Naruto Animu Review

by SkullCandyy

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04-17-2016, 06:38 PM
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Got my first animu review up on Karma Reviews - previously I have just done the graphics for the site, now I am move to animuuuuuuu
Had to start with Naruto bc fav <3 Check it out!

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[This review might contain spoilers continue at your own risk!]

My Rating: 8/10

This show circulates around a young, aspiring ninja names Naruto who is hell-bent on becoming the leader of his village. Naruto isn’t the most popular person around and he isn’t exactly the best student either. It seems that Naruto is always at the bottom of the class and seems to know a lot less than anyone else does. Over time, Naruto faces many tests, both official and personal ones he experiences throughout his journey. All of a sudden at times, Naruto will let out bursts of energy that he cannot control the timing of  - they will be awesome and seemingly out of nowhere. Naruto has something trapped inside of him that makes his power so awesome, once he begins to master it he becomes the most amazing ninja of all.

The show is actually really well constructed and its storyline is captivating. There are some downsides to this amazing anime though. First of all I am going to start with the main character, for people that hadn’t read the manga and weren’t five years old – Naruto really, and he continued to stay this way for quite some time. Really he stayed this way for the entire original series, he never really grew up and what started off first as annoying actually became a loveable charm by the end. 

Naruto isn’t honestly the downside of this show as you can actually start to get used to him as time goes on – the fillers are something that you really can’t. The show is riddled with filler episodes and honestly after watching the entire original series, I can honestly say that most of them were the biggest waste of time and I wished I had known that at the time. You can actually find filler episode guides on the internet quite easily for this show as it is notorious for it.

Honestly, if you like those coming of age shows where the hero starts off bad and becomes really awesome – then this is the show for you. The main character is extremely special and extraordinary and there are so many feel good moments where the show just gets to you and makes you happy. There is also a load of action that will keep you going throughout all the 220 episodes there are.

Story: 10/10
Animation: 7/10
Characters: 7/10
Entertainment: 8/10

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04-18-2016, 01:41 AM
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Put a link to it :p

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