So this is my first AMV

by KamiSama

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01-29-2015, 05:49 PM
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Ye, this is my first AMV I have ever edited. I was really lost on how to go about it so this is what it turned out to be. Hopefully later on I will make some more with more effects and such. The Anime is Tokyo Ghoul Second season.

Tell me what you guys think I could improve on.
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01-30-2015, 12:44 AM
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Okay for your first AMV this is not a bad start, however having spent a lot of time watching/reviewing these I may seem a bit harsh.

1. have your annotation and YT name watermark fade or disappear after a few seconds as it's a little distraction, watermark if you want it in the whole thing shrink it down then.

2. whenever possible get footage without hard coded subs in them, if it's all you can find or have fine but when possible avoid them again it's distracting.

3. I get where your going with the song and series, it can work but your timing for the scenes feels a little off when I here certain lyrics I want to be able remember the visual to it when I listen to just the song by it's self. None of that really made it through to me so just something to think about.

4. I have to ask what is with the zoom in filter, it's not on beat and I don't feel like it add's anything to the amv it's self except for really experimentation. If your going to use something visually like that make sure it is hidden by the scene being played or in line with the beat of the music.

Overall not bad for your first AMV, I have seen worse but unlike those I kinda wanna see where you go from this and hope I haven't been too harsh on my criticism. Good luck and feel free to ask for advice or if you need someone to preview your work I'm willing to do so.

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