SoE Acquired By Columbus Nova - Now Daybreak Game Company

by BlueScreen

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02-03-2015, 12:31 PM
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Last night most of you that follow Sony Online Entertainment (SoE)'s
titles got the news. They have been purchased by some investment firm
by the name Columbus Nova. At first, personally, I was a bit worried,
though, after seeing some of the companies Columbus Nova has owned
in the past, I believe they won't take control over the company, but
rather invest in them and stay the fuck away. This means that SoE /
Daybreak will be able to be more of an independent company and do
their own things, not having to worry about disappointing Sony, which
is always a good thing.

You can read the original post by Legion (the community manager) on
reddit at the URL below.
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02-03-2015, 02:34 PM
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I knew this was going to happen sooner or later.

Not all bad though, could be worse.

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