Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

by Shole

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10-23-2015, 05:14 AM
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Is it one of them gaming mangas, oh man here we go with extremely good guys that get luck…what it’s not that kind?


True, the manga setting is similar to a game…well it is some kind of game where 4 people are selected as heroes by being given a weapon by some kind of god. It’s really interesting how they end up in a medieval world and try to save it from waves of monsters.  It’s intriguing and after the first few pages it starts to change from that from the stereotypical gaming manga to something new and interesting. I won’t spoil too much but there is an interesting plot twist.


We follow the story of the Shield Hero, who is kinda of an anti-hero kind of characters. To not spoil too much I won’t get into much details nor about him nor about the other characters. Trust me it’s worth reading about them, greatly written characters with unique development.


It’s epic, EPIC I tell ya. Aiya Kyu did a great job with the art as usual, I really liked how the manga looks.

Personal Enjoyment:

Well it was really something unexpected. I was reading it with the image in mind of a game manga that will show the greatest hero of them all, some dude who came to the world and was just too good for everyone else and owned everyone else just with a few hand movements or with his brain. But it’s not really that way and I was really enjoying it.
This should probably get an anime adaptation in the near future, I am sure it will.

My Rating:
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