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This Week:
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First of we got the categories, four of them in total.
The first category is 'OoB', means you need to finish the game as fast as possible and are allowed to use every mean to do so. The next one is 'no OoB', means you need to finish the game as fast as possible, but are not allowed to use anything that would put you out of bounds. Second to last category is 'Glitchless', means you have to finish the game as fast as possible, but are not allowed to use any glitches (Welcome to Let's Play Portal :^) ). And the last but not least we have 'Legacy no OoB', means you need to finish the game as fast as possible, but without going out of bounds, using safe glitch, edge glitch and button save glitch.

Now, Let's move on to Records.
Let's go with Legacy first on this one. The World Record holder in Legacy is BiiWix, sitting with his 13:21.03 on a 1.5sec Fnzzy, with his 13:22.53. Next up is Glitchless, again being led by BiiWix with a 16:54.9. In second is SchyzoPhernic, with a 17:10:3. Next up is no OoB, BiiWix being again the World Record holder, beating the game in 11mins 25secs and 660ms, followed once more by SchyzoPheric, finishing in 11:59.07. And for last we have OoB (no BiiWix does not have the World Record on this one, he isn't on the leaderboard at all actually), being led by diabl075, finishing the portal in 8mins 31secs and 510ms, followed by Jukspa, who beat it in 8:39.39.

I wasn't completely honest about the amount of categories tho, Portal has 4 more misc categories, I just don't mention misc categories normally, since for most of the games misc categories are simply segmented times for individual levels, but this game has some very interesting ones in particular. I won't go over all four of them, but gonna go over the three more interesting ones. First up, 'Jumpless, no OoB, Legacy', you heard right, beating portal without pressing the jump key once, while still staying inbounds through the whole run. I don't know how long other people normally take to finish portal, for me it takes on average around an hour, so seeing it beaten was quite impressive. The World Record holder for this one is MrMopi5000, finishing portal without jumping in 18mins and 11secs (no video, but if you know how to handle .dem files, here's the download link: http://puu.sh/l3lCq.zip), followed by Norferzlo, dropping a 19:39 on the leaderboard. The next misc category I'm gonna mention is 'Zery Gravity Inbounds'. For this one gravity was turned off, using the console. The hard part about this one is, that you have almost no up and down memontum, so you have to use portals and objects to bring you to the altitude you want. The WR holder for this one is TheSwagatron, finishing in 15:25.03 (no video), followed by the person that came up with this category, Yeti, sitting on 16:03. And in last we have a category that is only run by a single person so far, but it's still a very ambitious one, so I had to mention it. '24 Cubes'. The goal of this category is finishing the game with a total of 24 cubes in the cake room after the credits. The person running this category is Jukspa, and his pb is 45mins 8secs and 530ms.

As for glitches, I will only cover one of the most important glitches here, the Save Glitch. This glitch is a variation of the Edge Glitch, also the save glitch sees far more use during runs. This glitch works by placing one portal somewhere, and the second one directly next to an edge. After placing the portal one has to go around the edge of on top and hug the wall, as close to the edge as possible, then quicksave and load. What this will do, is still having your camera where you were before reloading, but your actual body, collision and all, will be at the other portal. This allows you to shoot portals through walls, walk through doors and glass.

[Image: 68747470733a2f2f752e706f6d662e69732f7765...7a2e706e67]

When it comes to guides, as usual I recommend to watch a lot of runs, pause a few times to see where the portals are shot to exactly and maybe how the movement is. I also recommend checking out Noferzlos Highlight list on twitch, since he has clips on different routes for each level and a full OoB tutorial. Everyone interested should check out wiki.sourceruns.org, since they have a complete list on all tricks/glitches used in any run.

When it comes to competition, there is a god damn lot.
Let's go over this sorted by how many runner the category has. First up is no OoB, with 258 runner on the Leaderboard, with a difference of 29mins and 8secs between first and last. Next up is OoB, getting run by 82 people, with a difference of 48mins and 18secs. After that comes Glitchless, having 76 runner, and a total difference of an hour 24mins and 33secs. Next is Legacy No OoB with 18 people, 4mins and 18secs total difference between first and last. Jumpless has 6 people running it, the first place having 6mins and 30secs on the last place. Second to last is Zero Gravity Inbounds, being run by three people, 29mins and 11secs in-between. And in last we have 24 Cubes, as I already said, only run by one person. Some of those categories clearly need some love, but feel free to bring your time on the leaderboard whereever you want.

As usual the leaderboard can be found under: http://www.speedrun.com/Portal
To see the misc categories, press 'show misc categories' in the right upper corner.

That was it for this week, hope y'all liked it. Feel free to drop any kind of feedback.
At this point I wanna excuse myself for not having posted last week. I was at a Lan-Party and was to dead to do anything after I came back.

''I can't explain myself, Sir. Because I'm not myself, you see?'' -Alice

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In case anyone is interested in watching a TAS run of OoB.

''I can't explain myself, Sir. Because I'm not myself, you see?'' -Alice

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I know I might be late but, it's still a damn good text you wrote here, keep on keeping on!

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I love Revonzz
(Also it's cool to put stuff about yourself in your signature if someone else said it)
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Noticed you mentioned Sourceruns in the OP, I think their segmented run for Portal (Portal Done Pro-er) deserves a mention at 8:31.93.

I think Portal is one of my favourite games to watch runs for, with the amount of crazy stuff runners can do.