SDM Easter Game

by Sakuya Izayoi

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Yesterday, 05:41 PM
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>Do you like Inus?
Assuming you're referring to dogs, then yes, I usually do. I'm not a fan of accessory dogs or whatever you call them though - may as well just get a cat.

>Whats your opinion in hats?

Depends what sort! Although I'm mostly indifferent to them, I don't really like the style worn at fancy places like my town's annual Regatta - too fancy.

>Black colored underwaer is the hottest color for panties?

Generally, yes. But, depending on hair/eye/lingerie colour, other colours that match can be better. Black are a safe bet though.

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> Do you like Inus?
doge. such cute. like very much. never had a pet tho. how sad. :'3

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> Whats your opinion in hats?

I generally don't like hats unless I'm shirtless at the seashore. They tend to get all sweaty in the sun, and every time I wear it, my hair gets matted to high hell.

> Black colored underwaer is the hottest color for panties?

Pink is pure, white's alright, and black is best. But even better would be none at all. :D

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o.ob good answers

I like how this is suppose to be easter themed but isn't. But its cause....I FOUND NO PICS OF SAKUYA DOING ANYTHINGN EASTER-ISH

I have an idea for a game. So postponing this for the last week so back running at the 24th!
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