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Yeah I feel like sharing a little story I wrote when I was studying American Gothic authors a couple weeks back. I would say there is a few sentence structure problems in it but I was to lazy to fix them and I ended abruptly because I had to finish it then and there. Who knows I make pick it up again but for now this is my latest version. 

It was a cold harsh day in the winter of 1936, the town was like a ghost town not a single soul was in sight. All except for the lonely soul of Frank Clark, who was known for being homeless, he was set out tonight to find a place to stay. For if anyone had stayed out too long in this bitter night would end up dead the next morning. Mostly everywhere Frank had asked to stay had declined him including Mrs. Rosey who was known for being kind and generous. Nobody wants a man who is known for bringing chaos anywhere he goes. In the town nobody dared helped Frank Clark for no one else wished to share the same fate as him.
Finally after about hour or so Frank found a suitable place to stay for the night, while it may not have been ideal it was somewhere to shelter from the cold. The abandoned building was fairly empty but had also seemed to have an eerie feel to it, like something horrible had happened before that only the walls could speak about it. Being curious Frank went to explore the house saving the basement for last. After seeing most of the house Frank wondered why this excellent house had been abandoned, that is until he experienced the hell that was waiting for him in the basement.

As Frank walked down the basement stairs he heard a distant cry which spooked him, he was hoping that it did not come from the basement. Like most people, Frank continued to go down until he finally reached the bottom, that’s when the stench had hit him Frank let out a yell and shrieked “What the hell is that smell!”. Looking around he saw red stains covering the walls but could not see what was on the floor because it was to dark. Frank still being curious went up to get a lamp and came back down to confirm what the stench was coming from. This time he confirmed the smell was like those of dead bodies which left a horrible smell in his nose. Now having a light he examined what was on the floor, it was half rotten human body remains scattered all over the concrete floor. Then from a corner in the basement a voice had spoke in a very low tone.

Coming out of the shadows, the voice had approached Frank until the voice’s body was able to be seen. ‘It’s such a wonder scene is it not?’ asked the strange man, ‘What kind of sick inhumane freak would like this blood bath and first of all who are you?’ Frank screamed at the the man. All this was a lot for anybody to take in, Frank had been too deep into shock to run away. ‘It’s amazing what just a little temptation can do to man don’t you think Mr. Franklin Clark?’ asked the strange man, ‘How the hell do you know my name and what did you do here?’ demanded Frank . After a few seconds of silence the strange man replied to Frank “Let’s just say I’m a businessman and if you value your life you will make a deal with me ” explained the man.

Not wanting his to be ended, Frank had listened to what the man had to say whether he agreed to it or not. The man’s requests were somewhat strange, asking for his soul in return for letting Frank live and a better life. While Frank did not believe what the man said he made the deal anyway. Soon after the man pulled a contract out of thin air where Frank would have to sign with his blood. Not knowing what would happen Frank drew blood, as soon he did that Frank felt an intense burn inside his heart. As the burning continued the man laughed at Frank “What a fool!” chuckled the man, he tapped his forehead. Frank’s eyes started to close and the man opened a door out of thin air and with that he vanished. With that Frank had passed out and dropped onto the pile of human remains.
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wow no feedback what is this ;-;
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Gonna give this a read when I finish at work

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I personally quite enjoyed it.

While reading I noticed how different our writing styles are and it kind of made me smile for some reason. >.<
Sorry, I'm not good at feedback, but it was an enjoyable read.

You should write more! o/

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