Seiken Tsukai no World Break

by Kiss of Death

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Here @TheSimilier, I made it. Took some time. A lot of time.

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Seiken Tsukai no World Break

Past lives... topic as desired as Potterian magic, yet just as unused. Being born into the world as a single individual, each of us must have thought at least at one point - have I lived before? What if I finished the cycle of life already? Would I ever know who I was in the last life? Or, well, being a problematic question-asking child, at least I did. Reincarnation, cause that's the proper term for it, is one of the fundamentals shaping one of the major Japanese religions - buddhism - and moreover, is not completely disapproved by the other leading religion, shinto. So... why haven't we seen all that many anime containing this topic? One of the possible reasons for it is that, while it's not devilishly hard, cooking up a proper plot for it is not easy - and this point is, beyond all things, proven by Seiken Tsukai no World Break. Not to brag, I came up with a better plot for it in middle school.

Since I'm on this topic, might as well cover this section up first. As I already said, there's not many things you can find this kind of plot in. I personally didn't see any TV show that would contain it, nor a movie, but there was a few books that had it. Still - the topic is scarce. Which is why upon learning about the nature of the anime I was so eager to watch it. And yet, as soon as the first episode started, I regretted this decision sevenfold. The opening sequence carried on for longer than I'd ever want to watch it for, but right after it was bound to get better. Except... it was not. Words alone can't really describe the terror, so I'll write a short guide instead.

1. Establish a world setting.
This one is fairly easy. Just think of any setting you'd want to find yourself in and think others would, too. Including a supernatural element is recommended.
Example: heroic spirits that fought in the past are reborn in a modern world, to find use in an academy established to unite and train said spirits.
2. Give your main hero a boost.
You've added a supernatural element, right? Well then, go ahead and give your protagonist a buff. Place him among the best individuals you can think of... or surpass them!
Example: instead of having a mediocre past life, give him something awesome. Let him wreck every opponent. Oh, and don't forget to give him a second past life, because one is never enough! Let the crowds know he's so badass!
3. Get a harem and use the shit out of it.
For this one you will need... a sister head over heels for the protagonist, his wife-wannabe, maybe another woman or two. One of those has to have huge knockers so others can envy her. Add some 'coincidence' scenes, maybe a shower scene or two, give lingerie a try as well.
Example: past-life-sister with an unhealthy case of brocon, past-life-wif that protagonist saved from slavery (with huge knockers)... you get it.
4. The first scene has to foreshadow the ending!
Pretty much that. Oh, and make it look as shitty as possible so only the true gourmets stay with you until the end!
Example: this god-forsaken dragon and friend power bullshit.

Well, that's in short it. From the get-go we're thrown into an academy for past-life owners, where our protagonist, a Completely Normal And Weak Guy 'Haimura Moroha' enrolls into. He falls asleep during the entrance ceremony, and when he wakes up - because OF COURSE nobody noticed him sleeping during it and made a big fuss about it - the one to scold him is a token tsundere, who just so happens to be his past-life sister, Satsuki Ranjou. Then they discover somebody else who's asleep, wake her up too, and good god - that's the past-life wife of the guy, Shizuno Urushibara! Oh diddly, the fun is just beginning! If you can make it fun, that is. Then there comes a question of honor, blah blah, duel that sister loses and embarasses herself in front of Moroha, blah blah, Haimura saves the day and beats the crap outta the offender because hey look, he's actually a fuckin BADASS! Meh! Sekirei at least had nice graphics, this... is utter crap.

Since I mentioned them, let's say more about them - the graphics of this anime don't like to please. Being a season-filler anime it is, the budget didn't allow for some perky boobs or nice CG. Instead, we have deformed chests (and knockers), complete lack of waists, uneven legs... and more. Not to mention the lingerie women wore must have been completely uncomfortable to walk around in - a few sizes too small panties, the bras that bent the time-space continuum, and they were holding on by... good will of creators alone, I guess. And for the love of god, the wrists do NOT break and recover in a matter of seconds on characters will!
... should I mention the nightmarish computer generated monsters...?

To summarise, since I can't be assed to write a full proper review covering everything of this god-forsaken anime, it's something you probably should not try yourselves. It's nothing more than a standard half-assed shounen plot with past lives instead of token superpowers. The main hero is just your ordinary first-look wuss that can cast Avada Kedavras without even trying when needed. Nothing makes sense, plot is moved forward by the black hole created by bras' tightness, and there's no proper romance or comedy despite the title being qualified as both. Nothing to see here, move along.

Score: 98.88888888888888/100
I wrote this review half a year after watching this pile of steaming shit for the second time. If I didn't... you know the drill, it'd be unreadable.

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Masterful review, Nana/Shenanigans/KoD. This one got quite a few guffaws out of me. xD

Does this mean you'll start hanging around Lewd again?

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(06-09-2016, 10:19 PM)RevonZZ Wrote: Masterful review, Nana/Shenanigans/KoD. This one got quite a few guffaws out of me. xD

Does this mean you'll start hanging around Lewd again?

Hehe, thanks! ^^ Glad you liked it~

It might. Nothing is set in stone yet, but I made this new sig just for this occassion, and not using it would be a waste, and I kinda wanna try coming back, and I love you guys, and pancakes.

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