Opinion Wise Review: Blood+ (Older Anime)

by Mimi

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12-13-2015, 12:27 AM
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Opinion Wise Review
Older Anime
2005-2006 Blood+

No its not Blood-C it's Blood+
Yes i hate Vampire Anime
Lets not lie here, Blood+ isn't old. But its like every anime under 2010 is rejected so deeply that it actually hurts, so for this series ill be writing 5-10 reviews over older anime under 2010, My first series in question- Blood+, a vampire anime, but lucky lucky this one actually got me intrigued.
Blood+ Revolves around our main character- Saya who grows up adopted and a low key Amnesiac. In a tragic past her parents were killed and Saya left alone, as far as she is concerned she only remembers being a normal girl.
The second main character or at least the second most important in my book is Haji.
Haji works as Sayas "caretaker" almost, though technically he's her Chevalier. Someone who's been with Saya longer than she can remember due to her amnesia.
Haji is also half vampire and like Haji, Saya is also. In a desperate escape to the school at night (first episode) Haji saves her which starts the actual story (The romantic Inturest)

[Image: 687474703a2f2f34352e6d656469612e74756d62...302e676966]

Now Blood+ itself is probably one of the most confusing anime ive ever watched which gives it a -1 point value but a slight from that it isn't all that bad. A low key romance, shonen anime. Blood+ Has a total of 50 episodes. Every time i come back to this Anime i always feel so nostalgic because this anime in general was one i had wasted my time on for such a long time that i had actually just spent my life on the episodes during one of my summers a few years ago.
Now if i could just somehow jump to the character development somehow sordidly i totally would. But i can't.
The character development is actually really really good thank god for that, and i mean damn we're already getting a bunch of Sayas past in the first episode. We also see Haji's, Sayas sisters background, and several other characters. In just 15 episodes we see personality change, character relationships tighten and we even notice the amazing change of
emotion and atmosphere around them.
One thing i absolutely loved about Blood+ though was the character design, i'm not sure why but it being so simple was just something i was a huge fan of. I'm a sucker for that type of simplistic stuff.

[Image: 687474703a2f2f34352e6d656469612e74756d62...302e676966]
""A game of hide and seek with my sister!"
Now aside from the confusing story line if there was just a way to explain it would be nice, now theirs so much going on in the story line that its just so odd to discuss, now take it like this, theirs vampires and to simply put it "broken vampires" or the real monsters in the show, shape shifters, sisters with terrible backgrounds, men who aren't pussy's and women who actually know what they're doing. 
Honestly what makes me so happy here is that we don't have a full 20 episodes full of that 1 person who can't fight, can't fight, can't even follow the group correctly cause in some odd change of events they somehow get lost. Thats the person in the anime who you just wish you could strangle cause they literally ruin everything. Well no worry we don't have that person here. 
Now as far as the romance part of the anime goes, theirs actually alot of development in between for this. Like alot of time and i mean Haji sat around for like 100 years for this chic, thats called dedication, you could learn from him.

Overall Rating:

[Image: 687474703a2f2f656e6a6f792e7468742e696e2f...2b2e6a7067] [Image: 687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f6c...682e6a7067]

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12-13-2015, 01:59 AM
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I'm not going to lie, only seeing the animation makes me want to check this anime out. It's not a "one frame" trick anime and seems to have some amount of action for it to possibly grab my attention.

I'll hopefully check it out soon and post what I think about it on the thread c: .

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12-25-2015, 04:11 AM
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Awesome work on this review mimi! I might watch this after Your Lie in April.