Time Traveling Cat Cafe Dungeon Crawling JRPG - Coming to America this Summer

by GeekySweetie

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02-10-2016, 03:41 PM
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If there's two things that go together it's Time Travel and Cat Cafe - wait what? lol. That's what Sega wants us to experience this summer when they localize the 4th "7th Dragon" Game, "7th Dragon III Code VFD" - Until now, this series has remained in Japan, because it's "risky" to bring such an "otaku pandering" JRPG overseas, but now this summer we finally get in on that action.

It has many "Kawaii" features

Over 96 ways to customize the physical appearance of your heroes
Over 40 voices (Japanese tracks left in tact) to choose from to customize your heroes
"Base Management" Similar to Suikoden where you recruit more people (and cats) and see your base grow with new floors, new stores, etc.
And very Big head, little body style characters which lend it even further a kawaii feel.

Of course it also has a promising storyline and some real neat customization in the combat and classes and battles too - it's not just cute casual fluff - but it is none the less adorable.

I'm super excited for this game ^-^

You can see the trailer on my blog below.