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You and I have very different ideas of what America means to us, hon.

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mhm, just respect each other's differences =w =

I'd like that! It's one hallmark of a particularly good friendship when you can talk about these things and not have it ruin your relationship. ^^

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I'm still an Imperialist since the beginning, even long after I am not an Empire.

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Facts about Imperial Lucia

- Since 2132 AD, Lucia has been a colony of Earth for nearly a century, adopting an ideology similar to that of the international body of nations and the old traditions of a westernized 1900's Japan. This planet is capable of reaching an income to spending ratio unlike any other celestial body in the known Outer Rim portion of our home galaxy.

- As pertaining to keeping the die-hard traditions of old from centuries past, it feels as if Lucia will never make it into the space age, but with the influx of both the bourgeois class and the commoner class into the melting pot, it became humanity's second "melting pot" since the first years of America's history.

- Even after the Lucians vs. Chasers war and the Abyssal Crisis saga were over five years ago, it still didn't change course in how we Lucians perceive the outside world other than our closest neighbors, particularly Gensokyo. This may be the result of our tragic witnessing of the Chasers' sudden arrival Pearl Harbor style in 2203, and the subsequent arrival of an equally powerful Abyssal Fleet using the exact same tactic halfway during Walpurgisnacht Event in 2217, at the height of the war. Until those two threats in particular are taken care of in its entirety, ethnic disparity with just those two still remains undisputed in legality and even glorified by over 95% of all Lucians on the planet. 

- Everyone is encouraged without question at the age of 14 (it was 16 during the war) to be part of the military for a period of only two years (it was ten due to the war bonds effort in the recent past). We also tend to get paranoid whenever our enemies attempt to make their move that goes against our ways, but we tend not to produce nukes or any sort of nuclear power at all for international reasons. Today's technology now consists of pure energy guns, very advanced detection systems twice as better than present-day America's, anthropomorphic girls in every military branch with perfect accuracy and glowing melee weapons.

- With a female monarch ruling over a diverse, female majority of provincial governors with an iron fist and having no official prison system, the only deterrent to crime rate (today's crime rate is almost zero incidents per hour) is by instigating the death penalty by being pushed down into the void Alice-style. Nearly every crime you see here under Lucia's rule is punishable by death because of this, except for ownership of weapons and gambling licenses. Currently, we have a very strong faith in Godoka, but that is going to change very soon before 2229 AD, but there are uncertainties as to where our next main faith will lead us.

- Despite the diversity of communities including the rise of LGBT, vats were introduced after the war as an easy replacement for the millions of fallen Lucians to combat the rising death rate.

- With hyperinflation in the economy long after the wars, we can survive transitioning into almost any economic system if we do it carefully and still be a monarchy for the generations; hence, we have a mixed economy.

- Technology levels are expected to accelerate to warp drive capabilities sometime by around the end of this century, assuming we get our space station project finished before 2250 AD.

"Such a beautiful place isn't it, the glorious historical wonders of old is quite the masterpiece of our ancestry." ~ LucianDreamer
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I sent this to a friend of mine and got some interesting results.

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