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Okay, so. Today I've started college. From the looks of it, I'll have some 1-2 hour long breaks occassionally, so I've been thinking what to do with that time. An idea popped immediately - read manga.
The thing is, I'm more of an anime person. If I were to post my anime:manga ratio... It would be something around 0.01. Therefore I need some recommendations. What manga is good, why is it good and how long is it? The more titles you give, the better!

Some general point-outs.
- yaoi/shounen-ai is a no-go
- I'm looking for legitimate manga, not doujins
- I've been quite interested in the manga loosely mentioning sexual relationships recently
- any genre other than shoujo (and bullet point 1) will do
- I'm looking mainly for the finished manga (so not ongoing ones unless they're super good, duh)
- I'm looking mainly for the titles that have not been made into/based on anime (unless they cover a lot more material/different story and are worth repeating the experience from the anime)
- I'd love it if you could throw in a short synopsis or the number of chapters it has.

The titles I read thus far. (titles similar to those would be fantastic too)
- Shaman King
- Toukyou Kushu
- Toshiue no Hito
- Velvet Kiss
- Oretama
- Minamoto-kun Monogatari
- Onanie Master Kurosawa

Thanks in advance!

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I can recommend Centaur no NayamiKounodoriBilly BatKuroBoku dake ga Inai Machi and Koi to Uso

These are all manga I really like. Hope you find something according to your interest there.

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My recommendations

Arigatou: A story about a dysfunctional family and a father trying his hardest to keep the family together. 47 Chapters

Franken Fran : If you like dark comedy and absurdist comedy I definitely recommend this title. If you're sensitive to graphic imagery then this title might be a bit too much at times. 68 Chapters

Koharu no Hibi: It's a romance about a high school student and an infatuated girl who has taken a liking towards him. 30 Chapters

Shin Angyo Onshi: It's Korean Berserk. It's a action-adventure manwha which focuses on the MC going on a quest to take down some dude, and along the way he meets people and fights monsters and shit. It's only 83 chapters long but it's well done and doesn't overstay it's welcome (although to some it might feel too short) and it's complemented with great artwork. It also has a movie adaptation but it doesn't cover the greatness of this manga

Battle Royal: One day a classroom of Japanese students find themselves on a deserted island where they're told that the only way out is to kill the others and be the last survivor. It's based off of the novel and even has a fil adaptation. However the manga is delightfully over the top with it's action (even having an epic multi volume final battle), and character designs (they look like adults). It can get pretty graphic with its violence and sexuality but that's part of the charm. It has 15 volumes.

Detroit Metal City: It's about Johannes Krauser II; an infamous heavy metal musician who is rumored to have raped and killed his parents along with a gorrillion other people. Although in reality he's just a persona played by MC who has dream of becoming a popular pop singer (even though his pop songs are shit). It's a comedy manga that shows MC's struggles as he tries to fulfill his dreams, while playing a hardcore heavy metal singer at night to pay the bills. It's 90 chapters, and has an anime adaptation that covers about a third of the material.

Gundam: The Origin: It's a re imagining of the original Mobile Suit Gundam, with beautiful artwork and an expanded background for Char and Sayla. Even if you've seen the original series (or the movie trilogy), the events are rearranged and both the art and Char's backstory make this worthwhile. YES there's an adaptation of this, but it only covers the backstory and it has atrocious 3D mechs. It's 12 volumes long, and Vertical is releasing the entire series in hardcover. It's been so successful that Vertical has done a second run of the first few volumes (even though they originally said all volumes would be a single run).

A Centaur's Life/Worries: It's the story of cute monster girls doing cute things. Except that the author also includes more fantastical aliens, and has social commentary. It's a bit of a rough diamond because the non SoL chapters might be off-putting, however I personally think that it ads to the charm. Just like in IRL, where some people say they encounter things that they can't explain, the more fantastical elements reflect this within the manga. Additionally the author has a put thought into the world, down to the geopolitics. It's also an ongoing manga, with sporadic translations. However I believe it is being released by Yen Press, and it's never a bad thing to support manga you like.
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