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01-24-2016, 03:03 PM
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This Week:
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Let's start with the categories, shall we?
Shovel Knight has 5 main categories, each of the split again in 'Shovel Knight' and 'Plague Knight', meaning beating the categories either as Shovel or as Plague Knight. As for the categories themself, we have Any%, beating the game as fast as possible; Low%, beating the game without any upgrades (green coins for Plague knight); New Game+, beating the game as fast as possible in NG+; All Music Sheets, beat the game while collecting every Music Sheet; and 100%, beat the game as fast as possible while collecting everything, upgrades, music sheets, cipher coins as Plague Knight.

Next up, the Records. Let's start with the Shovel Knight side of things.
As for Any%, in first place is 3ngag3, finishing in 44 minutes and 33 seconds, followed by Smaugy finishing in 44mins 46secs. In Low% MunchaKoopas is holding the current World Record at 48:30, following him is Exploud with a 48:55. NG+ is led by thetaiwanninja, finishing in 39:41, followed by Smaugys 41:07. In All Music Sheets Primorix is holding the WR at 1h 1m and 14s, followed by MunchaKoopas sitting on 1:08:11. And in 100% Smaugy has 2mins and 3secs on mystakins 1:09:32.
Now onto Plague Knights side of things.
In any% we have Tohloo in first, with 40:51, followed by Explouds 43:47. In Low% we only have one runner, so the WR automatically goes to FireLordZuko for his 47:39 time. In NG+ the number one spot goes to thetaiwanninja and his 35:27, followed closely by Tohloos 35:52. All Music Sheets is led by Tohloo on 1:02:38, followed by Primorixs 1:05:29. And last but not least we have 100%, again with only one runner, Speedfrog, holding the WR at 1:16:08.

[Image: 68747470733a2f2f752e706f6d662e69732f7a6a...6a2e706e67]

As for trying to get into this game, the best thing to do would be to watch a lot of runs and play a lot, the most difficult thing about the runs is the precise movement. Another thing would probably be to take a look at different guides. There is really not much else to recommend.

So let's move on to competition.
On the Any% Leaderboard we have a total of 75 runner, 57 for Shovel Knight and 18 for Plague Knight, with a total difference of 2:12:17 on the Shovel Knight Leaderboard and 41:54 on the Plague Knight Leaderboard. Low% is run by 8 people, 7 as Shovel Knight and one as Plague Knight, with a difference of 2:18:33 on the Shovel Knight Leaderboard, with a difference of 2:10:15 between place 6 and 7. On the NG+ Leaderboard we have 10 people, 6 for Shovel Knight and 4 for Plague Knight, with a difference of 12:19 between first and last on the Shovel Knight Leaderboard, and 38:21 on the Plague Knight Leaderboard, 37:04 of which are between the third and fourth place. All Music Sheets gets run by six people, three for each side. 8mins and 7secs between first and last Shovel Knight, and 27mins and 4secs between the Plague Knights. And lastly for 100% we have three people, two as Shovel Knight and one as Plague Knight, with a difference of 2mins and 3secs in-between last and first Shovel Knight.

As usual can the Leaderboard be found at: http://www.speedrun.com/shovelknight

That was it for this week. Hope y'all liked it, and feel free to leave any kind of feedback.

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01-24-2016, 04:02 PM
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Many thanks for writing about this game, been looking forward to this one for a while now!

As for getting into the game, rather than precise movement, the hardest feat is completing it for the first time on your own, without any strats or anything. Just slowly beating through it. It's hard as tits. The stages are assembled to be your nightmares, the 'dark stage' where you essentially can't see a thing is either the second or third stage in the game so a bit early, and it only gets progressively harder. Spectre Knight is a nightmare on his own, but Plague Knight...

Overall, this game is really worth looking into, it's lots of fun, hard enough to keep you entertained and rather lively in speedrunning. Thanks for the article again, Simi.

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01-24-2016, 08:09 PM
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This hame is damn hard and damn cool.
You wrote a pretty rad thing here, well done and keep on the good work.

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01-25-2016, 08:00 AM
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I've heard a tonne of great things about this game, been meaning to get it and play for myself.