Pachislot with anime flavor

by FakerFaux

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10-14-2015, 08:15 PM
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This thread might be gaming board related...
Pachislot (not to be confused with pachinko) are machines used to gamble and their popularity is growing quickly to the point that there is more and more anime material made specifically to these gambling machines.
Imagine that if you want to see a new OVA or "OPA"(Original pachislot animation xD ) of your favorite anime you must use these machines to gamble and hope that the luck is on your side for the purpose of win money and see the complete story of the "OVA"and all of his ramifications.
Konami the older revered game company is converting all of his IP in Pachislot zombies devoid of their former glory (The automation is ruthless). Many companies in Japan are watching the future profit that these mechanical demons could bring to them.
My question is "If the Anime Pachislot invasion ventures in the west specifically targeting those who love anime, would you become addicted to these machines?

Here is a video example covering in depth the topic of what could you see in these machines