してもいい?
キュアホワイト: "多くの使者の一人として、私はあなたの皇后両陛下が主催する慈善事業を果たすためにここに送られたので、ここから遠くない地元の販売代理店から手に入れました。私たちは、エントロピーに対する宇宙の善意を広めるただ成長するギルドであり、それが私たちがここでやっていることです。
インタビュアー: "あなたは、レースでは魔法を使うことができないことを知っています。"
Cure White:「いいえ、私たちは常に法を遵守しており、これについて心配はありません。私のところでこのような魔法を使うことは、あなたの皇后両陛下の懸念がある限り、ここで使われることはありません。
キュアホワイト:「私はいつもやる、それは私の仕事です」 *キュアホワイトは、他のドライバーが最後のドライバーがピットレーンにいるので、クルーがすぐに入るように指示されているので、彼女の車に入ることになります。


コメンテーター2:「このような年齢のレースについては、最後のものから歴史的なものまで、この重要なことは決してありませんでした。私に教えてください。貧困と再建の努力を支援するために、 。そしてそれだけでなく、資金援助は、特に教育と栄養において、この国の貧しい家庭を支援するのに役立ちます。

*カメラはピットレーンに戻りますが、すべてのドライバーは車に乗っていますが、まだ回路に移動していません。 彼らのエンジンは既に発射されていますが、座っているギアにあります。 今は午後3時55分ですが、ドライバーはピットレーンを出て西に向かうスタートラインに出るよう命じられます。

Lucia Konohana:「皆さんもご存知のように、私たちの帝国は、ここに皆さんをお迎えして、壮大なお祭りにお越しいただいたことに感謝しています。最近私の期待に照らして、私たちは、我が国の貴重な土地の未来を再構築し、起業家のおかげで私たちの経済的な物流の後退期から大きな反発を見て、大きな飛躍を遂げました。私たちは現在、世界で最も低い出生率を誇っていますが、全国の保健医療サービスはゆっくりと元気を回復しています。そして最も重要なのは、このフィナーレでは、私たちの説教者や観光客が、今年の罪は、これが歴史の本当の奇跡の一つです。決して過去20年間で、私たち自身のものではなく、私たちが忘れない外の世界からの侵略の結果として私たちを襲ったそのような悲劇があります。私たちの長い歴史のこの極端な瞬間が始まる前に、私たちの国歌、君が代を聞いてください。


"小石が玉になって苔に富むまで、あなたの支配が千千万世代にわたって続くことがありますか?" X2


ルシア・コノナナ:「トラック上のすべてのドライバーは、今度はレビングを開始することができます。 今日は皆さん、ごはんが皆さんを祝福します。 私たちはあなたを見守ります。

*運転手の右手のスタート/フィニッシュラインの上に立っているレーサーの少女初音ミクが両手に緑色の旗を立てて立てて、レッドラインでエンジンを始動させます。 カウントダウンのライトが赤色に点灯し始め、消灯する前に右に進み、緑色のライトが緑色に点灯します。 初音ミクは旗を下げて手を振る。*

初音ミク:「3。 2. 1. GO!


Countdown Start Sound Effect:

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