Team Nvidia or Team AMD?

by losi

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01-23-2015, 12:03 AM
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So with new graphics cards coming out this season, like the 300 series form AMD, I was wondering which side are you taking? Are you the Red team or the Green team? And why?

With the launch of the Nvidia GTX 960 in the last few days, the Nvidia team seems to be trying to hit the sweet spot that AMD already owns with the Radeon 280 and 280X models. Dunno why Nvidia is trying to compete with an already perfect midrange card.

Anyways, I'm swinging towards Team Red with my Radeon 280X card. But what about the users of Lewd?

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01-23-2015, 08:20 AM
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Not that this should be a surprise for anyone, but from personal expirience, I tend to go with team red. Especailly for the new generation of HBM graphics cards coming out this year. If the "leaked" (pretty much confirmed at this point) specs are actually real, then NVIDIA is pretty much rip for at least a year and a half. Of course, unless they release the Titan XxZultimateZxX for $1k, at which point you're paying for the same expirience as you would get with the HBM cards but for the price of a 2x crossfire build.
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01-23-2015, 09:41 AM
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Just got a GTX 650 as for now.

AMD has kept me for around 6 years though, great logo too.

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01-23-2015, 01:17 PM
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Meh. I personally find the Red Team vs Green Team shit retarded. I like that they're both competing, makes it a lot better for consumers, but just picking a side and being loyal to it is retarded. I go with whatever is best at the time, right now Nvidia is ahead, which is why I got GTX 980 SLI's(Not richfag, just used amazon doubledipping.), but if AMD bests them when I come to do my next build (though that's years away), then I'll be going with an AMD card.

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01-23-2015, 01:48 PM
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Admittedly even the I know that certain intel products have been better then AMD I feel I have stuck with Amd out of just experience and trust in letting it play relatively fairly with the builds I've had. Though I do admit after using their products for 20 years or so I have gone to not enjoy the tech support that AMD now gives towards users when it comes to running thing's above 60hz or lack of HD support for most modern day TV's.

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