Requesting new categories/forums.

by Clickbait

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07-06-2015, 01:26 AM
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I figured I'd make a sticky about how one would go about getting a new category/sub-forum made.

It's pretty much a copy/paste of what I've told one of the people that have asked me.

I only create new sub forums/categories when there's already enough content for that specific topic. (an example would be how mis requested a doujin category, after there was already like twenty doujin threads in our Lewd category).

If you'd like a sub forum created, and there isn't already five threads discussing the topic, you can discuss them in our Lounge and Ebola categories until there's enough content to create a sub forum/category for.

I do it this way because having a few populated categories is more welcoming than a lot of empty categories.

Alternatively you could create a custom group.

If a created sub-forum/category dies, it'll likely be merged into one of our other categories.

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