Winter Festival Event

by LucianDreamer

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12-06-2017, 04:25 PM
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>Two decades after the incident between the Lucians and Chasers, the people of Lucia call for a festival in remembrance to the tragedy that took place in the winter to commemorate the losses resulted from the brutal planetary war.
>I was there but only for a brief few moments during my time as the queen's prince. She was going to be the Empress when the Chasers attacked the capital and left myself for dead cradled in her warmth, the only such dream I had. It was the same queen that I named the planet after, and now when I look back through a recent vision, the planet changed itself dramatically. With the threat of global warming, overpopulation, and overuse of resources, the Empress decided that the demands of the current populace are excessively high that she will have to displace as many people as she can to other inhabitable worlds.
>As your most prominent emissary from a faraway world, I welcome you whole-heartily into my homeworld, Lucia, a world where only your imagination is your limit.
OOC: This event will last until the end of the calendar year, and it is my fourth event as of now. You can partake this event in three ways: Chat with other users at the capital, help the Empress and her royal consort in her palace (I have a thread dedicated to her on the Ebola category), or embark on a spiritual journey southwest to the Moonlit Mountains. Since my planet is currently under Imperial rule, any slight fussing with the populace, the nobility, royal consort, or my Empress is going to get your visit suspended regardless of how you go with it. Lucians don’t take kindly to any form of disrespect during your stay.

Map of Planet Lucia as of 2223 AD
[Image: 68747470733a2f2f612e706f6d66652e636f2f62...782e706e67]
Here's some music that inspired me to start this event:

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> The North American battleship Redwood had always considered herself apart from her four sisters. The distinction started at their first summoning, when the U.S. Navy had labeled her a "byproduct", an "unintended consequence", and worst of all, "a mistake". Her hull number was defaced - reading "BB-61A" - and she was even denied the honor of being named for one of the forty-eight states. Years passed, and when the average American finally rose up against his masters, Redwood was among the first voices to voice her sympathy for their cause.

> On paper, the Second Revolution should've changed everything. She was now named after one of the fifty new republics organized across the continent, and her hull number on all of her clothes now stood as a more dignified "BB-72". But the rifts remained between her and her sisters, and particularly her twin, the lead ship of their class. Thus, when Rear Admiral Taylor announced the creation of an official envoy to the Lucian capital, Redwood's heart practically sank when she'd realized Iowa would be coming along with.

> The atmosphere was tense as the fleet sailed for the capital. Since leaving port, the two battleships had refused to acknowledge each other past the occasional glare. Their escorting destroyers found little need to speak, and their cruisers apparently cared little for small talk. Only when the city lights rolled over the horizon did either of the battleships say a word.

Redwood: "New Tokyo, sighted-"
Iowa: "New Tokyo, 2.9 miles! Cutter, mark!"

> Without even meaning it, Redwood glanced over at her sister with the most vicious, toothy smile her pretty face could muster.

Redwood: "... Thanks, Iowa. I appreciate it."

> Iowa visibly hesitated, but ultimately steeled herself against the mockery. Folding arms and turning away to hide her furrowed brows, she spoke,

Iowa: "Don't mention it! Really, it's the least I could do."

The tension had long been wearing down on their escorts. As usual, O'Bannon was the first to try and cheer everyone up.

O'Bannon: "Let's, ahh... try to enjoy ourselves, 'kay?"
Stella: "Uun! After all, Kurisumasu only comes once a year!"

> Guam exchanged a worried glance with Juneau, who looked the weariest of all six. The two battleships simply averted their gaze from one another and growled under their breath.

Redwood and Iowa: "Fiiine."

> North American Fleet Girls have arrived in New Tokyo! Don't worry, they come in peace. ^^

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*What New Tokyo looks like for first-time tourists*

>The Empress appears to be sleeping, but the royal council is still awake, tending to their usual duties. Emissaries like myself are getting a bunch of calls from other nations as part of our cubicle routines whilst we file in our latest taxpayers' paperwork. The latest flicks in 4K plasma TVs running at 120 FPS at night always catch the unaware into awe and splendor.

>Down in New Tokyo Harbor, the first wave of tourists the dockyard workers never seen before came from a world that only themselves were familiar with, their symbols look like stars and stripes, but within them, they are from a superpower led by a free world leader. How did they ever come here in such a time like this? Setting aside their temper, the dockyard officials near the glowing Rainbow Bridge greeted them with open arms.

Dockyard Official: "Konbanwa! Ruchia e yōkoso!" (Good evening! Welcome to Lucia!)

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