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Did you enjoy the depth of I Am The Hero? Laughed at the cross-dressing magical boy of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Perhaps preferred the fanservice of Highschool of the Dead? Or have you simply drowned in the sea of blood within Shikabane Hime? Well then, hop on this undead train to learn a few bits about an anime that brings the zombie theme to a whole new level - Sankarea. For the past few years we've been getting quite a fair amount of titles that involved dating a supernatural being - be it a vampire (Diabolik Lo- *cough* Rosario to Vampire), a demon (Highschool DxD) or simply any mythical creature you can imagine (Monster Musume to Iru Nichijou). Looking at this extensive history, it's no wonder that at one point in time, in 2012, studio DEEN decided to create an adaptation of a 2009 manga, which involved... dating a zombie. And, regardless of how weird this idea sounds, it actually resulted in a really interesting and enjoyable watch. An anime so indulging, that I actually went out of my way and went through all of the TV series, a special episode and both OVAs. But well... let's go according to the order, shall we...

I remember watching this show once already. It was back when it barely finished airing. I remember being astonished by the visual gimmicks, details and all the might they put into it... and you know what, I still am. One would expect that for such an original production, initially aimed at mostly diehard fans of twisted romances and school romcoms in general, the budget would run out at the word 'original'. In this case, however, we get to see a really well-baked cookie with some high-quality chocolate chips served with fresh, cold milk. In other words - if not out of all the anime, then at least for the anime I got to review this far, Sankarea is quite a visual feast. An eye candy if you will. And even a few awkward moments I've had with it, such as how Dan'ichiro's face looks at the beginning (bland and unnatural, but you get to acknowledge it pretty soon), didn't manage to destroy the feeling that I was looking at something of utmost quality.
Graphics: 1/20

If this was a game of bingo, after such a miss in the first paragraph you'd expect to score in the second one. That's what I thought as well, but... to my surprise, and probably your letdown as well, this paragraph likely won't entertain you either. The very first song that greets you each time you run a new episode, 'Esoragoto' by nano.RIPE, is a rather bright song that fails to fail you. I never once found myself skipping it to get straight to the episode, to say the least. The ending, though less significant, pleases your ears with a smooth melody. Can't say the same about the soundtrack however... because it clearly outclassed it in every aspect. Really good melodies accenting most of the onscreen scenes will not let you go 'in and out' of the episode without endulging yourself in them first. Long story short, I'm simply in love with the soundtrack.
Sound: 0/20

As much as I wanted to laugh the first time I heard of this anime, I can't deny the author originality. I simply can't. But as much as I do admire what they managed to create, I have to be really picky about it. The plot of this anime revolves around Chihiro Furuya, a son of a priest, who more than anything loves zombies, and Sanka Rea, the daughter of a rich man who owns a school, who isn't satisfied with her life, and has all the reasons to be like that. By a few 'plot convenience' mechanisms, the two meet, Rea becomes a zombie and... well, good question, now what? I won't deny this anime the story, as it had a rather good premise and a few storylines to follow on, but in my honest opinion, DEEN pulled it all off way too fast, running out of gas by 9th episode - which, a sin among sins, is a filler. The very plot lines are all interacting with each other well, covering such topics as body preserving, rigor mortis, what makes zombie a zombie or a really well-written family drama. Sadly, as I already mentioned, it's all poorly matched with the timeline, which makes it all a mish-mash at few points and rushed ideas in other places. Which leads me to a rather mixed conclusion - I enjoyed the plot, yet didn't enjoy the way it was served. Or, to put it simply, it was like necrophilia - it was wrong, but it felt good.
Plot: 8/20

You're still with me? Good, because the rest of the review will probably be easy on your eyes. As I already said, Chihiro Furuya, our protagonist, is a zombie freak. The kind of guy that will not be interested in anything unless it has 'zombie' in it. Which, obviously, does include girls. Sanka Rea, on the other hand, is a modest, kind girl, who desires nothing but a normal life. And, ironically enough, she gets to experience it only after her death. To me this part is what makes this anime so good in what it does - tells the story of a girl tasting an ordinary life once she's died. Sad, yet enjoyable, and the way it was served, it doesn't feel all that serious. Chihiro's childhood friend, Ranko, is a strong individual that falls behind when it's about feelings. Rea's parents both have a backstory of their own that I will not spoil, since it's best served fresh. And that about covers the very essence of the anime.
Characters: 3/20

To summarize the review, I must apologize for two things. One of those is an apology to you, dear readers, since this review has not been too entertaining, and I can tell. The other is an apology to studio DEEN and this anime itself, since I'd committed a rather big disrespect reviewing it for TMC. Be it as it can, the fact remains that I did enjoy watching this anime and would thoroughly recommend watching it to anyone else, mainly for how fresh it feels if nothing else. I feel sorry it ended up in this section, but I can always repent for my sins later on - by getting to review something way worse.
Enjoyment: 0/20

Total score: 12/100

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Well this was unexpected; an awesome review yet again though nana!

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Sankarea was an anime I had yet to complete. It didn't really appeal to me that well. Maybe I'll try again and hope that I come to like it.

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Sounds great, ill give Sankarea a look.

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