OWR: Angel Beats Review

by Mimi

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Angel beats follows a group of teenagers who are particularly dead.
Apart from being dead most of them are normal memory loss kids with no point in life. Each character is unique and very interesting whilst they all follow a different memory and past.
The main characters Kanade, a quiet Kuudere, Otonashi, the love interest, Yuri, a Tsundere with the role as leader of the memory confused teens. Angel beats follows a story line of students who if followed in the role of one would vanish from the world. Yes- Vanish, No one knows there past but for those who finish the goal they were attempting to follow in their past, they would vanish. Such as example; You wanted to save someone, if you were to save someone in the next world without your memory and to suddenly remember somewhat and than save someone, you would vanish. Now this could be considered a spoiler but really its not.

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Angel beats is one of the most considerably different anime ive seen, although i saw it long ago the show still seems to come back often- The character designs were so beautiful and the action balances with the comedy and romance so that there isn't to much of something happening all at once. Of course the show also has its flaws, although the anime itself is very good and different, some of the pasts of the characters can be a bit well off, they seem to contradict what there meaning is in the new world the others are stuck in. Of course since each character is different there is never the same past. Which is fantastic for the character development the show seems to put on itself.
Although upon my first time watching the show i didn't stick through the first episode, mainly because i had been very busy but the next year after i remember re watching it and absolutely loving the show in the first place, like i said, theirs comedy and the comedy just makes the show so well cool to be honest.

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This show overall is really nice, the characters are all so different and unique, the story is new and refreshing 
and each background is new and intriguing.
The show aligns with romance, comedy and action, the visuals are very nice and shiny haha and the idea itself is amazing.

Overall Rating:

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I agree with your points. Pretty well written review if I say so myself.
Keep up the good work!

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Love the review!
That show had me in tears :').
I wanted them to move on and be happy, but at the same time I did not want them to leave.


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Pretty rad review

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I love Revonzz
(Also it's cool to put stuff about yourself in your signature if someone else said it)