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(Second thread in serious discussion evar, yey)

Hey all,
So I hate to bring my own pressing issues upon you all but I've decided to consult the best people in the business... you guys.

I'm having a metric crap-ton of trouble with things. I lack motivation to do well in school, I don't have any qualifications or skills to get a job, I'm constantly at war with my siblings, my parents don't seem to understand my point of view on things, and my friends are slowly beginning to turn their backs on me. I'm honestly lost. I have no idea what to do with my life.

I hate to bring you all into this shit, because it's draining as all hell, but I really need your help. I'm honestly at wit's end here.

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What are your point of view on things?

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1: Well, I think I speak for all of us when I say no one here actually enjoyed school. But I also think I speak for all of us when we look back and wished we did better. The final year of "highschool" or whatever the proper translation would be, for me was a living hell. I had one 2- from some idiotic test in some class we have called "Home Knowledge". I literally had to get 5's and 6's all year just to get up to the proper average grade I needed to get into the "line" I wanted. Luckily I made it, but honestly, you should just do it because your future self will be thanking you.

2: As for jobs, you shouldn't really have to worry about those until later in life. If you manage to get one while you're still in school, good for you, but if not, then thats perfectly fine.

3: I remember me and my sisters literally throwing shit at each other when we were younger. There were almost constant yelling, and we just hated each other. Now that we're older we're probably closer than ever. We meet each other at least two to five times a month, despite one of us living almost half way across the county. Just try and be nice now, and if it doesn't work, don't do anything too stupid, and I'm sure you'll be fine.