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12-19-2015, 03:00 PM
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This Week:

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I decided on this game, because I personally really like this run. And since nobody wished for something else I simply went with it.

Let's dive right into the caregories, shall we?
For this game we have three different categories, also they are not all that different, since all of them are Any%. For those that don't know what 'Any%' mean, it's just finishing the game as fast as possible, no matter how. Anyhow, first of we got Any%(Pc), after that comes Any%(X360) and last but not least Any%(PS3).

Now as for the leading records,
in first of the Pc-category we got heny, beating the game in 1h hour, 46 minutes and 13 seconds. Following him with around 2mins difference is FearfulFerret, managing a 1:49:07. On Xbox, SerSanju is currently holding the world record with 2:13:49, followed by Smasher419 with a 2:21:55. And when it comes to PS3, we have only one record on the leaderboard, by The_Scrivener with 2:21:29 (sadly no vod).

As for glitches, we have quite a few collision exploits, also pretty much all of them only work at high fps, around 200fps, so they won't work on console. First of we got the elevator-glitch, basically, at some points, the collision will push you upwards when you jump against a building, so by holding forward and spamming jump one can get pushed on top of buildings to skip dialogues, cut-scenes, etc. The second thing that is used quite a bit during runs is a death-warp, which, like the elevator-glitch, only really works with high fps. How this one works is, damaging yourself until you almost die, but trigger the invincibility shield, wait until the shield runs out, run up to a door with a trigger on the other side and blow yourself up. The dying you will fly through the door and hit the Trigger/Checkpoint.

[Image: 68747470733a2f2f752e706f6d662e69732f6f77...762e706e67]

Well now, in case you wanna get into this game I recommend checking out FearfulFerrets Speedrun Tutorial, since it skips all the chapters that don't have special tricks in them I still recommend watching a few speedruns to get the routing right, or one could try and route it oneself, also that is a lot of work and requires quite a bit of gameknowledge. In case you want to watch a normal run with good explanatory commentary I'd say you take a look at Ferrets SGDQ2015 run.

When it comes to competition on the Leaderboard, there should be. On the Pc leaderboard we have 29 people in total, with a difference of 52mins and 56secs between first and last place. When it comes to Xbox, we have six people on the leaderboard, 39mins and 40secs in-between first and last. And as I already mentioned earlier, there is only one person on the PS3 Leaderboard.

The Leaderboard can be found here: http://www.speedrun.com/bsi

This wraps it up again for this week. Hope this post was a little bit better than last weeks post. And in case anyone of you got any kind of feedback; wishes for next week, critic, thoughts about the game, anything goes really; feel free to leave it here.


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