Resources that will make you smarter!

by Senpie

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02-14-2016, 10:07 PM
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"The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson."
- Tom Bodett

#1: - Learn how to type easy, quick, and free.
#2: CodeAcademy - Learn web-coding languages and how to use them for personal or commercial projects.
#3: Khan Academy - Learn multiple subjects that range from math, to science, etc.
#4: YouTube - Education - Multiple videos on YouTube about different topics of education.
#5: Brain Pump - Stop watching television and learn something new and interesting.
#6: Mental Floss - Interesting & amazing facts/article + really fun trivia!
#7: Duolingo - Sharpen your language skills.
#8: Freerice - Learn multiple subjects while donating rice to the poor for each answer that is selected correctly.
#9: Instructables - Learn to do just about anything!
#10: Lifehacker - Articles containing tips, tricks, and guides that will make your life easier and make your mind more complex!
#11: TED-Ed - Lessons about multiple subjects that anyone may like!
#12: Udemy - Lessons and courses that contain videos & guides about multiple subjects.
#13: Unplug The TV - Suggestions on watching informative videos besides normal television or other online videos.
#14: AboveTopSecret - Alternative news sources that are a wealth of information along with things that are not shared main-stream.
#15: VSauce - This YouTube user provides multiple videos about amazing facts that most of us doesn't already know.
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Oh neat, that reminds me of this

I'm not sure if people are still seeding it though

too cheesy?
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Anybody here who is an engineering student? I got loads of books that I scanned myself and some that I got from the internet if anyone is interested.