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04-20-2016, 08:14 PM
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i write poetry sometimes and most of the time it's from strong emotions

the first is Anemone:


Dancing around the fire
The fire crackling and bright
We won't let life get to us
No, not tonight

We'll scream and shout
Howling at the moon with all our might
We won't let the world get to us
No, not at night

We'll raise our fists high
We'll stomp our feet down low
We won't let the past get to us
No, not on this night

We dance around the fire
Beating our drums
Singing our songs
We know now this is where we belong


Can you hear it?
Listen to our song
Jubilations of love
Finishing with a triumphant roar


That night it came crashing down
Not a word
Not a sound

May rivers flow and streams flood
But, please, don't let this sorrow flood into my flowing heart

Crying now

We've done nothing to deserve of this
Won't you hear our cry

Screaming in pain

The needles of our past pierce our hearts
Drenching our clothes in hatred of our own

Someone please

The lament of ringing bells 
Will hell release its demonic hounds?

Save me

The darkness engulfing us
A great suffering a pain as we are thrown into the wall of reality once again

I don't want to be...

I don't want to fade
I want to see you tomorrow and other days

...alone anymore

My life divine
Gone to pieces
Just don't forget me
I'll always treasure those memories

the second is Patchwork


You're the lock and I'm the key
You're one of the reasons I believe

You take the front
I'll take the rear

I'll bring you comfort
When all you shed is tears

Some of us have been torn
Their hearts in pieces and left to mourn

"I have no home,
no family to call my own"

Well, that's all right
I'm still here

You and me
We'll patch ourselves together

We'll live on with our hearts of patchwork
Even though life itself isn't a clockwork

Though we may be hanging on by the seams
We'll be okay together, you and me

If you let go and fall to your demise
I'll be there to catch you, surprise!

We'll travel distant lands
Only if you take my hand

It's our Atlantis Love
A song to serenade our hope

If you cling to the past, I'll pull you by the hand
I'll rescue you from your sorrowful dread

Then comes the time to say our goodbyes
Might my last words rhyme:

"I wish to help you
I want you mine

Wait but don't wait
Just be on time

I wish you no hurt
May no harm come your way"

With these words I bid you farewell
Until we meet again, dearest of all

May our patchwork hearts be together once more

The third, Discord


Melody, melody
Playing softly, a tune
Melody, melody
Harmonizing with you

Charming, charming
Our beat revitalizing
Charming, Charming
The words that don’t come out

Breaking, breaking
The off-beat melody harms the soul
Breaking, breaking
What once was mine is now stolen

Fallen, fallen
One more time for the good old times
Fallen, fallen
A heavenly discord of the ages

Wandering, shaping
But where is my echo
Shaping, wandering
Am I simply here to be ignored?

Reaching out, casted down
I’m wandering around unable to find it
Casting down, reaching out
The shadows come crawling in

Breaking down, all around
Where is my harmony?
All around, breaking down
Pushing out my surroundings just to hear a sound

I’m torn apart because of you
Not because you broke my heart
But instead you stole my sound
The fourth called Glass


Twisting and shimmer the glass that hangs from the sky
My stomach spins like the glass spinning within the breeze
I don’t see anything but another self of me
I’m constantly destroying and recreating myself in a matrix of thoughts
Lost in the sea of dreams I see her
She stands there without a face
“Who are you”
She says, curiously
“Am I you?  Are you I?”
We are one but none
Cursed to live an existence of discorde de l’harmonie

The sun may go down and the solemn moon may rise
The solace in magnitude of who I am is right for me
Then I question myself in the ways of the alter
Like a tenor rising through a tide of the band, the thought approaches once again
“Who am I”
I say, curiously
“Am I them?  Are they me?”
As static begins to fade and she appears again as if a sign

The accursed third eye must close and hope for peaceful sanity

I feel her inside of me
Two hearts combined into one
However it is nothing bad
Nothing that I wish to fear
I lose myself as I accept her honied words
In fact, she is actually quite comforting
But another side of her, cruel and bloodied

Is this the feeling? Were we to be nothing but husks and shells to protect another
In the end we’re all just masking our true selves
May the violin play it’s peaceful tune
Serenade me to sleep my darling
The rocking bow swaying my heart like a gentle hammock amongst the breeze
And like broken glass we are distorted
Until that fateful one removes our dreaded masks until the day we die
Until death do us part, oh faithful partner
And then the glass will turn again, seemingly endless
The fifth, Summer Dress


Rolling waves
The smell of salt fills the lungs
The nostalgia crashes over you again and again
As each wave makes its path to shore

She twirls in a hat and dress
White like a pearl
A blue ribbon the hue of a moon
A sense of spring is near

Giggling and laughing
Hair like golden sans
Eyes as green as glistening emeralds
It parts and waves with the breeze
A fantasy mood

Her mouth moves for sound
But you hear nothing but the waves
The silent crashing to shore
As if the world didn't really exist
All that stands before you is a myth

A hopeful dream
A slipping consciousness
Into a nightmare to dear solitude
A sixth, Hundred Acre Woods


In the likely forest I give chase
Between the upset pines that shoot like spires over this ‘hundred acre wood
I’m looking but I can’t find you
I call your name but there is no response

I remember our times together
Our wrongs and our rights
Our laughs and our pains
We shared our secrets and wishes
We hoped for a better tomorrow together

I’m running closer
I can feel it
Into the deep darkness where the cold wind blows
My heart is stabbed by the mainly thistles that block my path
I don’t care what happens just don’t leave me alone

I’m singing a song for you
Can you hear it?
Out here in our ‘hundred acre woods
A place where the moon does not glow and the sun does not beam down
Everything’s all right in our ‘hundred acre woods

Why do you leave?
Why don’t you respond?
It’s so quiet here, in the dark
I’m here running to find you
Praying for some holy light

It’s empty here and it must be empty there, too
Why does the world bless us with such pain?
I dream of the day we all know no pain

I’m sorry
You mean so much to me though
I hope you understand
Pink Carnation
You’ll always be here in my memories
Red Camellia
You gave a flame in my heart
Red Carnation
And now I miss you dearly

brb exploding

post yours or dicuss idk

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04-20-2016, 09:32 PM
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A Sushi Feeling


Torn away from our kind
As if we wouldn't mind
Used as fodder for the masses
Born right into our caskets


They ignored our internal screams
Molded us into awful things
Pull us straight from our sea
Even if we beg and plea


Even after these acts of hatred
I can't hold a grudge
They just focus on the differences
So we are simply misunderstood


I shall hold this Sushi Feeling up high
Show the world our plight
Hoping they will see the light
Realize we aren't so different,

You and I.
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04-21-2016, 07:37 PM
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(04-20-2016, 09:32 PM)SushiFeelings Wrote:

A Sushi Feeling


Torn away from our kind
As if we wouldn't mind
Used as fodder for the masses
Born right into our caskets


They ignored our internal screams
Molded us into awful things
Pull us straight from our sea
Even if we beg and plea


Even after these acts of hatred
I can't hold a grudge
They just focus on the differences
So we are simply misunderstood


I shall hold this Sushi Feeling up high
Show the world our plight
Hoping they will see the light
Realize we aren't so different,

You and I.

so touching many movings have been made
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04-22-2016, 02:09 AM
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I used to write when I was emo, but after I got over that phase, I lost all of my creativity LOL. If I had something that was not depressing as all fuck, I would post it. Oh well. Anyways, I really like Anemone.
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04-25-2016, 08:37 PM
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I wrote something new after a while


We were two of one
The sun and the moon
Until you dropped me
I broke like a light bulb
Now I'm burning down
Violently,  furiously
The chaos has broken in

I hate you with an ember passion
The tears you've caused me
The screaming,  the pain
Was it only for your sick obsession?
I was like paper in the wind to you
Nothing more, nothing less

My heart pulsates with furious rage
The wrath of mine will one day descend upon you
May the devil rest your soul

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04-28-2016, 01:56 PM
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wrote something while listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9RkMxXvyG8

Day 88: White Joker

It was a Sunday afternoon
Stroking the strings of a guitar
The sun was bright
The music was mellow
People told stories of one to another

The hills rolled
The seas churned
The smile on your face shone like a star
Into the night we went
Long went the trembling roar

Flashing colors didn't mean a thing
As long as there was a sound it could make a meaning
You knew this and you preached your word
But no one heard you
Not a word

We knocked on doors
It was but a simple sport
The sport of laughter in our halls of ways
Like a sunflower you rose at the break of dawn
To find Your Lover surely gone

You cried that night
You played the like nothing ever mattered more
Tears fell on your guitar like morning dew
They glistened in the midnight like glass
Never seen so sad, never so sad to begin with
Do not go off that steep cliff

The night was dark as it was past twelve o’ nine
The rain fell
The winds chimed
All was still as the air became cold and moist
But it ended that night with a one, two and a life most loved, lost

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04-30-2016, 06:04 PM
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another poem

Behind the Cards

Laying on the ground the black ooze seeks its mark
Trickling along the walls of sand that i’ve made
They protect me from the people outside
Each of these people call out to me
Though they hold a dagger behind their back with a grin

The human heart is a fickle thing
I’ve seen it crash and burn so many times
And in this statement I speak to a mirror
Fate is not eternal but eternity is not fate

I look all around me and find sneering faces
Twenty to one, what odd chances
When will we as a whole be twenty-one?
Divided and ashamed i stand
Laying on the cold floor with toes in the sand

A scream is such a wonderful thing
It shows such… emotion
The rebounding silence never does return the feeling, though
Into the darkness we go

The suffering i feel in my heart is unbearable
The need to scream is eminent
Those dreaded tears drop from one’s eyes
The candle goes out with a whisp
That horrifying little hiss

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05-31-2016, 10:14 PM
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Thread is dead but I got a doosey


I am dry, you say. I have no color. I do not feel. My mind is as vacuous and dull as an empty cosmos to a blind man without a telescope... After all, what difference is an emotion if it goes unexpressed?
If only I could show you. If only I could take you to the freezing, plague-infested landscape of my heart: the cold, sterile mortuary where part of me is suspended—perpetually, cruelly—between life and death...
The door shuts behind you with but a clack from the latch.
‘Who built this place?’ You ask, stepping into a room with no heating. ‘What deranged, tortured person conceived of such a sickening purgatory?’
…I did. I am the coroner and the cadaver, the architect and the mason... But ah—all of it was under duress! It was this place, this world, that made me this way; I, full of disease and in constant pain, I, freezing to death, under informed consent, in this very room, put a part of me to sleep, forever.
‘But what part, doctor? What part?’
And you... You really think it was the heart.
‘Oh, surely, it must, must be! For you are not sad! Who else but a man without a heart would not be sad in such a place as this?’
No, it was not the heart.
‘Then it was your brain! For you do not love or create!’
NO, fool, it was not the brain. No, no, no.
Let me show you. See, see for yourself, in the top row, the last storage unit on the left. Climb the ladder and open the cooler’s hatch. Climb, and be uncomfortable. Be afraid. Be only just ever so slightly afraid, that I, in all of my bitter, blue hatred and quiet rage, might kick it out from under you. Open my soul’s blue lips, and see...
It was my voice.
Yes, the cold seeps mercilessly, deep into my flesh and gnaws painfully on my bones. Yes, the isolation, the terror and loneliness, have made me want to weep horribly. Yes, the never-ending torment has taken hold of my mind and broken my spirit. And oh, how I need to cry out! How I long to tell you of my pain and my love! And oh, how I yearn, yearn to tell the world that my color is not blue!
...But now, alas, without my voice, I can do none of these things.
So I beg of you, look deep into my silent eyes and see—no, feel! Feel the agony I am in and have been in for so, so long!
Now, take his freezing soul, and thrust it upon the ground; I have long awaited its sweet shatter.
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05-31-2016, 10:26 PM
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i kinda keep my poems around in the discord because it feels like dark poems are a little too much for the forum

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05-31-2016, 10:32 PM
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I hear that. In a minute I'll be ripped to shreds by a horde of people waiting to call me edgy.
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07-05-2016, 02:29 AM
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About a month late but I consider rap poetry: because it is.

Here's verse 3 of Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst by Kendrick lamar.

"Sometimes I look in a mirror and ask myself:
Am I really scared of passing away? If it's today, I hope I hear a
Cry out from heaven so loud it can water down a demon
With the holy ghost 'til it drown in the blood of Jesus
I wrote some raps that make sure that my lifeline
Reeking the scent of a reaper, ensuring that my allegiance
With the other side may come soon, and if I'm doomed
May the womb help my mother be blessed for many moons
I suffer a lot, and every day the glass mirror
Get tougher to watch; I tie my stomach in knots
And I'm not sure why I'm infatuated with death
My imagination is surely an aggravation of threats
That can come about, ’cause the tongue is mighty powerful
And I can name a list of your favorites that probably vouch
Maybe cause I'm a dreamer and sleep is the cousin of death
Really stuck in the schema of wonderin' when I'mma rest
And you're right, your brother was a brother to me
And your sister's situation was the one that pulled me
In a direction to speak of something that's realer than the TV screen
By any means, wasn't trying to offend or come between
Her personal life, I was like "It need to be told"
Cursing the life of twenty generations after her soul
Exactly what'd happen if I ain't continued rappin'
Or steady being distracted by money drugs and four-
Fives, I count lives all on these songs
Look at the weak and cry, pray one day, you'll be strong
Fighting for your rights even when you're wrong
And hope that at least one of you sing about me when I'm gone
Am I worth it?
Did I put enough work in?"

Even if you don't like rap, I think you should listen to a few songs that have deep, intellectual and sometimes emotional lyrics. There are songs where you'll find garbage, and others where you'll find pure poetry.
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07-23-2016, 08:26 PM
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Untrue Truths

My beat heart beats
Like a ticking time bomb
Ready to deplete
Ready to compete
With all the other
lonely hearts club bands
To try to withstand
All the pressurized unintelligent formal
Untrue truths that measure my informal being among this simplicit surface I stand upon
The pitter patter of my irregular heart
Sounds like taps when death finally does us part

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07-23-2016, 10:01 PM
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I tried my best:

oc beneath no stealing

You sit, sat, seated.
Sitting on a pillow and not the ground be you, but why and what of it?

If it is uncomfortable I won't do it.
I was sat on a pillow, but what of it?

You eat, ate, eating.
Eating but leaving the spice thee were, but why and what of it?

If it is unenjoyable I won't have it.
I left out the spice, but what of it?

You think, thought, thinking.
But you slip
and the focus changes.
You roll the noises on your tongue,
But you choke
and the focus changes.
And you think.
And you think you will stretch further

but it is uncomfortable.

And you think.
And you think you will work harder

but it is unenjoyable.

And you think
You think too much
Then not enough.
You contradict yourself,
But never the monotony of your ways.
The dead-set repetition repetition of the words
And the uncertain form of your gray elegy

See now:
I vary bland nomenclature,
Capitulate to fresh natures.
Incorporate rhythm to keep time,
As I test ability with rhyme;
No matter how and how many times you repeat the words,
Nothing will change until you do.